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  • In the current climate of social restriction and political correctness, there is something very liberating about watching people do all the things society tells us are bad without one iota of regret. This is made even more powerful by making the characters a pair of middle-aged, upper-crust women who "should know better."

    Who says Brits are stuffy? In the outrageous world of jet-setters Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders--is there anything she CAN'T do?) and Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley), moderation is but a myth, darling! These two babes are BENEATH the Valley of the Dolls--piles of pills, mountains of coke, gallons of Bolly-Stoli cocktails...and whatever else is fashionable at the present time. They slavishly follow trends, kiss the butts of celebrities, torment Eddy's straight-laced daughter Saffron (Julia Sawalha), and basically do whatever must be done to get exactly what they want, when they want it. There are no lessons, no judgments, no treacly sentimental bits to tug at one's heartstrings. Thank bloody God!

    AbFab is the perfect alternative for those repulsed by the sugary sewage typically pumped through the picture tube, where everyone does "the right thing" ("Don't do that in front of me or I'll throw up!"). Sharp in all departments, with a terrific cast, hilarious (and surprisingly true) writing, and a gorgeously gaudy wardrobe for Eddy ("Lacroix, sweetie!"). And best of all, after a five-year absence, THEY ARE BACK! These lovable lushes have NOT had their Last Shout--and don't you dare think they've mellowed! Joyously self-absorbed chaos is still the name of the game, and nobody plays it better than Eddy and Patsy.

    "All right, cheers, thanks a lot."
  • I'm going to be honest. The first time I saw the show, I didn't like it one bit. It annoyed me and I didn't find it funny. But one afternoon I was stuck in bed with a cold and Absolutely Fabulous happened to be on. I decided to give it another chance.

    Wow, am I glad that I gave it second chance!

    Absolutely Fabulous has a definite oddball sense of humor that can be really hilarious. I find myself laughing out loud at the oddest comments and jokes. Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders are a great team and never cease to impress me. I own almost all the DVDs and I don't typically buy television shows on DVD, usless I really enjoy them. As the tag line says, sin is in, sweetie! 10/10
  • "Absolutely Fabulous" is, without a doubt, one of the funniest shows to ever come across the pond from the U.K.! Apparently, the sitcom's subject matter and flat-out political incorrectness made it too edgy for local PBS stations to run. Instead, the cable channel COMEDY CENTRAL acquired the initial US rights from the BBC in the mid-1990s. The rest is history.

    AB FAB (as we fans refer to it with affection) is the saga of Edina Monsoon (Eddy) and her fabulous pal Patsy Stone. Eddy & Patsy do everything in life to excess - drink, smoke, party. While Eddy has a PR firm (she represents LuLu) and a shop, her main income comes from the alimony her two ex-husbands give her. Eddy lives in a nice home in London's Holland Park area with her stuffed-shirt daughter Saffron (Saffy) who is the opposite of Eddy in every way. Patsy, on the other hand, has a flat above Oddbins, a liquor store. Also on hand was Eddy's bubble-headed assistant Bubble and her widowed mother (referred to as 'Gran' by Saffy) AB FAB was an instant hit here in the US - the initial 3 series of 18 episodes (6 eps in 1992, 6 in 1994 & 6 in 1995) were played to the hilt by Comedy Central. Roseanne the comedienne even bought the rights to update the series for US television, but nothing ever materialized. In 2002 Comedy Central, in joint production with the BBC, produced 6 more AB FABS eps. In these new episodes, viewers learned that in this post-9/11 world, Eddy and Patsy hadn't changed a bit. In 2004, the cable channel Oxygen teamed with the BBC and had another series of 7 episodes produced. There were also 2 AB FAB specials produced as well.

    Sin is in, Sweetie!!
  • I have to be honest and say that i have never heard of this show before Comedy Central put it on their station in November. I watch One episode, and i was converted to Ab Fab since then. I always watch Patsy and Edina on Mondays at 9, and pretty soon i will be getting the DVD.

    This show is really amazing. It has more to it then them getting drunk and acting stupid, it has clever lines and jokes i could never come up with. I envy Jennifer Saunders for her talent, she is absolutely funny and fabulous! So is Joanna Lumley. Shows like "Absolutely Fabulous" make me want to be from Britain because i have to say, that with the comedy they have their, we could not even compare to them.

