Agent St. Anne: John... I'm running out of questions... and you're running out of lies.

[last lines]

Helena: Is it dark yet?

Sgt. John Berlin: No. It's getting kinda red...

Helena: I remember red.

Agent St. Anne: You don't know if Tuesdays come in twos or happening once a week.

Freddy Ross: You think if she could see she'd hang around with an old dog like you? Your stomach's going around to meet itself behind your back.

Sgt. John Berlin: Bullshit. I'm in my prime, baby.

Freddy Ross: Bits.

Sgt. John Berlin: What do you mean "bits"?

Freddy Ross: Policeman's bodies age at different rates. Look at me... I got a belly in its 50's, my balls are in their 60's and my feet are in their 80's.

Sgt. John Berlin: We'd better get back to that dump.

Freddy Ross: No way. I'm not going back.

Freddy Ross: You might find someone's prick in a hot dog roll.

Sgt. John Berlin: We're going.

Freddy Ross: Find yourself a farmer's daughter with nice big fucking tits and shake that bye-bye.

Freddy Ross: How does anyone, dead as this, loose a knife?

Freddy Ross: Look at those amazingly bosoms.

Freddy Ross: I suppose I'm drinking myself sober.

Trimble: You really are the working part of an asshole, Berlin.

[first lines]

Travis: You can drive down there, sir.

Freddy Ross: I'm already walking. Where is it?