The Young One: Part Four (1992)

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11 July 2011 | lor_
Lesser material makes for a weaker entry in this series
Repelete with padding (highlights repeating footage from Part Two), #4 in THE YOUNG ONE series is a relatively disappointing Sarah Young video. It's mainly for completists.

Currently available on DVD under the title "Sarah Young Limited Edition 4" from German porn distributor Mike Hunter, it opens with the ending of a scene (in progress) from Part Three, with Sarah and a slim brunette finishing their threesome scene with Mike Horner, his ejaculation all over Sarah's breasts.

Horner hears his wife arrive, so the two girls hide behind the couch as he reluctantly (we know the guy has amazing recuperative powers, but this is sort of a story video so he has to pretend) starts to service her. Steve Drake appears, surreptitiously videotaping the duo (this continues a plot line only understandable if you've watched Part Three), and Drake storms in, putting Horner into bondage (binding his arms with his belt), as he takes over humping the wife.

Sarah comically retrieves her red dress and the girls escape -end of the story from #3.

Video takes a surprise turn with the lavish wedding of Sarah to Sean Michaels, her erstwhile #1 co-star in these XXX programs. The format is quite similar to that used in the 1976 film "Ceremony... The Ritual of Love", with flashbacks showing sex scenes involving the wedding participants as the vows are taken.

Sarah recalls several segments from Part Two of THE YOUNG ONE: two cops humping her, two fake plumbers raping her, and a resulting four on one group sex scene. This is strictly filler, and pretty unfair since fans who buy Part 4 are likely to have bought the superior Part 2.

Sean's flashback is a memorable (and oft-excerpted, for example in the "Sarah Young's Private Fantasies" series) vignette of him making love to a blonde MILF. This is shown in its 20-minute-plus entirety.

The wedding ceremony, oddly enough presided over by minister Mike Horner (I guess that makes it invalid on its face), ends and everybody celebrates. Sarah and Sean get into their stretch limo and drive off.

Program ends in rather goofy fashion, with Sarah fantasizing that she gets out of the limo, dressed in leather "punkish" gear, and heads down a dark alley, where four guys grab her and drag her to a grungy set. This also oft-anthologized vignette stars Tony Tedeschi, wearing shades and affecting a fairly convincing Cockney accent, as these teddy boys gang-rape Sarah, including several double penetrations. Group includes Marc Wallice and Jake Steed.

After the multiple ejaculations finale, we're back in the limo with Sean & Sarah toasting their marriage. Pretty slapdash, and not up to pornographer Sascha Alexander's usual high standards.

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