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  • I used to not understand anime at all. After sitting through another anime tv show, I grew to like it, enjoy it, and now love it. And "Tenchi Muyo" is, aside from "Slayers", my favorite anime television.

    First of all, there are so many different characters with which to fall in love with. From the sexy space pirate Ryoko, to the precious space princesses Ayeka and Sasami, to the vapid Mihoshi (and her companion Kiyone, who I haven't seen yet since I'm only on the OVA series) to the cute scientific genius Washu. And it all revolves around Tenchi.

    Secondly, it has a wonderful music score. From the rousing opening theme, to the little background music throughout (especially Ayeka's theme), to the ending credit music, it is well conducted, especially for an anime, where music is usually conducted by cheesemakers.

    Finally, the plots are well done. Aside from the difference between Tenchi Universe and the OVA series, the plots are well-sculpted, well developed, and have a proper blend of action and humor. The biggest problem with anime today is it's lack of humor, which Tenchi Muyo will simply not allow.

    I thank the nameless station which has actually begun to air this wonderful series. And as for you "Tenchi Muyo", all we can do is bow, oh great respected one.
  • Amazing. Tenchi Muyo! is quite simply, one of the best anime out there (in my opinion, THE best). Why is this? It's certainly not because of the plot, which is full of holes (try to figure out the characters ages will lead you down a path to madness), it is currently incomplete (although the third OAV is on the way!), and there are certainly a lot of other flaws that I could pick out, but this is the kind of story in which you get so wrapped up in, you don't even notice any of the problems. It's the characters that really make this show. There is a surprising amount of depth here once you get past the terminally light tone of the show. The fact is, however, Tenchi Muyo! is incredibly touching.

    Basically the plot is about 17-year-old Tenchi Masaki, a young man with hidden powers who suddenly finds himself surrounded by beautiful women from all over the universe who are all in love with him! There's Ayeka, the reserved dignified Juraian princess (and her younger sister Sasami, Mihoshi the clutzy Galaxy Space Officer, Little Washu, the genius scientist, and of course Ryoko, the demon space pirate who is released from a 700 year imprisonment by Tenchi which starts the whole saga rolling. One of the shows virtues is that Tenchi never even tries to decide, and the group becomes like a family with a common interest... The character of Ryoko is what really meant the difference to me, a 2000-year-old demon who is somewhat vicious and violent, but is truly humanized in her love for Tenchi. I couldn't help but root for her, and the scene in episode 5 where she remembers watching Tenchi grow up is truly touching. I won't really go into any plot cause that's not really the point. You get into this show because its light, funny, and touching.

    I can't recommend it enough.
  • "Tenchi Muyo" is one of the best anime OAVs-original animated videos-to debut in the 90s, and like any successful show, has spawned a legion of copycats. The show deals with young Tenchi Misaki, a high school boy who does chores and trains under his grandfather, a Shinto priest. Against his Grandfather's will, young Tenchi opens a sacred shrine. This sets of a chain reaction of events that make Tenchi the host to a group of alien women-Ryoko, feisty space pirate; Ayeka and Sasami, princesses from the planet Jurai; Mihohshi, a ditzy space cop, Washu, a genius and Ryoko's mother; and also Ry-Oh-oki, a cat/rabbit creature which can transform into a spaceship or a young girl. Of course, there's a reason why all these girls arrive, and this forms an interesting subplot. The animation and sound is top-notch-the last being obvious, since this series is partially funded by Pioneer.
  • With its active imagination and bright coulors , its easy to see why tenchi muyo is a firm favourite to many fans of Japanese animation . However , just because the adventures of tenchi and co are appreciated by many , that doesn't make it the best series you'll see. This isn't to say that tenchi muyo is bad , but it is to say that there are a lot of things wrong with it. Wrong things such as it being unoriginal : tenchi muyo borrows .. in fact , no STEALS ideas from star wars , urusei yatsura and sailor moon just to name a few. Another one of the shows negative factors is that it constantly moves from being sci-fi to a slapstick comedy to a romantic drama to an action drama , all very quickly , making the show feel uneven . Oh , and speaking of uneven , tenchi muyo doesn't keep the same pace throughout , resulting in a show that can be heart stopping and exciting some times , and just plain boring the next. And while we are on the subject of the shows bad points , ive got to say that the thinly veiled sexism that creeps up in the show is something that we could have done with out.

    Wow . With all these bad points , it sounds like I hate tenchi muyo , doesn't it ? Well I don't , I think its very solid and its good qualities are very strong . One good quality is that from a visual stand point , tenchi muyo looks great - the animators and character designers manage to strike a good balance between cuteness and complex realism . Another strong point is that when the show is funny , it can get really funny , just like how it can get damn exciting when it puts its action gloves on , suggesting that being a straight action comedy would have definitely been the best way forward for tenchi muyo. But above everything the best thing about tenchi is easily its characters , something that any tenchi fan can agree with me on. From the destructive but sensitive Ryoko , to the eccentric Washu , the characters are developed and used well enough for you to care for them when any thing happens to them. And having characters that you can get behind and feel for is important in any story , anime or otherwise.

