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  • I had to give this movie a 6 out of 10.

    The story was corny, the plot was predictable. The supporting cast was lacking. This is not a thriller or an intelligent movie. It is a B comedy., at best.

    But the interaction between Stallone and Getty was fantastic. They play their roles to perfection as anyone from the Northern New Jersey area can attest. They were believable. They were hysterical.

    I would watch this again, just to watch Stallone and Getty play the mom and son role so true to life. They made us cringe. We really felt for Stallone as the son. They made us laugh non stop.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Very few people make bad films on purpose.Mr Stallone is nobody's fool. These statements should be self-evident.Therefore if SOMMWS is so bad why did a reputable director and a canny star have anything to do with it?The answer is that it isn't a bad film at all,when I saw it the cinema audience gave every appearance of huge enjoyment,many of Miss Getty's one - liners induced such laughter that Mr Stallone's rueful responses were often inaudible.I believe the trouble lies in the fact that many critics refuse to accept that Mr Stallone is in fact quite an accomplished light comedian as well as being an action star of proved bankability. As an LA detective having his mother over for a visit he is able to play against type in this fish out of water comedy.As mother,Miss Estelle Getty seizes a rare big screen opportunity and makes every line count.She is an innocent abroad in big bad LA,blithely going where wise men fear to tread. SOMMWS is not ground - breaking stuff,but it is old - fashioned funny. You could take your mother to see it - but don't ask her to stay over.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have little to say about this movie other than it is nowhere near as bad as I'd been led to believe. Actually quite amusing in places, it will strike a chord with anyone who has an interfering mother (and God knows I have!) as Estelle Getty invades Stallone's life.

    I fail to see the reason for all the bad spirit directed at this film. The incidental music is a little repetitive and it's admittedly a one-joke plot. But it is a fairly good joke, and would have made for a superb hour-length TV movie. Unfortunately it's a 90 minute cinema film and so doesn't maintain its momentum all the way through.

    I've seen people criticise the film for Stallone not getting to be "funny" in this movie. I mean, have you heard of a straight man?? Sylvester's contribution to the comedy is his underplayed reaction to his mother's obsessive behaviour. What do you expect him to do, dress up and tell jokes?

    Admittedly, the surprisingly violent aspects of the film don't sit well, and it's hard to laugh at Getty when she's just shot a man and splattered his blood all over an airplane runway. Another problem is that her chemistry with Stallone isn't as pin-sharp as it could be; the two leave notable pauses in between lines. Maybe a few more takes could have honed up the reaction time, but generally it's fine, and Stallone really makes an effort to make it work.

    Not an all-time classic, certainly, but a pleasant enough film to pass a Sunday afternoon. Just don't listen to the nay-sayers, watch it yourself and make up your own mind. 5/10.
  • widsith-5860213 September 2015
    IMDb averaging 4/10? No way! This is great fun. Sly is a tough but fair cop living a bachelor lifestyle whose minuscule mother comes to stay with him. In no time she's trying to 'improve' him with motherly advice, improve his diet and get him back together with his lady love. It never dips into sentimentality or become too serious, and is a quality, well-paced production in general.

    Happening to catch this on TV recently, I'd long forgotten that Sly can not only act when he wants to, but has excellent comic timing. (He really should have not spent so much time trying to be an action hero, but explored his dramatic and comic abilities). There are some really good moments, such as when his mom squares up to a sly villain threatening her son and comes out with a catchphrase of Sly's real-life rival Arnie Schwartzenegger.

