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  • Over 54% of IMDB viewers rated this movie at least 7 out of 10, and 25% rated it 10 out of 10. So a lot of people do like this movie! If you do not expect a reality-based movie, with an intellectual script and complex plot, and if you just view this film with a light-hearted shallowness in order to have some fun, then all is fine. For the guys there is plenty of eye candy, especially in the R-rated version, but this is not simply a cheap C-grade sex movie because there is actually a nice message about love and romance and if you are open to this then you will feel good at the end of the film.

    Ami Bluebell Dolenz is amazingly cute and beautiful, perfect for the role of a genie. Her middle name fits perfectly and is probably every man's dream woman. There are some stupid lines and bad acting (but not from the main characters) and overall it is a good flick, especially for the guys and for women who do not feel threatened by seeing so many gorgeous bodies.

    The addition of Pat Morita (from 'Karate Kid' fame) and Vincent Schiavelli (the subway ghost in 'Ghost' and so many other films) puts this film up a few more notches. Unfortunately the video cover for this film portrays it as a cheap sex film, which you may find it to be if sexy bodies plus light comedy are an unpleasant combination for you. For the rest of us, we can have a few laughs with a few romantic dreams.
  • goya-416 October 2000
    A guy loses his apt, his job and his woman all in the same top it off he sees his dream girl, a supermodel, and she blows him off..He takes a walk on the beach to get away and stumbles upon a genie, played by Ami Dolenz (daughter of Monkee Mickey Dolenz) named Jeanie (how unique!) She grants him everything he desires in order to win over the supermodel who ditched him..but the genie soon finds herself falling for her master...Will her love win out over his lust for the supermodel? This is a suprisingly good film for its plot and premise..its no comedic masterpiece but it has some funny moments and a coherent plot along with a good performance by the pretty Ami Dolenz. On a scale of one to ten..6
  • Dudleytown25 September 2004
    Not too bad of a film. The premise of a genie that grants you unlimited wishes is a tough topic, considering there are things like paradoxes and such, but if you over look that, and just accept the film as a fun "beach" movie, you won't be disappointed. The Genie is a very likable character, and casted very well. The lead, Dean Cameron, is a complete loser, but his innocence is what makes him so likable. It's a cute love story, with unexpected amounts of nudity, and a happy ending... what more would you want from a film starring Dean Cameron?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    **possible spoilers**?

    Oh how I love this film! Beautiful location, beautiful beaches, and oh yeah, beautiful girls! There is definitely lots of eye-candy in this one. But Ami Dolenz (Jeannie) steals the whole show. She is such a sweetheart in this movie, and I'm sure others think so too. She has the sweetest voice and I think she's pretty darn HOT! What a lucky guy Dean (Scotty) Cameron is (or was), first receiving the genie bottle from Pat Morita, who plays a beach bum at first but at the films end surprises all of us, and later on at the end, falling in love with Dolenz.

    There is quite a bit of nudity in this movie, but hardly any sex, it's more of an adult R-rated comedy than those cheesy (but good) Friday After Dark adult flicks that are found on Cinemax. And I have to say again, that Ami Dolenz was and still is the sweetest and most beautiful woman in the world today. Also, the "get off my train" guy from the movie Ghost is in this too, he plays the old antique collector, whom Scotty confronts several times and asks about the bottle he had obtained. Scotty's friends play pretty good roles too. I'd say there's a pretty good cast in this movie, although not spectacular (save for Cameron, Dolenz, and Morita).

    I rate this movie a 10/10, I absolutely love it to death (so what if it's a B-type movie and never really got good has girls, girls, and MORE GIRLS!), and a surprise ending. Go watch it now!!! You won't be disappointed!!!
  • Miracle Beach is probably my favorite B movie of all time. Charming, romantic and silly all at the same time. Terrific performance by Ami Dolenz, who really carries this movie. Basketball fans should get a kick out of the rather creative cameo by former Clippers guard Gary Grant.
  • Dave-3308 April 1999
    Babes, breasts, and the occasional joke flavor this movie about a hot genie and a beach bum. I have not viewed this movie in awhile but what I can remember is that the women look good and Dean Cameron does his usual slacker bit. Not the greatest movie but I seem to remember laughing at some of the parts. I remember a lot of cameos and Morita is still amusing although he is not in the movie long. Aside from the eye candy, this movie has little to bring to the table and if you don't like Cameron or Dolenz, don't even bother.

