Alternate Versions (3)

  • The ear slicing scene was cut in the Finnish VHS release
  • Reportedly, in the Italian version the main titles sequence where the guys walk down the street outside the diner is not shown in slow motion.
  • The following deleted scenes are included on the 2002 special edition DVD:
    • Two alternate angles of the ear-slicing scene, one of which is more graphic.
    • Lengthy sequence concerning a background check on Mr. White (whose full name is revealed to be Lawrence Dimick). This sequence also features a female speaking part (there are none in the theatrical release) played by Nina Siemaszko.
    • There is a car scene featuring Mr. White, Mr. Pink, and Nice Guy Eddie after they leave Mr. Blonde with the cop and Mr. Orange.
    • A scene in which Freddie (Mr. Orange) and his partner discuss in more detail the semantics of the undercover operation.