    The only criticism I'd give is that toward the end a slightly laborious car chase is thrown in, but thankfully the comedy returns as his interfering mom steps in again. Good entertainment, and it really, really deserves at least a couple of stars more on the IMDb rating.
  • I found this movie to be very watchable. I had read about it on Stallone's trivia and because of the awful reviews and what has been said about it I thought that I would turn it off after ten minutes. Instead I thought it was really funny, better than other comedy movies like 'The Hangover' which are critically acclaimed. I think people just like to belittle Sly, and his appearance in such a movie was an easy target. Him and Estelle Getty had great chemistry together. As a comedy it succeeds, and I would recommend it to anyone. Don't believe the reviewers who are constantly shoving pretentious, mediocre and often very unfunny comedies down the viewing public's throat! After my experience watching this movie I'm going to check out 'Oscar', another of Stallone's comedy outlets, and in future ignore IMDb's rating system, the top 250 is questionable; so perhaps I should start at the bottom, where this magnificent film has so unfairly been placed!
  • Asdad16 January 1999
    This movie is fun to watch with the kids. Stallone CAN do comedy - we liked OSCAR, too. If you've never had an Italian "mama" you might miss some of the humor!
  • Los Angeles police detective Joe Bomowski isn't as tough as he looks. He's actually quite vulnerable, if you look at his romantic relationship with Lt. Gwen Harper. And his mother is coming from Newark for a visit. This time, she didn't answer the phone, figuring it would be Joe telling her why she couldn't come.

    So when Joe arrives at the airport to pick her up, everyone is laughing at him. Even flight attendants. They've all seen the photos and heard the embarrassing stories. And on the way to his house, Joe has to help a man who is threatening to jump from a tall building. Don't worry--one of the classic moments in the history of comedy movies guarantees a happy outcome here.

    And Joe's mom witnesses a murder. This is after she has cleaned his apartment, pleaded with him not to do anything dangerous, and done everything else possible to make him feel like a second-grader. But she won't let anyone work on the case except her son--which also means she has to be his partner! How is this possible? She's so tough she won't let anyone scare her with threats of arrest for providing false information to the police. And Joe's mom can do it all! Watch her drive the car in a chase scene. And the movie's title is a line spoken by her son to a suspect.

    The amazing thing is that when he was 13, Joe was the strong one when his father died. So his mom knows what he is capable of. Her explanation of how he handled the situation gives the movie one of its several tender moments.

    I shouldn't have listened when people said this film was bad. I would have seen it so much sooner. Estelle Getty was great, and while Sylvester Stallone didn't seem quite suited to this type of role, he was good enough. I liked the character. But, yes, he can do comedy. Remember "Oscar"? I remember I liked him in that.

    I liked several other performances. Dennis Burkley as the big tough gun salesman (the one with the van), and Nicholas Sadler as the man on the ledge (I thought he was one of the Lawrence brothers!). And as always, Gailard Sartain as a big buffoon of a bad guy. And JoBeth Williams as Gwen. I can't forget her.

    This is my kind of movie, and while it's obviously not Oscar material, it's quite entertaining.
  • Sylvester Stallone is an iconic action star and Estelle Getty was a hilarious, sarcastic and witty Golden Girl. Put the two together and you'll get yourself one charming action-comedy, where tough Los Angeles cop Sgt. Joe Bomowski (Stallone) gets a visit from his nurturing, feisty and fearless mother Tutti (Getty), who beings to meddle in Joe's life affairs, interfering with his police work and love life.

    There are some very oddball and corny humor with some campy dialog in the movie, at mostly the expense of Stallone and Getty. The supporting actors were given the back burner and the villains were unforgettable. And yet, while the plot goes at a very steady-pace with limited action, I've found the comedic chemistry between Stallone and Getty, which make up most of the movie, to be pretty entertaining and fun to watch and is, at times, heartwarming. Getty's obsessive behavior to be very baby-nurturing to Stallone as he responds in his frustrated way is itself classic. And, it's not everyday you see a petite, motherly, 68 year-old lady brandish a gun and deal with gangsters!

    While not an action flick that would blow you out of your seats, you will get several laughs out of this movie.

    Grade B-
  • denitsaf19 April 2011
    I think the movie is funny, despite Sly says it's the worst movie he has ever made! It's the first Stallone movie I've seen, so I am emotionally devoted to it! Estelle Getty is so cheerful, full of life and energy and Sly is sexy! If only it was 1992 and he was my man:) It's not fair that the film won Razzie for worst actor, screenplay and supporting actress! Well, maybe it didn't deserve Oscar, but it didn't deserve Razzie either! Besides, compared to movies of today Stop... is just genius! Turned me back in time when music and cinema were just another! Rest in peace, Estelle Getty! And Sylvester is one of the greatest actors of all time!
  • 90 minutes of pure entertainment. I mean .. i'm in the middle of it right now, and i just know this is about becoming on of my favorites.