    So in conclusion , it must be said that tenchi muyo has a lot flaws but still comes out as an intelligent and entertaining show that's definitely way above average . But if it focused entirely on action and comedy (its best assets) whilst still paying attention to character and plot then we'd be looking at a classic.

    Knowledge gives this : 3(and a half ) out of 5
  • Warning: Spoilers
    all of the online reviews i have read regarding this series have been pretty brutal. you'd think they killed off all the main characters rather than drawing them a little differently. you 'd think they spouted things like "sailor moon says!" in squeaky little voices. you'd think tenchi's new girlfriend was a walking incarnation of evil rather than the most normal, sympathetic, non-self-centered girl the poor guy has ever met. frankly, i thought the first TV series, known in the u.s. as tenchi universe, was the real disappointment. the characters that were previously so lovingly developed turned into barely watchable shadows of themselves. but i digress. here again, we reinvent the back stories for all of the same familiar characters, and yet they wind up being more or less the same people they were before. (take that, all of you who believe in "nurture" over "nature"!) and good on them for telling them all in one fell swoop in the middle of the series rather than the tedious one-character-at-a-time method used in the first series. we know who they are, and even if we didn't, we would have figured it out soon enough. yes, some of the early episodes are exercises in silliness, but the series is more manga in tone, so it is appropriate that they seem a little two-dimensional. besides, the writing redeems itself later on with the most arguably complex situations and character development. here, they have bucked tradition by creating a "bad guy" who isn't really so awful you can simply kill her off at the end. instead, our hero has to think with his heart, which is what he's always done best anyway. our other favorite characters also benefit from real, believable emotions. when ryuoko says "tenchi... i love you very much..." in her sleep, she says it with such simple honesty that you believe her passions for better or worse later on. kiyone seems to care about mihoshi rather than angrily resenting her stupidity. (and let's face it: regardless of the series, mihoshi is never the brightest crayon in the box) ayeka shows a little backbone rather than being a simpering wimp. sasami even manages to pull the plot along rather than just being the little sister. washuu doesn't get developed quite as well as in the ova, but she gets a few good lines. and again, i have to say something nice about sakuya: how could tenchi resist a girl who is a: cute, b: is unwaveringly polite, c: has enough sense to bring him food when he's hungry, and d: never bashes, tortures, or mutilates tenchi or anyone else, and for that matter, never ever destroys his house. this is not to say i don't love the other girls and didn't root for them, but a worthy rival brings out the best in everyone. i cared about the characters, i cared about the story, i didn't mind the art direction at all, and in the end, i don't think you can ask much more of a series.
  • The original series that launched 3 spin-offs and 3 movies, Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki is by far the pick of the bunch. Although the series spans several genres it is more of a comedy at heart with its light hearted tone. This series perfectly encapsulates the whole Tenchi universe. Its art and animation is lush and gorgeous and the plot (or plots) is (are) relatively solid although the writers lose it occasionally after the first 6 episodes. Thrill-seekers may bemoan the absence of heart-stopping moments in the action scenes but the series' true strength lies in its characters.

    The characters are compelling and genuinely appealing with deep and well-developed personalities. Even the pipe organ-playing(!) villain is cool! The character interactions are seldom boring, often being very funny and sometimes touching as well. One drawback is that is unfinished. The plot kinda meandered towards the end but then a ton of new plot threads were introduced which weren't resolved making the series seem incomplete.