    A side note: there are two versions of this movie out there, I have seen both versions on HBO and the R-rated version is better, not just for the nudity but also the story flows better and Alexis Arquette is not even in the PG-13 version.
  • Well, as so many have said, this is a fun movie, with (at least in the R-rated version) a lot of gratuitous nudity from a wide range of babes, somehow excepting our two leading ladies, ably portrayed by the scrumptious Felicity Waterman and the insanely adorable Ami Dolenz.

    The other reviewers have pretty well told the story of this movie as far as its strengths (lots of pretty skin and faces, cute love story, nothing too heavy) and weaknesses (mediocre acting by most of the cast, predictable plot). I just wanted to be nerdy and point out one thing which dropped my rating down for this still-enjoyable romp: Jeannie's disdain for Earth, at the start of the film, vanishes without a trace the instant she appears here, never to be heard from again. That's just horrible writing. I know, it's just a B-movie with skin and goofy laughs, but come on. It wouldn't have taken even 10 minutes of thought to put in at least a token follow-on to that bewilderingly abandoned plot point. She could have shown a transition from cynic to some sort of warmth and interest, over the course of the movie.

    Oh well. Ami really is about as adorable a genie as anyone could want, so it's hard to care too much about that. If she ever popped out of a bottle for me, I'd be asking her what *she* wanted!!

    One last thing: what was up with Dean Cameron's hair? Points for originality, I guess, but... wow. LOL!

    Did I mention Ami is adorable?
  • First time I saw Miracle Beach, Ami Dolenz just blew me away., I thought she made the whole movie. You had the life friends that partied all the time, the homeless gent who is talented if he is given work. Parts of this movie, if you have dreams or wishes, you never know what can happen.. I think the movie is one of the better movies I have seen in a comedy type movie.

    Stereotyping was very prevalent in the movie from the stud volleyball players to the fashion models.

    Soup, Lars and Scotty believe in the theory genies are real, but needed a bit of convincing. Scotty was the Master, but for the most part didn't let most of his power go to his head. He helped people that were less fortunate than him, and by doing so, his idea of what a truly good woman in changes..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dean Cameron plays a guy down on his luck. He finds his girlfriend(Monique Gabrielle fully nude) sleeping with his landlord. She walks out on him and the landlord kicks him out for not paying his rent. Jeannie(played by the gorgeous Ami Dolenz) who lives with other Genie's in the sky is given orders to check out how humanity is doing. She lands her bottle on the beach and Scotty ends up with it. He wakes up the next morning in bed with two naked girls in bed. He runs off with the bottle. She appears to him in the bathroom. Her figure really looks nice in her Genie outfit. I would have preferred to see her belly button, but she still looked nice. She changes his clothing to make him believe in her. He tells her he wants to fall in love with Dana, a beautiful brunette who is the girlfriend of another guy(Played by Dean Cain). She is not able to make her fall in love with him. He ends up wishing to beat her boyfriend in volleyball and he does it. Dana is impressed. Jeannie zaps up a huge house on the sand for Scotty and his 2 buddies to live in. Pat Morita plays a man out of work who was kind to Scotty. He hires him to work at his house. Jeannie zaps a swimsuit contest to take place at their beach and the women stay at their house. There are quite a few topless shots of the girls and they look pretty good. Scotty continues to have wishes granted so he can impress Dana. He does not sleep with her which makes Jeannie happy. She starts falling for him as she shows him how to act and dance with her. Ami and Dean really make a cute couple. Her smile makes me melt. The friends continue to score with the girls. Jeannie has Scotty practice massaging her and they have a little spark of romantic looks at each other. He still wants Dana and Jeannie sabotages his date with her. She is scolded by her Genie boss.