    Ab Fab is the one of the Best TV shows, EVER!!!!!!!! I hope that Patsy and Edina come back to treat us to more AB FAB!!!
  • With the great news that Jennifer Saunders has a new batch of AB FAB episodes ready for us, my enthusiasm for this show is still high. Although I'm probably not the average AB FAB fan, I'm high on British comedy, and I watched this series religiously when it was on T.V. in the mid-90s. This show is awesome. The British know how to make you laugh.

    Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley play Edina and Patsy, two flower children who still live the high life. Forever drinking, smoking, sexing, and taking drugs; these two spend their free time taking pot shots at celebrities while abusing Edina's straight-laced daughter Saffron (Julie Sawalha). These two are the funniest characters ever conceived in a long time. Filled with incredible character development, excellent scripts, and excellent acting, you won't find a comedy better than this. Ever since this show, I really like it when someone calls me "sweetie"!

    And Ms. Saunders hasn't lost her touch, as the first new episode shows that they haven't lost their touch, the show still is a laugh riot. If you're sick of America's attempts at humour, the Brits will cure you of that.
  • nathid5 February 2001
    AbFab is probably the best Britcom ever made. I Absolutely love it!!! Each episode was brilliantly written and hilariously funny. Jennifer Saunders demonstrated how brilliant she is at writing / performing without Dawn French and Joanna Lumley showed that she has great comic timing as well as a superb talent for dramatic roles.

    As a true AbFab fan, I have bought all of the videos and, even though i know them off by heart, I still find them Absolutely hilarious.

    As were many other people, I was completely heart broken when Jennifer Saunders revealed that she was ending the show in 1995. But since then, there has been a very funny American remake that I've had chance to see called "High Society", and I highly recommend it to any other AbFab fans.

    Life simply hasn't been the same, for me without AbFab, but Jennifer Saunders has apparently confirmed rumors that there is a fourth series in the works...
  • Absolutely fabulous is exactly what the title says. i didn't start watching until the third series but as soon as i saw one episode i was hooked. I bought every single series and they are all fantastic and no matter how many times i watch them they never fail to make me laugh. I really enjoy seeing the various ways Patsy and Edina can walk up Eddie's stairs and come down them! And the way they both get out of their cars!
  • Another six new episodes were shown in the UK in September and October 2001 after a gap of five years, probably after the pilot for a new Saunders series ('Mirrorball') with virtually the same cast got nowhere.

    The new series was much darker than the earlier ones, and if you thought they were cruel wait till you see these.

    That said it is still the funniest thing on. It is shaping up to be a classic like 'Steptoe and Son' - (for our American readers it was remade for you from our scripts as Sandford and Son) and with the same generational battle going on, with the main premise being the reversal of the usual roles, so that the young daughter is the responsible one.

    Joanna Lumley, one of the nicest actresses around and an occasional columnist in the 'Times' again invests Patsy with great power dressing, disdainful looks that can curdle milk and horrendous self interest.

    Jane Horrocks (who has grown to be a huge star from her original bit part in this show nearly ten years ago) still appears as Bubble in the new series but now has a dual role as an inane but ambitious day time chat queen Katy Grin.

    Ruby Wax is again script editor and her influence is obvious in some of the sharper lines, and as in the third series she does a cameo (as a moustachioed post menopausal woman)in the episode about Eddie reaching the 'change'.

    Has a huge gay following (well Patsy virtually is a drag queen, a point made several times in the third series)- in the UK gay pubs and clubs scheduled their events not to clash with its 9pm Friday slot on BBC1.
  • Absolutely Fabulous remains just that, fabulous, and watching it twenty years later, it remains as funny, wild and original as ever. The duo of Patsy and Edina were a creation of pure genius, the wilder they got, the funnier.

    Laughs galore, the whole series is littered with classic episodes, my favourites being France and Happy New Year, the one liners in each are perfection.

    I've always thought the cast had as much fun making it as we had watching it, there always appeared to be a real closeness there.

    Will we ever get the likes of this again, not sure, but I hope so.