    Hopefully we'll see more of this series (which has been hinted) in the future but for I heartedly recommend this series to anyone. Simply put, it is simply brilliant.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this after the Tenchi Universe had ended,thinking the next series was going to be great too.After all,one good turn deserves another,right?Well,I'm sorry to say this series brought on nothing but grief.What did they do to the characters?The story about Tenchi leaving to Tokyo for school was a pretty good start,but it begins to go wrong there.He is suddenly treating Ryoko and Ayeka like crap,instead of treating them like long time friends.That especially includes the way he acted horribly toward Ryoko.Suddenly he was too good for them to be seen by his new friends.How did he get to be such a snob and a jerk in this series?He wasn't nasty and mean in the earlier series.He didn't even want them visiting his dorm no more.Funny,I remember him being somewhat smitten Ryoko in the Universe series.Then there's that chirpy,empty headed tramp written to the series to be Tenchi's girl,named Sakuya.She's a fine example of a Mary Sueism in many bad fanfics out there.She's an annoying,brain dead, goody two shoes type with a shrieky voice and bug eyes.Tenchi's new friends push them to be together,and Sakuya was always dropping in unexpectedly for breakfast and lunch.Or she was making plans for them both to go somewhere,even though he barely knows her to do so.He couldn't say no or resist?Obviously she's the fanfic author's work,the author being Sakuya. The author is obviously a immature teenager who wishes she could be with Tenchi,even though he really knows and likes Ryoko better.Sakuya is too perfect,too pretty and too well liked by the school to be believed.Obvious Mary Sueism mistakes,not to mention common ones in fanfics.At least Ayeka and Ryoko,hate her and aren't fooled by her charms in the same way.Too bad Sakuya is too dumb and blind to see why they hate her. If it wasn't students that were trying to push them,it was the demons which should have been a dead giveaway to him and others.Speaking of demons,the monsters popping up in various places look horribly done.They look like puppets,marionettes,or clay figures that were rotoscoped on,the effect being poor as a result.They couldn't create better,scarier monsters?Whats with different objects like cellphones becoming monsters anyways?It's stupid.I thought the dating scene between Ryoko and Tenchi was botched up to make her look horrible and wrong for Tenchi,which in itself was wrong.When Sakuya saw Tenchi and Ryoko together,and started crying she should have stayed away.But she came back and pestered him like a little dog.When Ryoko saw her and Tenchi hold hands and kiss,it broke her heart.I felt so bad for her being treated like s#$% and all.It's too bad she and Ayeka didn't kick her sorry,stupid @#$ earlier.I would've liked to brain her one myself,and give those stupid kids a wake up call as well.Soon the everyone is going their separate ways,except Ayeka.She tries to tell Tenchi what has happened,but he acts like he is having a friendly phone conversation instead.*(WARNING,SOME SPOILERS ARE AHEAD.DON"T READ UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN THE SHOW)*We soon discover that all this mess including Sakuya is caused by a vengeful girl,named Yugi.She wants to destroy the Juri family, for imprisoning her in a tomb so many years ago. Washu discovers Sakuya is a fake,but Tenchi has already fallen in love her,(Yugi's shadow).Feh,just like the love struck author wanted.They try to make us feel sorry for Sakuya,by revealing she has no parents and no memory of her life.Like we care?Then her friends she was so popular with,don't remember her at all.When Tenchi discovers but doesn't accept the truth,Yugi shows up before he can save her.She kills her and leaves Tenchi bawling, like a blubbering baby.This is what happens to many Mary Sueisms in bad fanfics.When they're too pretty,too popular,too perfect and too many characters like them,they are killed off.And the characters commonly found in the TV show or a movie,are left crying and sad over that Mary Sueism's death.In this case, the author had people forget about her and had Tenchi crying about her instead.Forget about how it ends,because the series was pulled before Cartoon Network could complete it.Probably because so many fans were disgusted,and abhorred how the popular series was mutilated like that.And before I forget,*(END OF SPOILERS)*.Their are some other things going on in the series I have questions about.Why did they give Ryoko a boyfriend,that looks remarkably like one of the characters from Hell Sing?That blond headed space pirate dude,with glasses looks cute.And what was up with the beginnings of how they met?Did said author of this hellish fanfic,ever bother watching the first and second series? Another movie I can think of that's like a fanfic,is the Inspector Gadget movie.This one has been skewered a bit too,it's not at all like the series.I hope we don't have anymore bad fanfics become TV shows,because they suck.There are some fanfics I wouldn't mind seeing become TV shows,as long as it compliments the series and not ruin it.Avoid this defiled version of Tenchi,and stick with the other two series.Watch this only to learn how you shouldn't write a fanfic.
  • Tenchi Masaki is going to Tokyo for school, which saddens his friends, especially space pirate Ryoko and Juri Princess Ayeka (who are both known for tying to win Tenchi's love and affection). To make matters look brighter, scientific genius Washu creates a Dimension that can take anyone from the Masaki home to Tenchi's flat in Tokyo. Yet Tenchi seems like he wants nothing to do with any of them, especially Ryoko and Ayeka. In Tokyo, Tenchi becomes smitten with a young girl named Sakuya. Of course, this greatly provokes aggressive fury from both Ryoko and Ayeka. Mysertiously, however, as Tenchi and Sakuya become closer, Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, Kiyone, Mihoshi, and Washu are growing further apart from each other. This once-close-knit family friendship is dying...and now there's another even greater mystery...and her name is Yugi.

    "Tenchi In Tokyo", like the other two series, is funny and has witty humor in it. Not to mention, a few cat fights between Ryoko and Ayeka, although in episodes like "The Eternal Pledge", the two team up with each other to rescue Tenchi from odd creatures. Then of course, there is Kiyone and her ditzy sidekick, Mihoshi, who still gets poor Kiyone caught up in a web of disaster.