    Now we get to the best part of the movie. Jeannie and Scotty walk the beach and see Dana with another guy. Jeannie tells him to pick another girl. He decides to make Dana jealous. Jeannie offers to be his girlfriend. Then Scotty utters the magic words "I wish you were visible". Jeannie appears in polka dot blue & white bikini. She is a perfect 10. She has perfect breasts that are popping out of her top nicely. Add to that the her incredibly sexy abs, they are perfect. Also her legs are perfect. I have viewed this scene hundreds of times and it never get old watching it. She even surprises Scotty, but the jealousy bit works for the moment. Jeannie ends up in the bikini contest(wearing a blue bikini now and no great close up shots)and she wins. Scotty is furious and banishes her. He spends another night with Dana and finds out he loves Jeannie. He finds her bottle and says he loves her. She appears and all is good. They walk off onto the beach and Pat Morita turns into Jeannie's boss. He was watching and helping her all the time. This was really a fun movie. It would have been perfect for the whole family, but there are a lot of bare breasts. Harldy any profanity and no violence. Worth watching for getting to see Ami in a bikini!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As another stated, this is my favorite 'B' movie of all time. I have the R-rated version on VHS that I copied to DVD. If this was ever released on DVD I would buy it as soon as released. I watched this for the first time in about 3 years recently and was not disappointed. Every one of my friends that has seen this movie loves it too (mostly my male friends).I defy any male to catch Dolenz in the Genie outfit and not be moved. Dolenz is adorable beyond belief in this film. Cameron's character is very likable also. Good acting by the leads, a good even though far-fetched story, a heart felt ending and Dolenz as the most adorable female lead ever put to film make this a 10/10.
  • I have watched this movie just recently and I found it very nice. It is not a masterpiece but it is a beautiful romantic comedy. I would watch it again. It is nice,it is funny.It has a feel-good vibe. It reminds me of the beach when we were kids. Of course I am not from the USA but I come from a beautiful island with great beaches and back then in the 90s everything was different. People were different.People had fun,they played sports, everything was simple back then. Now you can't get this feeling. So this movie took me back in time. It was a decent movie.A nice comedy.
  • Miracle Beach unapologetically embraces the most hedonistic aspects of living in glamorous Los Angeles. At least half of the movie features women naked or in skimpy bikini's. In the Miracle Beach Universe everyone is sleeping with each other. There's beaches, large beach houses, expensive cars and did I mention a lot of beautiful women?

    Miracle Beach embraces all the stereotypes of the glamorous rich in LA and has a lot of fun with it. The genie aspect is a nice touch and this results in a lot of cool moments. Scotty and his crew of bros do the typical things bros do when they can have anything they want in the world.

    The love story managed to pull me in. Ami Dolenz had a great performance. Don't expect too much depth from this movie though. It's mainly about people having fun but it does try to add some depth with a love story. The overall feel of the movie is just so goofy that any attempts at seriousness actually makes the movie more fun because it makes it feel even more goofy.

    It's an innocent, playful feel good movie. I like it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Miracle Beach is sort of a nothing film, with juvenile characterization and script that is so far from reality.

    The lead actor Cameron isn't good, but the two main girls beautiful and Ami Dolenz a proficient actress. I generally like this archetype, but the comedy and heart is lacking here.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Miracle Beach is a 1980s rom com that tells the tale of a lovelorn man who is in love with a girl. Problem is he can't convince this girl that he has feelings for her and of course he stumbles across a mysterious bottle one day that unleashes a beautiful quirky young woman who happens to be a genie. So she helps the lovelorn man to win the woman of his dreams but he ends up falling in love with the genie and has to decide who he really loves?

    Now I haven't seen this film in years and I was just thinking about it now. Yes its super cheesy and yes the premise is very bizarre in a way think of it like that TV show with Larry Hagman I Dreamed Of Jennie and you get this flick.

    I suggest you track it down and see what you think of it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After seeing this movie, I'm surprised we haven't seen more of Ami Dolenz. In spite of blonde hair and a bodacious figure, she shows herself a skilled actress here, making you believe in the fable of a genie who **spoiler** falls in love with her master, against all the genie rules.

    Briefly, the storyline is that Jeannie is given her last chance by the head genie, because she repeatedly messes up her assignments. She is sent to Earth to improve life for a poor schnook named Scotty, who is down to sleeping on a park bench, while his two buddies are renting a garage as living quarters.

    Naturally, Scotty is totally smitten with an unattainable woman, and uses his wishes to impress her, and woo her.

    After a while, just in the nick of time (what else?) he realizes that the girl he really wants is...

    Heck, watch the movie with a date, after a candlelight dinner. If this can't get you in a romantic mood, it's time to take up bingo.
  • I've seen this movie and I found it good but not great. The story of a genie coming out of a bottle is not that original, although I like the idea of making this movie during present-days. Besides, it was quite comic and the shocking appearance of Dolenz really help the title from being a regular one...
  • A cute comedy about every mans wish at some point in time. Get the girl, money, car the easy way........make a wish! Dolenze really helps this film out. It's fun to watch this film late at night when there really isn't anything exciting on. I give it a 6.
  • I've seen this movie a few times, and I thought it was pretty good, but somewhat flawed. 99% of the nudity was gratuitous and just showed up out of nowhere. There was no violence, and I don't remember any cussing. If the nudity were removed, this would be a great kids movie. Ami Dolenz, Jeannie, is looking like just about the cutest girl imaginable in this movie.