    The dialogues and the cast are just outstanding. Sylvesters best so far.
  • Movie Nuttball22 July 2004
    I think Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot is a very good movie. What the heck is so bad and wrong with it? It has a very good cast which includes Sylvester Stallone, Estelle Getty, JoBeth Williams, Roger Rees, Martin Ferrero, Gailard Sartain, J. Kenneth Campbell, Richard Schiff, and Ving Rhames! I thought it was weird that Martin Ferrero and Richard Schiff were in this film together because later on they would be in two Jurassic Park films only not together. Why is this film on the IMDb Bottom 100 List #64? The film is produced by Ivan Reitman and is directed by Roger Spottiswoode! The music is very good by excellent composer Alan Silvestri! I think this movie is so hilarious. Sylvester Stallone and Estelle Getty worked so good together. I think this film is really funny plus this film reminded Me a bit of the classic movie Kindergarten Cop! I strongly recommend this movie so do yourself a favor and ignore all of the bad comments and watch this extremely funny film today!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How can anyone truly hate Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot! I can understand when it first came out if you paid to see it in theatres and when Stallone was at the top of his action game. But now...years can you not see this for the stone cold B-Movie classic that it is? I am not being sarcastic in the least, I had a great time watching this. Is it a great movie? Heck no. The script is terrible and I'm still not sure the action sequences and plot make any sense at all and who cares!! It was still an era where action/comedies always had to have this deep gangster storyline. The sole reason to watch this film is the incredibly cheesy one liners. I had a smile from ear to ear when Stallone yells "STOP...or my Mom will shoot." In fact, I watched that scene twice. Stallone's charisma (I am a monster fan I admit) is perfect and so much more down to earth than his usual macho action flicks. Best of all the awkward chemistry between him and Estelle Getty just works on such a bad level...again yes I mean it! There is very little truly good about the film and yet it is incredibly entertaining and fun and quirky and ridiculous. For me it just works!

    I admit that my adoration for Stallone has existed since I was just a little boy and he can do very little wrong in my books. This was a very different role for him being in the action character but holding his own in the comedy department. His character does not have a lot of depth and that's good for this film. He is probably the sole reason to see this movie. Estelle Getty...brilliant on Golden Girls and this is likely the only other thing I've seen her in and...well she isn't good. Her line delivery is awkward, she is really annoying (although that is the point) and the chemistry between her and Stallone is completely bizarre and it works! Her Mom character Tutti is fantastically bad and obnoxious and watching her make the same mistake again and again is fun! I don't think anyone else could have done the role the way she did. JoBeth Williams is Stallone's love interest. Her character is supposed to be tough as nails and rough around the edges and she is that but only in the most basic form. She is given very little development and the romance feels mostly forced. Its a small role though and doesn't take or add anything to the script. Roger Rees could have been a formidable villain, he has the look and the voice but the character is really written poorly so there is never really any chance for him to show off.

    Director Roger Spottiswoode has had a very mixed career. Mostly he's had a lot of B-Movie with perhaps the exception of the late 80's classic Turner and Hooch which most people consider great! However, there is no doubt that he brings a fun campy style to this movie. He uses Stallone's charisma and macho attitude as the focus of the comedy. I do completely understand why the film bombed at the time but allow me to suggest that this is now one of those films that has aged to the point of being timeless now. It has some genuine laughs and doesn't strictly use the "fish out of water" comedy to force the comedy. Its ironic but as I said the script is bad, everyone in the film feels rigid and awkward and yet something about it just appeals to me. I could easily watch it again and I was extremely entertained even if it was by how bad the movie was. I won't apologize for it and I guess we can chalk it up to a guilty little pleasure. Still I think if you look at it from the perspective I have suggested I think you'll have a ton of fun with it! You obviously can't take it seriously so don't and enjoy! I sure did. 7.5/10
  • It is difficult to imagine a person who would never see this ambiguous work with Sly in the lead role. In Hollywood, many comedians were shot, but the film "Stop! Or my mom will shoot" stands out among them at least in that, unlike the others, it has always been popular with the public and caused rejection by critics. Whether Sylvester Stallone , whom the latter do not favor or anything else, is to blame, but from my point of view this picture is underestimated and even humiliated by people who are considered large quantities in the world of cinema.