    However, "Tenchi In Tokyo" lacks what the other series has featured and totally turned the whole idea plot around. For one, when did Washu and Ryoko end up being a team in the beginning? In "Tenchi Universe", Ryoko landed on Earth alone, and Washu didn't come until after a few more episodes. Then of course, there's this series, he was with Sasami and Ayeka. In "Universe" he came after Ryoko teased Tenchi about being pregnant with Tenchi's child after come into the kitchen with Ryo-Oki's egg. Then finally, there's Ayeka and Sasami. In this series, Sasami was with Ayeka when she came to Earth, yet in "Universe", Ayeka came to Earth alone. Sasami came later looking for Ayeka. Same goes for Mihoshi and Kiyone.

    So, the whole entire plot has changed almost in "Tenchi In Tokyo" which kind of ruined the whole entire "Tenchi" saga. Then there is the animation - not quite as sharp as it is in "Universe" and in "Muyo!" if you ask me. Also, it lacks feelings more. Like in "Universe" for example with the final episode, it finally reflected Tenchi's true feelings for both Ayeka and Ryoko, though his feelings for Ryoko seems more touching than Ayeka's. Not to mention, it shows even more in the "Zero" episodes from "Muyo!". "Tenchi In Tokyo" is more comedy than serious which is good...and their episodes aren't as emotionally tear-jerking like a few they have in the other two series (i.e. "There's No Need For Memories" or "There's No Need For Ghosts" from "Tenchi Universe").

    I do like "Tenchi In Tokyo", and I can do without Sakuya 100% - who is perhaps the most annoying character to ever happen to Tenchi - besides Haruna, but thank God Haruna's just from a movie. "Tenchi In Tokyo" isn't as impressive as "Universe" and "Muyo!", but it'll do for "Tenchi" fans. At least, they didn't leave out the humor and action and excitement it always has been known for! :)
  • Shin Tenchi Muyo is by far the worst of all Tenchi Muyo continuities, and it should never have happened. The characters are turned into total travesties of their former selves, and the whole show starts out as an idiotic Sailor Moon ripoff; at one point a cel phone is being turned into a monster which the characters then have to fight. Sometimes, it is funny, but not enough to make it worth watching. The plot gets more serious and interesting later on, but not enough to compensate for the parts before. And of course there's the artwork: crude and ugly character designs and jerky, cheap animation.
  • this is by far the best anime ever EVER! just from seeing the first episode made me love this show its that good. Tenchi is just an ordinary kid who eventually finds out he is a descendant of an interstellar Monarchy and in the meantime of training and doing chores he gets fought over by two gorgeous girls who have bad habits and freaky powers! OK it can be a little sexist and weird in its own Japanese way, but it also add to the charm and the animation is excellent. a cult classic and the best in the 'Tenchi' Series hands down. Btw, Ryoko is the best character ever, END! 10/10 x

    this is by far the best anime ever EVER! just from seeing the first episode made me love this show its that good. Tenchi is just an ordinary kid who eventually finds out he is a descendant of an interstellar Monarchy and in the meantime of training and doing chores he gets fought over by two gorgeous girls who have bad habits and freaky powers! OK it can be a little sexist and weird in its own Japanese way, but it also add to the charm and the animation is excellent. a cult classic and the best in the 'Tenchi' Series hands down. Btw, Ryoko is the best character ever, END! 10/10 x

    this is by far the best anime ever EVER! just from seeing the first episode made me love this show its that good. Tenchi is just an ordinary kid who eventually finds out he is a descendant of an interstellar Monarchy and in the meantime of training and doing chores he gets fought over by two gorgeous girls who have bad habits and freaky powers! OK it can be a little sexist and weird in its own Japanese way, but it also add to the charm and the animation is excellent. a cult classic and the best in the 'Tenchi' Series hands down. Btw, Ryoko is the best character ever, END! 10/10 x
  • d4v3cs9 September 2002
    This along with Tenchi in Tokyo and the original OVA make an unforgettable emotional sensation. This method of anime was later generated, copied, and perfected into finest anime like bebop etc.

    But as a classic this series will remain the sweetest gem ever, which ending soundtrack always brings smile to my face, warmth in my heart, and tear of happy memories
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When the Tenchi series first came out on Cartoon Network, I loved it. I was just about ten at the time, and it was my favorite anime series for a long time. But time passes and eventually after a few years I lost interest in the series. Years later, I decided to go back and watch the OAV. To my pleasure, I learned that they had actually created more of the OAV. I had always wondered why they never finished it. Unfortunately, if I had known what I know now, I would have let my fond memories of Tenchi rest in peace without revisiting the series.

