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  • I have watched this on video several times, and find that some days I enjoy it -- but most of the time I couldn't make myself watch the whole thing.

    When it works for me, this is a so-so movie. We only see a caricature of a fraternity, the lead's motivation is implausible. The Bobbie's infatuation with the cute girl is reasonably done; her responses and his interactions are farcical. The characterization of genders (women nurture; men compete) is shallow and weakens the presentation, the story line, and the impact of the movie.

    What I like is the way Little Sister pokes fun at the womanizer (Derry), the ambiguity that Bobby's roommate encounters ('You knew it was me, right. Say you knew it was me.'), and the kind and respectful way that the women are treated in the movie. On the best days, the movie is gentle entertainment, and a quiet advocate for courtesy and acceptance of others.
  • Though I am not a huge Alyssa Milano fan, she looks her absolute hottest in this film. She has the shy, girl-next-door look, but you know she is much more than that. It is still a funny film even though it is rather obvious who J.S. is dressing as. The whole film will keep you laughing and the tricks or stunts the main character pulls is too funny. Johnathan Silverman has always been an excellent actor and he shows it in this film. If you liked movies like Vice Versa or Like Father-Like Son, then you will love this one. It kind of reminds you of those old 80's movies when we were dating. The only thing this film lacked was a little sex. I am not big on sex in kids movies, but just to have that little spice would have made this movie a 10. If you like Alyssa Milano or Johnathan Silverman, then you will love this movie. Don't expect a huge ending, but is a a good one.
  • nathalie_lb26 November 2000
    at first i only wanted to watch it because of Alyssa Milano.i thought the movie would be boring because it's kind of old but it's actually's funny,fun and romantic!!!it's kind of like the movie she's all that.Alyssa is playing her role nicely .the boy(Bobbie) is good too but he's not that cute.
  • A waste of 135 minutes. Don't go near this film. Little Sister, a.k.a. Mister Sister (in UK) is a poor attempt at an 80's style comedy. Jonathon Silverman plays a fat boy who in an attempt to steal a painting from a rival girl sorority, must dress up as a woman. His disguise somehow fools people! Its so obvious its HIM! Some of the scenes for the film are there purely for comedy purposes however fail to deliver. Tried and tested jokes are used for example spilling food on himself. This film has been very poorly written. I cant see why any of the cast agreed to participate in the film. The film has the WORST ending I have ever witnessed in my life. Although fooling everyone and scheming behind the girl of his dreams' back he still manages to get a round of applause at the end for his poor speech on life at his graduation. Its a horrible film.
  • 90029 June 1999
    this is really funny, but not THAT funny, fun: 7/10, violence: 1/10, family viewing: 9/10