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  • This is one of those movies that aren't visually stunning and don't have a surprising plot, but still leave a good aftertaste. The acting is nice, and the dialogue is very well written. Some scenes, especially at the end of the movie, are very touching... If 'The good fight' is on and you are free, watch it - you'll probably like it if you don't expect it to be more than another courtroom drama.
  • It was a good job. I've been in those deposition rooms. I've faced those lawyers--well, not exactly those lawyers, but ones exactly like the tobacco company attorneys portrayed here. Ms. Lahti's reactions feel right, and the kinds of tactics she faces in this film are used against anyone who dares to expose a Big Corporation. They fight dirty. They play all their cards, but not until they're ready, if they can help it. They spend lots of money, wear their opponents down, employ private detectives to investigate the past of their "enemies." This movie tells the truth about how Big Money operates, and about what they do to those who expose them. There's no way to spoil the end of this film. It isn't over yet.
  • Once again I am forced by conscious to respond to this movie, which I was compelled to watch. It is a marvelous victory indeed to beat such and Goliath with just one person who cared enough to see it through and believed in her heart she was doing the right thing. Well I most heartily agree she indeed did the right thing and during this movie while in discovery phase of the case, found not only did the tobacco company lie on documents but lied during advocating the "good" of tobacco with prizes and free gifts when trying this brand, which all kids will do for the prize, it became apparent that they knew before hand it was dangerous. This movie is about a fight that no one can win, especially not the tobacco user who does obtain terminal cancer!!!!! They are the real losers. I am a fighter of addiction in all aspects and this move has a soft spot and a kind word that needs to be shown with its message to the world!!!!! Bravo for the making of this and letting some of us who fight enormous battles of addiction plights to see some kind of satisfaction in an entertainment form! I enjoyed watching the struggles and the climb to the winning circle! Excellent view of fighting addiction from the legal aspect in defense of our clients and patients! LadyAnn68