    As my summary says, the series starts off very strong. There's the introduction of the girls, which is great. Then there's the arc with Kagato, which I enjoyed a lot. I'm such a Ryoko fan, so of course I liked hearing about her back story. I also really liked the relationship between her and Washu. But other than Ryoko, I enjoyed all the interaction between the girls and Tenchi in those first few episodes.

    Unfortunately, after Kagato is defeated, we enter the Clay arc. This is when things start to go a bit downhill. The Clay arc really doesn't bring anything new to the table, I'm sorry to say. Ryoko is barely home for a few days before she gets kidnapped yet again, and we get Zero, the "girly" version of Ryoko. Why that was necessary, I have no idea, I thought Ryoko was fine the way she was. Admittedly, there are some things that redeem this storyline. The scenes between Washu and Dr. Clay are really funny and I enjoyed them a lot. We also get introduced to the goddess Tokimi, which is interesting. While I didn't love this part of the series quite as much as the first part, I still enjoyed watching it. There's a cute interlude after Clay is defeated where Ayeka's parents come to visit, and of course chaos occurs.

    But this is where the real problems in the series begin, and it starts to fall apart. Like I said earlier, there was an extremely long hiatus before the third part of the OAV was made. In that time, Pioneer has gone under and FUNimation has taken over. If you're expecting the third part of the OAV to be anything like the old Tenchi, to wrap things up, and to explain the storyline, you're severely mistaken. This is going to be the longest part of the review, because this is the part I had the most problems with.

    The first issue is that it feels to me like the creators only ever watched one episode of Tenchi: the episode where Ayeka's parents visit. Why? Primarily because of the way they characterize Ryoko in the new OAV. In the original series, though Ryoko could be quite funny at some points, she also had deeper aspects to her personality and she always played quite a large role. In the third OAV, forget about that. Her only use is purely for comedy relief. In fact, it follows a formula: Ryoko makes a timely sarcastic remark, and she either gets slapped, her face pulled, or tied up. Hurray for slapstick. There's a tiny redeeming moment for her towards the end (when she fights by Tenchi's side) but if you blink you'll miss it. I can hardly even say anything about poor Ayeka. She barely has any role whatsoever in the third portion of the OAV. She mostly just hangs out with the other characters. In fact, she never even has a scene alone or with Tenchi. Why not? I have no idea.

    The third OAV's major issue and weakness is all the new characters it introduced in a short amount of time. We have Noike, Mihoshi's brother and his girlfriend, Tenchi's sister, Tenchi's Dad's girlfriend, Tenchi's grandma (and Yosho's wife), Kagato's female half, Seto, some new girl with a new cabbit and Z. I'm sure I'm forgetting some people here, but that's just to give you an estimate of how many new characters were introduced in the span of seven episodes. Noike was the worst of the new additions. She's the definition of a Mary Sue. She's introduced as a love interest for Tenchi, she can cook even better than Sasami, she's a registered nurse, she can drive a car despite being from Jurai, she can break up a fight between Ryoko and Ayeka and make them obey her with just a glance, and she's running the household by the first night. I can only wonder why a character like this was necessary for the series and I spent most of the time fast forwarding through scenes she was in. As for the rest of the characters, like Mihoshi's brother and Z, the third OAV spends a ton of time giving them back stories, which I also don't understand. Personally, I don't know these characters, I don't care about these characters, so why waste time with them? I'll tell you why: publicity for GXP, a series of Tenchi created by FUNimation where the new characters are focused on more heavily (in fact, the original Tenchi cast isn't even in GXP, if I've heard correctly.) It's very disappointing, fans waited such a long time for these new episodes. I feel cheated. There was finally a new addition and I barely got to spend any time watching the characters I had grown to love and care about over the course of two seasons. It's just so frustrating. I prefer Tenchi Universe, to be honest. At least that series wasn't confused about it's own identity.
  • PseudoDonn717 April 2004
    Warning: Spoilers
    Tenchi Muyo. Heh, well I never thought I'd find myself writing one of these little comments but since there is no message board. Many other comments will say and scream that this has little or nothing to do with Universe and that is why it sucks. Well they may be right on "that" but to say this had any relation to them (Beyond the characters) is just sad. There is no such thing as the Tenchi Saga.


    Yep, if you didn't know already, Tenchi Muyo, Universe, and Tokyo are all in three separate universes (Hence the name Tenchi Universe.. heh) Anyways, now that I've cleared that up. (And don't worry, its okay if you thought they were all connected, so did I but I learned this after watching Muyo THEN Universe.) On to business.