    One has only to remind that the poor " cinema " prize " golden raspberry " in 1993 went to two actors of this ordinary, seemingly comedy. In general, the film has already ripped off three " awards ", for the worst scenario as well. And that's strange, in spite of the critics and haters, "Stop! or my mom will shoot" continues to be popular with ordinary people, who do not see themselves as cinema gourmets from the industry, but simply enjoy the simple and humorous humor inside which lies an equally light, but equally important, meaning.

    Meaning, close and understandable to a good half of the population of the entire globe. The simple and touching relationship between adult children and elderly parents will always be that way, although less exaggerated. And in general, the question of fathers and children in all spheres of art, starting with books and ending with cinema, was invariably relevant, and this picture shows this.

    Great movie, easy humor, pleasant game of actors, simple plot, all this is in the comedy "Stop, or my mother will shoot", enjoy, and remember that critics do not always tell the truth.
  • I don't know why Stallone himself doesn't like it, but I think he is upset about critic's reaction. Who cares about critics and their reviews? Critics are the bunch of heartless penguines. This movie is a family treasure, it has very funny scenes, fantastic acting and great music. If you need some Christmas style summer comedy, watch it with whole family immediately. If you want to impress your new girlfriend, do it now.
  • Every living person on earth should see this movie. Not because its good and worth watching, but because it is so awful. The reason why everyone should watch this movie is so that you have a measuring stick for judging just how bad a movie is. For example, your buddy says "Man that Jim Carey movie 'The Majestic,' was the worst movie ever made!" And you can be like, "No man, have you ever seen 'Stop or My Mom Will Shoot? I mean don't get me wrong 'The Majestic' sucked, but its no 'Stop or my Mom Will Shoot.'" Then your friend will be like "Oh yeah man, your right. I totally forgot about 'Stop or My Mom Will Shoot!' I guess I had blocked out that painful memory." Also you can be telling your friend like "Hey, 'The Core' sucked." They can be like "No surprise there. How bad did it suck?" You can be like "I'd say its about one 'Majestic' above 'Stop or my Mom Will Shoot!'" Your friend, "Man, thats pretty bad."
  • If you like Sylvester Stallone comedies, you'll love this humorous farce that has him teamed-up with Estelle Getty. Easily one of the best films of the early 1990s, this underrated movie is like a fine wine--it gets better with age.
  • I'm a self-admitted lover of cheese films: in other words, I am a cinematic masochist with a threshold for celluloid pain that would give Ah-nold's Terminator a run for the money, but 'Stop, or my Mom will Shoot' is painful in a way that a shot of morphine, a handful of codeine, and a dozen shots of whiskey cannot overcome.

    Speaking of the Terminator, there are very few stars whose careers could survive a beating like the one dished out by 'Stop, or my Mom will Shoot', but Stallone survived long enough to resurrect his career with Demolition Man and Cliffhanger. The rest of the cast was not so fortunate, and since then has only been seen on milk cartons under the caption, "Have you seen me?".

    Imagine my disappointment in finding that this turkey managed, somehow, to escape the bottom 100 list, despite being widely acknowledged as one of the worst attempts at comedy since Police Academy 6. That this steaming pile rates a 3.1 makes me question whether or not the online voters have been subjected to lobotomies or their minds were so severely damaged by this film that they are no longer capable of making sound decisions.
  • I regret buying this movie on Blu-ray disc I only have it for Stallone collection. This is one of bad awful flick from Stallone. Sly is right it belongs to one of his worst action comedy's. Sylvester Stallone did not want to make this movie, he drop out. He was set up and that good like in Tango & Cash (1989). In the 80's and 90's Sly and Scwarzenegger compete against each other. When Sly drop out, he hear producers saying we will get Arnold Schwarzenegger instead. So Sly change his mind and accept the role to beat Scharzenegger. Schwarzenegger set him up! He lied that he want to do this movie he set up Sly and that good! I wish Sly would punch Arnold in the face.

