Nina: (discussing a line of dialogue she gave in an earlier movie) I didn't ask for the anal probe.

May-Alice Culhane: Did they tell you I was a bitch?

Chantelle: On wheels.

Drushka: You eat now.

May-Alice Culhane: What exactly is that?

Drushka: Kascha. Big fiber. It's good for stool.

May-Alice Culhane: Yes. It looks like it has something to do with that.

Chantelle: Are you going to do something to get stronger?

May-Alice Culhane: Why would I want to do that?

Chantelle: Because the next one may not be so nice as me.

May-Alice Culhane: Right. And you're Florence fuckin' Nightingale.

May-Alice Culhane: I can't have sex I can feel... unless I really get into blowjobs.

[Looks at Chantelle]

May-Alice Culhane: Sorry. You're probably some big Christian and I just put my foot in my mouth.

Chantelle: It's none of my business what you put in your mouth, Ms. Culhane.

Rennie: No matter where you at, there you is.

May-Alice Culhane: His wife's not worried.

Chantelle: Should she be?

May-Alice Culhane: Why worry about some cripple who's got a freezer compartment for a pussy.

Chantelle: Don't be like that.

Nina: I didn't ask for the anal probe.

[first lines]

Scarlet: [seeing herself in the soap opera] It felt so strange. All I remember is that I wasn't happy. Was I?

May-Alice Culhane: This visit is just something my business manager cooked up with the insurance company.

Louise: Am I going to meet this guy, this business manager?

May-Alice Culhane: I'm out of business.

May-Alice Culhane: [to her nurse is cleaning] It's important that we have clean walls. I'll be climbing them soon.

May-Alice Culhane: [to her new house nurse] You been doing this long?

Chantelle: No. You?

May-Alice Culhane: I am not ready for this. When I get stronger I will quit drinking.

Chantelle: If you keep drinking you won't get any stronger.

May-Alice Culhane: Did you ever fall in love with a married man?

May-Alice Culhane: [about photograph] It's easier to get a smile out of an alligator than it is to get one from your mother.

[last lines]

May-Alice Culhane: Chantelle...

Chantelle: Yeah?

May-Alice Culhane: You *are* going to have to learn how to cook.

Chantelle: [Regarding May-Alice's uncle] He's


Chantelle: literary.

May-Alice Culhane: I need a drink.

Chantelle: That's too bad.