    This is pretty poor in animation, humor, (sex jokes = GONE!) and plot. It DID do everything wrong in a Tenchi series however that was what it was intended to do. It was trying to be different and it succeeded. I like that Tenchi has a girl friend and yet is still attracted to Ryoko (The whole Aeka and Tenchi thing is so small in this it's almost dead!) But here's where the series fails the most. Sakyura. It was pretty cheap to introduce a new character and then kill her off at the end. (I cried btw! XP) And her voice actor (for english versions) can never really JOIN the crew can she? She's either getting reborn in A Tenchi Christmas or a ghost in this one.


    Why would you want to watch this? Well Ryoko is done pretty well in my own opinion. Her character development is bigger than Tenchi's in this series. (And she isn't even the same Ryoko!!!) So if you like Ryoko, you'll see a more mature Ryoko (and at sometimes immature XD) in this one. You will still be hoping she gets Tenchi at the end. I'd get her Tenchi if I could, truth be told.

    So don't be expecting the same old plot and same old triangles. It's a new story in a new universe ...(And in a new place! TOKYO!) Forget the movies and the previous series and remember that these are still the same characters despite their changed pasts and races. See it for Ryoko. If only for Ryoko. Or whoever girl you like in the series. Sakyura's got a nice fan base. It's small but she does have one.

    PS (Minor Spoiler) I think Tenchi DID behave pretty pissy toward his "old-time friends" in the beginning episodes. Then again, this isn't the same Tenchi who went through all that stuff in the previous shows so it's expected. After all, they HAVE caused him nothing but trouble. Heh.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    TENCHI UNIVERSE, also know as TENCHI TV is a solid retelling of the Tenchi saga, although it lacks the magic and spirit of the original OAV. It is saved, however, by some wonderful and touching moments, and a nearly perfect ending. In between those moments are a lot of flaws though... Basically, I will compare this show to the OAV... Be aware, major spoilers are coming ahead... First of all, to those that aren't aware, TENCHI UNIVERSE is a "retelling" of the story told in the original OAV series. What this means is that we have the same basic characters (with the adddition of Mihoshi's partner, Kiyone, who does add a lot to the series), the same basic personalities and conflicts, although with lots of little and significant changes. For starters, Washu is now the demon trapped in the Masaki Shrine instead of Ryoko, who is now a space pirate being chased by Mihoshi who crash lands on earth. Ayeka's role is more or less the same, except that she's basically running away from her duties of a royal marriage.

    Besides the slight changes in the characters backgrounds, there's also the significant change that only Ayeka and Ryoko are really after Tenchi (Mihoshi and her partner even move away into an apartment). In my opinion, this takes out a significant portion of the drama of the series, and makes Ayeka and Ryoko seem a bit more petty. Kagato also goes through some major changes, both good and bad. While his new backstory is interesting, he's not handled very well,is less sophisticated, and just isn't as cool of a supreme baddies as he was in the OAV (he was SUCH a great villain in the OAV!). As for the plot of the show...well, there's certainly a lot more to it than there was in the OAV, but unfortunately, TENCHI UNIVERSE feels VERY padded. The last couple episodes of the earth saga go nowhere, and eps 17-19 could have easily been tossed out and improved the show. Also, the "Time and Space Adventures" eps 11-13 are basically standalone, but I also think they're one of the highlights of the show (and a rare instance of significant character development) and are worthwhile if one for Ryoko's touching moments in "her" world in eps 13. The biggest factor which makes this series inferior to the OAV though is the lack of character development. To be honest, I'm really not sure who the creaters where making this series for, as it shortcuts to much on character introductions and growth to be worthwhile as an introduction to Tenchi (For God's sake, watch the OAV first!!!), yet the boneheaded changes are sure to drive many Tenchi devotees crazy. My biggest complain of all is how little time is devoted to character development. While the OAV may have lacked in plot, it was a character driven show that devoted significant time and emotion to each character (especially Washu, who sadly never gets beyond a caricature here). The change is Ryoko is the most dubious. As opposed to her 700-year-imprisonement in the OAV (which leads to a touching moment in which she remembers watching him grow up), this Ryoko doesn't get the set-up she deserves to make way for her later touching moments. She basically falls into Tenchi's lap in the first moments of the show, and with no explanation, falls for him immediately. One of the best things about the OAV was how all the characters developed their affection for Tenchi, especially Ryoko and Ayeka, who is also given less development here. I just can't understand how a series twice as long as the OAV doesn't come close in its character development. The tone of the show is also a bit off too. While the OAV was always touching in some way, either in its humor, romance, or melodrama, there is a streak of melancholy that permeates TENCHI UNIVERSE. The difference is I watched the OAV with a smile on my face the whole time, whereas TENCHI UNIVERSE, while still light and funny, just doesn't compare.

