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  • The Adventures of Pete and Pete is what more television shows should strive for. Kids can enjoy it, but I was 19 when I started watching it and have been intrigued ever since (I'm 24 now). This show is unique, humorous but not in the traditional way, very well written, very surreal and there is enough mystery to leave a variety of impressions and interpretations. Things that should be small events are blown up to very large scale circumstances with apocalyptic consequences. Other stories take completely random and unreal situations and make them a part of everyday life. If people thought like this on a daily basis, everyone's life would be much more exciting.

    Artie, "The Strongest Man in the World", is a skinny fellow in striped pyjamas. His favorite smell is tire air. He's little Pete's personal superhero. Artie, who calls things "Pipe" when they're going well, is the only man capable of vanquishing a bowling ball that comes between two brothers. Without special effects the writers have created a very convincing alternate universe.

    The stories are usually called "weird". More appropriately, they are metaphorical and mysterious. Little Pete and friends must survive a gym class dodge ball match, while Big Pete needs to study for a test. Whatensues is an epic of revolution and facing your fears. Cryptic characters come and go, bearing vague clues and meanings such as an old woman with a leg vein pattern matching an Iowa road map (though I've seen a map of Iowa and it's really just a big grid). Other times, yes, it's just plain weird. Very funny too.

    Pete and Pete breaks away from every boring and trite television show out there. The problems on most sit-coms are stupid, petty and seem like every other show out there (everyday life is great, but WATCHING everyday life sucks). Pete and Pete breaks out of that completely. The storylines create profound meanings from quirky twists on everyday life; the quest for perfection...using an underwear inspector, a "lost" favorite song and the journey to get it back. If there is ANYTHING to compare this show to, it's like Tim Burton got control of the Wonder Years...kind of.

    Pete and Pete says there is excitement in everyday life and implies that just about anything is possible...why not be a bus driver or a bear for career day?

    If TV were truly what it should be: A medium to entertain, inspire and teach the masses, we would see so many more shows like this. Talented writers who made something unique right down to the theme music.

    And the guest stars! They're offbeat yet recognizable and respectable... Steve Buchemi, Janine Garofolo, Chris Elliot, Adam West. Then rock and roll stars: Michael Stipe, Iggy Pop and Juliana Hatfield. Finally out of the blue you get Monday Night Football's Frank Gifford and PBS's John McLaughlin. Like I said, unique right down to the theme song.

    This show is awesome.
  • Scoopy2 November 2005
    Unlike many who commented on this show, I didn't grow up watching Pete and Pete. You see, I'm nearly 60 years old.

    I discovered it by accident, or I should say that my stepdaughter discovered it by accident, then I walked by and got hooked like Bob the bass. I ended being the show's biggest fan. As I re-watch it on DVD, I love it more than ever. Today I got season two and was going to watch one episode to pass the time. That had a prayer. As soon as I saw the episode names, I knew I had to watch them again: The Time Tunnel, Inspector 34, The Phone Call.

    Those three episodes alone will demonstrate to you that this series is good in ways that no other series has ever touched. It says as much about America as any Ken Burns documentary, it makes me laugh as much as the best episodes of Seinfeld, and it's cooler than anything which ever sprang from the mind of Slushmaster Bob. Its narrative flow is deeply cynical, yet there is a strong undercurrent of warmth and hope, as if it despairs of what people are, without forgetting what they yet might be. It never forgets that we, like the Petes when they time-travel, may yet find a way to do it over, and get it right. Even without Riboflavin.

    I have been a major league TV addict for 50 years, and if you ask me to name the best show I have ever watched ... well, I don't know if I could name just one ... but this obscure Nickelodeon show would be one that would come to mind - alongside I, Claudius and The Civil War and The Simpsons and all the other greats. It's sheer genius, with more than a touch of poetry.

    In the words of Inspector 34, it's so much better than underpants.
  • I remember perfectly when this show was on during the original Nick run, but I didn't even really watch it then. But now that it's back on Noggin, I decided to finally watch it for myself. I had NO idea what I was missing!

    This show is truly awesome, and is one of the few that I never miss. I'm sure by reading the other comments that you know that it's about two brothers that for some very weird reason have the same name (Pete!). Older Pete tells the episode's story from his point of view, and Little Pete is courageous and often gets into insane situations. I think this show is kind of like "Leave It To Beaver" and "The Twilight Zone" put together, but it's got it's own crazy twist that makes it as good as it is.