    Comedy gold. 10/10
  • I recently purchased the box set of seasons one to three and watched it in entirety in about three days. I used to watch this show obsessively about ten years ago when Comedy Central would air it on Saturday afternoons, at around 4:00PM I believe, and upon viewing the first three seasons all over again, I re-realized that this one of the best TV shows on the entire planet. I have dreams about meeting Jane Horrocks or Bubble, it really does not even matter which one. I will also often rewind specific scenes on my DVD player because to be perfectly honest with you, and totally geeky, I can not stop laughing, mostly at Bubble. Well actually I can't really say mostly at Bubble, because really all the leads are just so awesome and funny. Extremely high recommendation!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hilarious. That is about the only word I can think of when I think about this show.I have watched it from the very beginning (well, I have every episode on DVD). This is a perfect representation of a rich mother on her young daughter's case. Perfect if you want to split your sides laughing. A great success for Jenny Saunders! Too bad it's been canceled! :(. But on a more serious note, if you do get a chance to see this show, take your opportunity. June Whitfield plays the hilarious "mother" of Edina. Joanna Lumley is perfect as the coke addicted alcoholic. Julia Sawalha is just perfect for the daughter "Saffy". Saunders is the hilarious genius and mixed up mother! YOU MUST WATCH AB FAB!
  • What can I say about this series but "BRAVO". Saunders is a brilliant writer and an even better comedian/actor. This is one of those rare TV comedies that can be watched over and over and NEVER gets old. American television has yet to equal the witty, dry humor of Brit TV. AbFab has really set the standard for both American and English TV sitcoms. I pray that Saunders will find the inspiration to continue writing and indulge us with another series of her fabulous show.
  • Its difficult for me to rate this show because theres nothing else i can say about it that someone else hasn't said. Its funny, Hilarious and above all funny. Watch it if you ever get the chance to. Just read the other reviews to see the evidence in how good this show is.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Absolutely Fabulous" is the BEST sitcom EVER! That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it! My late best friend sent me a tape of a Comedy Central "Ab Fab" marathon, and once my jaw was off the floor, I laughed my arse off, and I became a life long fan! Unlike American sitcoms, which dictate that every character be likable and every episode have a happy ending and a moral lesson, the British don't dumb down their writing- if the characters are unlikeable, and they do questionable things, GUESS WHAT? Deal with it! "Ab Fab" is not a BBC documentary- it loud, gaudy, and knee-slapping hilarious! Jennifer Saunders (who writes every episode) is brilliant as Edina Monsoon, an overweight, needy, self-absorbed fashion nightmare who married twice, and bore the daughter of her 2nd (gay) husband, Saffron (Saffie to Edina, or Sweetie Darling when she forgets her name!) Saffey is as conservative and buttoned down as her mom is outrageous. She has a son from her first marriage, Serge', who ran away once he was out of high school, and uses any excuse to stay away from his crazy mom. Eddy's best friend is Patsy Stone JoannaLumley), a woman of indeterminate age (at least to herself) who wears the latest fashions, but sheds them as quick as the speed of light when she finds a man to screw, which is quite often.

    Together these two tragically hilarious women drink gallons, smoke and snort everything and anything, and live every day as if they are on holiday. No fad is untouched, and no person is left uninsulted or verbally abused. Eddy's mother (June Whitfield) seems to be on another planet. But, she is very sly, and has no problem popping the balloon of Edina and Patsy's pomposity.

    Spoiler Alerts: They've sold Saffie to white slavers in Morocco (and, to Patsy's dismay, retrieved her), flown a ridiculous trip to New York to take a picture of a doorhandle for Eddy's kitchen redecoration (after Patsy burns it down with her cigarette), and used Saffie's baby for a fashion shoot without her permission, among other rude and tasteless things. With no guilt or remorse, Pats and Edds bulldoze their way through the world, leaving fashion disasters and empty bottles and baggies behind.