    You may think in these comments that I didn't enjoy TENCHI UNVERSE. Well I did. It certainly had a lot of weaknesses, and was a long slog in places, but it had its virtues as well. First of all, Kiyone is an appealing and funny new character, and her relationship with Mihoshi was a highlight of the show. The plot is certainly a lot clearer than the OAV as well. And, although nowhere near as affecting as the OAV, there were some very touching moments as well. "No Need For Ryoko" in particular was a highlight, possibly the saddest and most tragic chapter in any of the Tenchi saga. Let me just say though, its robbed a bit by the fact that accepting Ryoko as "dead" is impossible to believe. Her last lines in the episode are truly touching though, and this is one of the few times in this series that we get to see her loneliness and depth of emotion. And then there's the final be honest, if not for the wonderful conclusion to this sage, I'd be borderline on a recommendation. But it's just so...perfect. A nostalgic and surprisngly somber episode, it emotionally connects in a way most of the series lacks. Just at that moment that hope seems lost...well, safe to say, the Tenchi saga always seems to end up at the same place, and Tenchi's final moments with Ryoko are truly touching (as is seeing everyone else on their way back!) In closing, I'll also add that this series makes a significant change in showing Tenchi's attitudes towards Ryoko. In the OAV, he never even remotely shows a preference for any of the women, but in TENCHI UNIVERSE, the ending in particular makes him and Ryoko seem destined to be together. I certainly liked that, and to be honest, I wish this ended could be transplanted to the OAV. Overall, for "Tenchi" fans, TENCHI UNIVERSE is fun and worthwhile, but realize its a definite step back from the OAV. And please, to those looking for a starting point in Tenchi watching, get the OAV! You'll be introduced to one of the most affecting groups of characters in Anime (or any genre, for that matter).
  • Tenchi Masaki is your average school boy who lives with his grandfather, who is a Shinto Priest, and his father. His mom died when he was a young boy, and his grandfather is teaching him how to be like him. One day, something falls from the sky and arrives on Earth. It's the infamous Space Pirate, Ryoko. Once Ryoko is welcome into the Masaki home, she finds herself in love with Tenchi. Soon, other girls from outer space joins in the fun...taking Tenchi on the ride of his life!

    Besides Ryoko, Tenchi is joined by:

    Ayeka - the crown princess of Juri who also finds herself attached to Tenchi and will do anything to win his heart away from Ryoko. Of course because of this, she and Ryoko are always getting into cat fights! :)

    Sasami - Ayeka's little sister, who is also a princess. She is the youngest, yet she finds herself being the nurturer of the household - doing all the house work and even cooking delicious meals for everyone.

    Ryo-Oki - a cabbit (a rabbit who "meows" like a kitty cat, but LOVES carrots), who is the Masaki pet, but also Ryoko's space ship. Ryo-Oki also found a friend in Sasami, and a boyfriend in Nagi's cabbit (forgot his name!!!).

    Washu - the scientist who invents some of the worlds most craziest (i.e. Meca-Washu, who ended up being like Mihoshi) and sometimes dangerous invention (i.e. a device that could destroy an entire planet from the last episode "No Need For A Conclusion"). She is also said to be Ryoko's creator.

    Kiyone - Galaxy Policewoman, who finds herself caught in a web of disaster thanks to her partner, Mihoshi.

    Mihoshi - Kiyone's partner, who seems to have an IQ of a bag of dirt and is always saved by pure luck. It took her quite a few episodes to finally figure out that Ryo-Oki was a girl. Not to mention, she is the reason why Meca-Washu was a bust.

    "Tenchi Universe" is the best of series I think. Plus, it has everything from lots of lots of laughs, a bit of emotional tear jerking like when audiences learn about Tenchi's mom's death ("No Need For Memories"), and of course, love ("No Need For Ryoko" and "No Need For Conclusion"). Then again...there are a few things that Japan has that America doesn't - nudity when the girls are bathing in the bath house, a bit more shed of blood, etc. Of course this is forbidden to be shown since it's on Cartoon Networks "Toonami" hours, and America treats this stuff as the ultimate taboo!

    As for Tenchi's feelings for Ryoko and Ayeka...I personally think that Ryoko has truly won his heart. You can tell by the way Tenchi looks at her in the last couple of episodes, espeically when she embraces him in a forest of Cherry Blossom trees, and they walk close together holding hands with little cabbit, Ryo-Oki, following. Also when she does all she can to rescue Tenchi, who was tied up in a coffin, from her arch-rival, bounty hunter, Nagi.

