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  • You KNOW what kind of movie this is....

    This is one of those movies that is full of "talent". Of course, none of the talent is acting ability, directing, special effects, etc.

    The first 2/3's of the movie is a snooze. Its only purpose is to set up the excuses for the last third which is a Foxy Wrestling & Boxing Extravaganza.

    The college girls need money & have run afoul of the biker chicks (sorry, not as good as it sounds...) and the only way to settle it all is a multi-match showdown with boxing, wrestling, kick boxing and more boxing. My favorite match is the wrestling match between veteran foxy wrestler/boxer Leigh Betchley as "Leigh" and the Incomparable Michelle Grassnick playing "Monique the Magnificent" (and BOY, IS SHE!).

    To their credit, it sure looks like the girls all do their own stunts. Several times it looks like a girl is thinking "I am going to KILL my agent for getting me into this..."

    So if you like to watch hot babes knock the "spit" out of each other, check this one out.