    Kindergarten Cop and Last Action Hero are much better movies than this garbage it was not executed well. What happened Stallone? This is really embarrassing disappointing bad awful flick from you. The action seqeunces are lazy, terrible. When you see an action scene and you see Sly fighting on screen that is not Stallone it is his stunt double doing his stunts! So what happened Stallone? Why did you not make your own stunts? The comedy was so bad awful Sly.

    The music in this movie was horrible from Alan Silvestri and that guy made a music for Predator 1 and 2, Romancing the Stone, Back to the Future Trilogy, Ricochet, Death Becomes Her, Sidekicks , Judgment Night and even more good movies. The music is terrible Silvestri.

    The acting is god awful horrible, the plot stinks. I don't consider this movie a good movie I cosnider it a flop. I don't hate the film but I don't like it either Sly. Roger Spottiswoode is not the blame, I like the director he is a talented director I like him a lot. I like Terror Train, Shoot to Kill one of my favorite movies from the director, I love Tomorrow Never Dies - James Bond 007, I like The 6th Day I went to see it in the movie teather Arnold Scwarzenegger movie.

    For a Stallone fan I love Rocky all six movies, I love all four Rambo movies to death, Cobra I love to death, Tango & Cash, Over the Top, Lock Up, Demolition Man I love, lov ethat movie to death, Cliffhanger, Cop Land, Assasssins, The Specialist and even more of his movie. This movie I don't like. I would really like to see Oscar someday I have not seen that movie over 20 years but I remember as kid liking it and thinking it is a good movie. Estelle Getty was better in Golden Girls than in this movie. This movie sucks and that horrible bad.
  • sidders441 January 2006
    I thought the film was brilliant. I laughed the whole way through the film. I gave the film 10 because it's a family film and was enjoyed greatly by my friends and i,as soon as the film started rolling on the TV i was in stitches laughing. I only watched the film a couple of days ago on TV and i thought it was so good i have just purchased the film.I had never even heard of this film before until it appeared on the TV, the name of the film just made me want to watch it, i think having a good name on a film really draws in the viewers. Overall, the story line is hilarious and so are the actors and actresses in this movie. I would advise people to buy this movie, or watch it because it is brilliant.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let me start by saying I own this movie. I didn't rent it on VHS or catch it late night on cable, I own the 2003 Universal DVD released on 1.85:1 Widescreen with 2.0 Stereo, so I can watch this anytime the mood strikes me, and also watch an 'exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette' if I didn't get enough of the story after 80 minutes.

    The mother-son slapstick formula is nothing new, but the character combination of Stallone attempting lighthearted comedy (or more accurately, attempting to play the 'befuttled straight-man'), and a painfully annoying performance of unprecedented levels by Estelle Getty make this movie particularly unenjoyable.

    Yet for all the flak this film rightly gets, personally I feel it's better than Rhinestone...I feel it's better because whereas Rhinestone had an awful cast and awful story, this film simply has awful casting and tolerably bad story. Furthermore, Stallone is not the biggest black mark on this movie, it is unquestionably Estelle Getty. Why? Because Stallone is not attempting full on comedy here like he did in Rhinestone, he is more playing a standard cop who is at a loss to deal with the stupidity of his mother. Estelle Getty's performance is like a one-dimensional character gag that would barely work as a 5 minute sketch comedy bit, and dragging it out for 80 minutes in a multi-million dollar project leaves me questioning big studio production judgment.

    The main story is sleepwalking action fare; some guns are stolen and being sold by a corrupt business man, but not without a couple red herrings to try and confuse the poor audience. Of course by chance, Tutti (the mom) witnesses a murder that could help lead to the very source of the stolen weapons, and she insists on tagging along on the following police investigation with the information she knows (moms know best, etc). There is also the obligatory romantic side-plot; Stallone has an in-office relationship on the rocks with his Lieutenant boss (played by JoBeth Williams), complicated by the arrival of his mother obviously. Basically these two plots had me alternating between irritation and boredom.