    It's a shame that it only lasted for three seasons, but in a way, that's a good thing, because then the episodes didn't get too...well, the way the last episodes of really long lasting shows often turn out (need I go on about The Simpsons?). But at least it's being revived. :D
  • Op_Prime5 January 2000
    This show is classic. The writing was well done and the characters were well developed. The show had weird stories: International Adult Conspiracy, looking for aliens in the town, getting back a lucky penny, to name a few. This was one of their few great shows and Nickelodeon had to can it. What a shame.
  • The Adventures of Pete and Pete is one of my all-time favorite shows ever! It had some pretty good (and weird) characters, and episodes that left me entertained for more! I miss this show so much! Why did Nickelodeon cancel it? Probably for more dumb Nicktoons sniffle, sniffle.

    This show ruled! A perfect 10 rating for this timeless classic!
  • I think of all the shows I still wish were on tv, I miss this one the most. this was one of the most weirdest creative sitcoms ever made. it was like this bizarre little suburban universe that I really wanted to be part of. not only was the writing great, but the music by one of my favorite bands polaris, is also great. I don't think that televison gets much more creative and funny than this show.
  • 1993. What a good year for Nickelodeon. "Rocko's Modern Life" aired its first season and continued to break ground for animated television along with others such as "Ren and Stimpy", and "Doug." The icing on the cake, though, is the spunky, indie show "Pete and Pete" with enough originality to spawn a film series.

    There is an undeniable wonder of "Pete and Pete" with it a magical quirk that made it so appealing. It revolves around the two title brothers (big and little Pete) and a town filled with colorful, complex characters. Big Pete narrates his whimsical and poignant look at growing up with an intellectual commentary of struggling in a bizarre suburban world.

    The best episodes? I've narrowed it down to three. The first, "Yellow Fever" is a clever and hilarious narration of tensions building on a long bus trip. Everyone on the bus has a problem with someone or something and conflicting feelings build and build as the wild day progresses. Notably the lovelorn bus driver Stu and a boy who's ear seems to be a target for everyone to flick. Things boil over in an insane, chaotic conclusion wrapped up in a settling and likable denouement which never lets the episode get over the top.

    Number two is an episode called "King of the Road" which captures life on the road with an oddly adroit authenticity of the pains of a family vacation. In this episode, Pete falls in love with a girl who will turn into just another car passed on the highway, but it leaves him feeling like the unanswered question of why you only see on shoe and not two on the side of the road.

    Finally, there is an episode from which I can't remember the title, but it follows big Pete's struggle with a new responsibility as the ball collector at a driving range. Pete hides behind a costume of a grizzly bear to hide his humiliation and discovers himself as he finds different problems with his new job.

    A brilliantly funny characterization of the local superhero Arty by Tobi Huss and excellent music by Polaris make "Pete and Pete" a one of a kind winner. I grew up with this show and still find new interests in the episodes as it is thankfully showed on Noggin (God bless digital cable!).
  • Have you ever watched something so emotionally bound to your childhood that when seen today gives you an overwhelming sense of nostalgia almost to the point of tears? This is exactly what occurred when I watched The Adventures of Pete and Pete, or just "Pete and Pete" as my brothers and I would call it. This television show defined my childhood.

    I remember being so shocked when I saw little Pete grown up on All That and Figure It Out. And seeing big Pete in somewhat recent movies like Slackers and 40 Days and 40 Nights sends me into that emotional swirl. There's a passion that builds that can only be satisfied by looking these actors up to see what they do, and I feel good seeing that some, although very few, are still doing stuff today. What a terrible tangent I spiraled this into. Nonetheless, I love this show.
  • This show is about two red-headed brothers named Pete and his younger brother who is also named Pete. The show follows both of their lives as they grow up in the quirky town of Wellsville. Older Pete often goes about his daily life with his close friend, Ellen who I think eventually becomes a love interest. He probably has it a lot better than younger Pete. Younger Pete goes about his daily life a lot different than older Pete does. He and odd assortment of friends including Artie, "The Strongest Man in the World" must go about doing all kinds of weird adventures. Young Pete must also face off against a very weird assortment of bullies including a kid named Papercut, who can turn ordinary construction paper into deadly weapons; and another kid named Pit Stain who gets his name because he's always sweating in his armpits. Young Pete also gets into all kinds of weird situations like trying to win a game of dodge ball and trying to go on for a week with getting any sleep.

