Romulus: [Head bursting through an airvent floor right in front of Sarah and Desilva] Going Somewhere?

Desilva: What's the matter pisseyes? You need a fresh jumpstart?

Desilva: For$50 Million Dollars, only one person thinks you're worth it! And he runs on batteries!

Desilva: This psycho's an android?

Romulus: [Throwing someone out of a high rise window] It's going to start raining hostages

Trevanian: You asshole! What do you think this is, the first and ten at the Super Bowl?

Desilva: Hey, maybe you need a manual to tell you when you're getting your ass kicked... but I don't.

Desilva: An android? You gotta be kidding. This psycho is an android?

Kinderman: Android yes. Psycho no.

Sarah: What are you doing?

Desilva: Catching up on some sleep. I've only had a couple of years.

Blackwood: You think if we pull this off there'll be a nice big bonus for us?

Trevanian: I think if we pull this off we'll be lucky to keep what's left of our nuts.

Desilva: You're crazy.

Sarah: Certifiable.

Kinderman: You don't know when you're finished, do you Desilva?

Desilva: Sorry. But I gotta settle something with this freak of yours.

Desilva: Come on asshole you can do better than that!

Desilva: My grandmother can shoot better than that... and she's dead!

Desilva: [on walky talky] Trevanian, I'm sending the girl down now."

Trevanian: [fist pump] YEEEEEEEEAH!

Desilva: Hey!

[Zanuchi turns around and Desilva kicks him in the face]

Desilva: Two points!