    An enjoyable series FOR ALL ANIME FANS...especially best when you watch it in Japanese - thanks to the magic of DVD!!! :) No need for bad reviews here - "Tenchi Universe" is a true delight!!! :)
  • I really liked Tenchi Muyo! TV (aka Tenchi Universe). The plot was really good and the characters were kept true to their counterparts in the OVA. One thing I didn't like is that there were a few characters that were basically ignored throughout the series only receiving one or two episodes to their name (namely Washu). The animation isn't as good as the OVA but it is definitely better than Shin Tenchi TV. This is a quality anime as well. I'd recommend this to anyone who even mentioned anime around me.
  • jrayne14 March 2003
    The OVA series of Tenchi Muyo! is undoubtedly one of the crowning achievements of Japanese animation. It's got whatever you could want: drama, romance, comedy, action, nudity, violence, profanity,'s a tour-de-force of all the emotions, pushing all the buttons and trying to get a response.

    Of course, fans may be dismayed to have the series stop midway through the story, but fortunately the next OVA series is on its way after all these years of the good TV series and the kinda-passable-maybe-alright-kinda-bad Tenchi in Tokyo series. OK, so TV2 was horrible. But hopefully they will redeem themselves...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki was the first anime series that I had watched ever in my life. The story centers basically around Tenchi Masaki, a 16 or so old boy in Japan, and the love triangle between him, Ryoko, the "demon" ex-space pirate that Tenchi accidentally woke up and Aeka, the 1st princess of planet Jurai. The action of the series, unfortunatly only 13 1/2 episodes worth, is very captivating and it held my attention all the way through. Among the action of the series is a large vein of comedy that all of the characters show off at one time or another. One of the funniest bits I've ever seen on television is an exchange between the characters Washu (also spelled Washyu and Washuu) and Dr. Clay but I won't tell you what it is to avoid any spoilers. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki is a show derived from manga (japanese comics)so if you read those you have a better sense of who is who with another generous dose of comedy and love triangles abound. This is a very good series and a definite must see. You will not be dissapointed.
  • When people run down the list of classic anime shows, Tenchi Muyo! is almost always overlooked. Why? just because it was on Cartoon Network? because it doesn't feature heart stopping action or deep philasophical issues? if so you need to give a look over because what the series lacks in the above two things, it makes up for in comedy, drama and it's characters which is the heart of the series.

    The story starts out simple, with Tenchi Masaki a typical teenager meeting a variety of exotic space women who all fall for him on some level and live with him but grows more complex with the various relationships each character has with one another and how it's never the same thing through out.

    The characters are amongst some of the most interesting I've ever seen in an anime. From it's star Tenchi to Ryoko to Aeka and Washu and others the show introduces characters who always manage to surprise you in showing a different aspect of their personality or something you didn't think they where capable This adds terrific depth to the characters and makes you care about them a great deal as they become more and more interesting with each episode.

    The next thing that makes this show great is the mix of drama and comedy. Both are never overdone and when can coexsist at the same time without ever being goofy or annoyingly dramatic.

    What else makes this a good anime is the extremely talented voice cast which for the most part is leaps and bounds ahead of the japanese cast. From Washu's voice to Ryoko who is one of the sexiest characters in anime based on her tone of voice. Music is also top notch and is a must listen for any J-pop or anime song fan. Though a few tracks are pretty annoying.

    In the end, Tenchi Muyo! is a great series in the tradition of Urusei Yatsura and Ranma 1/2 and is not to be missed. At the very least it should be given a shot, you won't be disappointed.
  • The Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki OVA is perhaps the best of the Tenchi Muyo! series. The animation is beautiful and the overall plots are good as well. Just one problem: They left the plot open! Other than that, this is a great anime. Anyone can like this series. Even my mom who despises anime absolutely loves Tenchi Muyo! It just has wonderful characters and the english seiyuu are great and fitting the character which is so hard to find in dubbed anime. This is a great series.
  • If you are reading this and you are not familiar with anime, then Tenchi is an excellent point to start with. It is bright, light, cheerful, fun, romantic, and last but not least, incredibly cute! Cuteness factor 10000! Very nice (already sort of a classic) character designs, extremely loveable characters, state-of-the-art animation, great music. All in all, a must see for anyone interested in anime.
  • Shin Tenchi TV is just bad. First of all, they changed character designs. They turned a perfect good plot into something that one might see on Sailor Moon. They completely ruined this series with bad animation and goofy characters. Ryoko and Aeka were once respectable characters but now they have turned them into fools just as they have done with Kione. I'm sorry, but I had high hopes for this series. And giving Tenchi a girlfriend is just bad news all the way around! The only thing that keeps me watching it that it IS funny and Ryoko is still a central character.
  • This is my favourite anime by far. It has absolutely everything; romance, adventure, action, angst, etc, etc. The animation is breathtaking, much better than the likes of DragonBall Z. There is nothing to dislike about the characters; after a while, you love each one of them. But my favourites are Washu and Ryoko, who are definitely the deepest characters out of them all.

    10/10 every time. It's a shame that Tenchi in Tokyo had to stray so far.
  • When many people watch any anime that they can think of that involves action and romance, then this is the anime I highly recommend
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