    If you haven't seen it, you MUST, sweetie darlings! Five series and several specials are available (now in a 9-DVD set housed in a satin-quilted book box made to look like a fashionable coffee table tome). If you can rent them, rent them. But, be forewarned: you may find yourself craving ciggs, booze, and loud unfashionable clothing. And, an urge to call everyone "Sweetie Darling"! And- really- what's wrong with that? Cheers, and thanks a lot!
  • The first time I saw AbFab I wasin elementary school and I didn't understand anything else except that I was fascinated by these weird loud British women. I grew up with AbFab and it has stayed by my side all this time. I love Edwina, adore Patsy and whenever I watch this series I get crazy entertained.
  • I am a big believer in sometimes the best TV, comedy, film etc is short lived, a moment of genius that lives on. This is how I feel about AbFab. Series 1-3 were and still are ultimate comedy gold and that's why I rated it 10. However the same cannot be said for the remainder of the series. More misses than hits, super lazy writing and it's kind of become what it used to take the piss out of which is a great shame. Still one of the best British comedies ever in it's early series.
  • This series appeals to old & young, male & female, gay & straight -- each episode needs to be watched several times (at least by me) to get all the hilarious bits of business. There was a "New York" episode on Comedy Central a month or so back, not sure if it was a special or season 5?? Anyway, any episode is sure to please....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I fell in love with this show when it was first broadcast on a low key unfashionable late night slot, funny how it soon grabbed the imagination and became one of the BEST sitcoms. There are many reasons it works so well, firstly the writing, Jennifer was totally on the money here, her writing was flawless. The cast members themselves, Saunders, Lumley, Julia, Jane, June, all are just magical. I get the impression that as a cast they bonded and got on very well, I think that makes a huge difference. The guest actors are always well chosen and add something different, how good was Kate O'Mara as Patsy's sister! How many of us would like to know Patsy and Eddy!! In my opinion I think the first three series are the funniest, but the later offerings are brilliant too. I'll say it here, I cannot wait for the film. Britcom brilliance. 10/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Having been all of three years of age when Absolutely Fabulous first graced our screens, it was only ten years later that I got my first taste of the wonder that is Edina Monsoon, Patsy Stone and the rest of the wonderful gang. Within minutes, I was as hooked to this funky, off-the-wall sitcom as my favourite duo are to a nice bottle of Stoli.

    The writing is sharp, witty and definitely survives the test of time, the acting is brilliant, the characters are hilarious... what is there not to love? Okay, so there aren't any real story arcs that stretch beyond an episode, but when I watch Ab Fab, I'm not looking for that. If I'm in the mood for some real British comedy at its best, a chance to laugh out loud and escape daily stresses for half an hour (or an entire day if I include one of my more excessive Ab Fab binges) then this is the box set I choose.

    All of the main characters shine throughout the series, from the extremely immature and pathetically (in the best way possible) inept Eddie, to the never eating yet forever drinking Patsy, and long- suffering Saffy, away with the fairies Gran, and quite possibly from another planet Bubble to boot.

    This little show is so unpolitically correct at times that it can make me cringe (while laughing like a loon), it's so wrong in places that it really is right, and it unabashedly sticks with its characters and makes us love them even when, sometimes, maybe we shouldn't. With countless awards, a cult following, and now a movie in the works, I really do believe that Absolutely Fabulous will continue to be just that in another 22 years.
  • It's difficult to find the right words to describe just how good this comedy truly is. Coming from a team of seasoned professionals in British comedy, Jennifer Saunders' and Dawn French's writing is fabulous (no pun intended!), and when teamed with Ruby Wax, and a splendid cast including the incomparable Joanna Lumley, you have the making of an iconic series that will continue to provide laughs FOREVER!!
  • If you for some reason have not seen this amazing series you must buy it now and watch it! Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are comic geniuses! Geniuses I say! You cannot watch this series and not fall in love with the cast and even learn to forgive Eddie and Patsy's awful behavior. Why are you still reading this review? Go now! Buy this and enjoy! You're welcome!
  • annemari118 February 2004
    One of the best TV comedies ever. There are only two words to describe it: Absolutely Fabulous - and this applies to both the older and the newer episodes.

    Some people have complained about the later series not being as good and funny as the original ones, but for me that isn't the case at all. Just because they are different (which they admittedly are) doesn't mean they aren't as good. The humor is as sharp as ever, but the world has changed, and so have the fads that are being made fun of.
  • THIS is the type of show which I and all my gay friends would do if we could write great scripts, had the right write connections, and could act well for more than ten minutes of fame!

    This show - you either love it or hate it - and I love it!

    Thanks Jennifer Saunders just for being the AB FAB writer that you are, and making a NEW gay icon for a post-Judy Garland, post Crawford generation "gay" nineties.
  • I just love this show, it is just so funny. Patsy and Eddy are just so funny and just act well together. I also particulary like when Eddy is always saying to her daughter, "sweetie, mummy loves you", but just the way she says it is just so funny. I just really enjoy this show and think its a good show and more people should watch it.
  • AbFab began well like a lot of other one-joke series. With good writing and a great cast it could have been up there with the best if it had called it quits after the first couple of seasons. Unfortunately, the show began to take itself seriously and eventually became a parody of a parody. A case of outside influences milking the cow until it ran dry.
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