    Particularly atrocious scenes are when Tutti washes her sons handgun with the dishes and the following breakfast segment, the entire ending scene at the airbase when a gun wielding Tutti essentially 'saves the day', and in general whenever Tutti is on screen interacting with the tattooed Biker. One more thing, this PG-13 film isn't really a kids movie as some people think, as there is way too much sappy relationship humor. This police story is probably a borderline 4, but i'm a generous Stallone fan so 5 out of 10
  • james_cocos-snowboots11 November 2005
    Sylvester Stallone and Estelle Getty are the most inspired comedic team since Whoopi Goldberg and Theodore Rex. If you love at least one of the following: really hot/buff mama's boys, wisecracking, sharp-shooting old ladies or hot m.i.l.f.s in ill-fitting suits, you must watch this movie A.S.A.P. The plot is deceptively simple; Sly's Jersey ma is desperate for him to get hitched, she shows up immediately after his romantic relationship with his boss has soured due to his interminable habit of calling his ma, ma shows up and starts intervening in his love life and cleaning his guns (with hilarious results). Ma tries to replace his gun from a black market dealer and...the hilarity is just beginning! Early in his career Sly Stallone was unjustly tagged as a muscle-bound meathead, but this movie gives him the opportunity to demonstrate the surprising dimensions of his comedic range. Estelle Getty is in top comedic form, as usual, and JoBeth Williams gives her greatest performance in any genre since Poltergeist. A review can't do this film justice so just watch it (with closed captioning if you're watching VHS. Trust me)!
  • The tough Sergeant Detective Joseph Andrew "Joe" Bomowski (Sylvester Stallone) is an efficient cop that has a love affair with his Lieutenant Gwen Harper (JoBeth Williams), but he never proposes her to a serious commitment. When his overprotective mother Tutti Bomowski (Estelle Getty) comes from Newark, New Jersey, to spend a couple of day visiting him, his life turns upside-down. She decides to clean his pistol with bleach and ruins it; so she decides to buy another weapon for Joe and stumbles upon two criminals selling illegal weapons. But there is a shootout and Tutti witnesses a murder. Now she has to stay with Joe since she is a witness, driving him crazy with her interference.

    "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot" is an unfunny and moronic comedy with an imbecile story that does not make laugh. Estelle Getty is awful in the role of Tutti Bomowski, one of the most annoying and silly characters ever. It is impossible to laugh with her attitudes that seem to be symptoms of dementia. My vote is five.

    Title (Brazil): "Pare! Senão Mamãe Atira" ("Stop! Otherwise Mom Shoots")
  • SAFIE_CHAN_41 February 2005
    Well I've noticed and read people's comments. What I would really like to say is that stop being too harsh on Stallone. OK he is an actor, but acting is not a really easy thing to do. The people who have written bad comments about stall one first u try to act and preform in front of a camera then we'll see how you drown in your sweat. I am one of Stallone's fan, Stallone can make comedy example Oscar so PLEASE DON'T BE MEAN I really liked this movie and I see nothing wrong. Well I think he is an excellent comedian

    10 out of 10

    If you don't like the film it's not Stallone's fault its more likely the director due to the fact that they actually invent the story not the actors (BEAR THAT IN MIND!!!) This movie most people didn't like and they are giving all the bad credit to Stallone. It sounds completely stupid. All I would like to say is that for the members (please don't get put off by all the bad comments first see the film and make your own judgement)
  • you know some people judge an actor by at least one movie that they have seen. well not me. out of 35 or more of his movies i didn't really know what there was about this man that caught my eye. but as i kept watching all of them i came to admire him. granted he is good looking, but that's not all. i noticed that whoever he played opposite of, they complimented each other. in this movie it was his mother[estelle getty] that helped make it good. all the things she was after him to do sounded so fimiliar. showing off her son in his pictures is just something a mother would do, if she was proud of him. the action that the both of them did was in my mind funny and moving.i honestly liked this movie. no one tells me a movie is good or bad. i am ones of those that decides for herself. stallone has made many good as well and better than good movies. and i expect to see more from him. go rocky go!
  • Take yourself back to 1992. If you can recall that this was pretty popular when it came out and I remember everyone in my family laughing when it played. Don't listen to the haters. Watch it yourself
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