    This is truly one of the more original shows to ever grace the small screen. It shows the weird and quirky lives of people living in small towns. This show is a hell of a better than the crap that Nickelodeon is airing now. I think that what makes this show different from other shows is its unusual cast of characters. Everybody on this show, no matter how small their role might be, their role would always prove to be of very great significance in later episodes. I used to love watching this show on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I think that this was the show that rocketed Danny Tamberelli to fame. Now that he's a teenager and he's on "All That" he isn't the same little kid he was on "Pete & Pete".

    There were so many classic episodes of "The Adventures of Pete & Pete". The one episode I will remember will probably be the Christmas special where Pete and Pete try to organize the town so that they can have Christmas every single day while also battling a maniacal garbage man who's after their family tree. Another episode I'll remember will be the one where young Pete goes up against the bully known as Papercut. I think probably my favorite episode would have to be the one where young Pete organizes all of his friends and prepares them to go on a sort of "sleep strike" where they must go on for I think a week without getting any sleep.

    It's sad that Nickelodeon took this show off the air. Sure it was unusual, but at least it was good.

    "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" gets a 10/10.
  • Yes! I'm so happy! I just got an e-mail from that nickelodeon is planning on releasing multiple shows on DVD in a set called "the Rewind Collection" which includes Clarissa, Pete and Pete, salute your shorts, Are You Afraid Of the Dark and You Can't Do That On Television! Yes! The classics are coming. Everybody can once again enjoy the best TV shows that Nickelodeon got it's true beginning from! The First season of each of these shows are said to be released around May 17th. After all these years of begging for them to put these shows back on the air, we can get the next best thing...a better thing...we can buy them and enjoy them in our own homes! It's just such a relief that Nickelodeon is finally recognizing the enormous pleasure that these shows once brought everyone and will bring them again.
  • centuryslow19 December 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Hey, I just created this. Let's try to make it happen!

    Scheduled for a February 2006 release, "Pete and Pete - Season 3" never came into stores though there's rumors that the DVDs have actually even been pressed. Reasons unknown. Some poor quality bootlegs are sold by internet retailers for vast sums of money but so far there is no way to enjoy the last 13 episodes and extras of Pete and Pete on official DVD.

    If you're a fan of this sensational 90s series and are still waiting for an actual release of the final season, please like this page and feel free to comment and discuss this and other Pete and Pete issues here.

    Let's try to get as many "likes" as possible and show Paramount, Nickelodeon or anyone responsible that we're still there and waiting - let's try to make it happen!

    Amazing series!
  • Pete and Pete is really a classic Nickelodeon show, and one that should be remembered. Despite only lasting 3 seasons, and under 40 episodes, it is still remembered today and has picked up a cult status, as well it deserves. This show really has everything. It has great surreal humor, it has very good acting, and it has heart and emotion, but is never hokey or melodramatic. Pete and Pete is the perfect balance of everything that makes a comedy series great!

    The show revolves around two brothers both named Pete. Big Pete (Michael Maronna) is the usual narrator of the show, and is somewhat of a voice of reason in his crazy family. Little Pete (Danny Tamberelli) is the little rule breaker who cares not for what others have to say. He is for child empowerment, and often fights against his parents. The two brothers contrast nicely, and play off each other very well. Big Pete is the straight man, where Little Pete is the comedian. In addition to the two leads, the show is full of eccentric weirdos that live in their town including Artie, the world's strongest man (Toby Huss), Stu the bitter and lonely bus driver (Damian Young), and many other oddballs.

    The performances on this show were excellent! Other than the two main leads, and maybe a few other child characters, everyone else was so over the top. Pete and Pete's parents were hilarious, especially their dad (Hardy Rawls), who was a complete idiot and believed men were the greatest people on Earth, and that they deserve to conquer it. Toby Huss as Artie was so gloriously over the top, but never gave into being corny. Instead it was just stupidly hilarious. Wonderful performances through and through!

    The direction in the show is great, and the writing is top notch also. Episodes have emotion and realism to them, while still being goofy and surreal. It's this great mixture that makes Pete Nad Pete a cult classic, and one of Nickelodeon's best programs.

    My rating: **** out of ****. 30 mins.
  • I still remember that long time ago ,Nickelodeon had good shows .This was one of them . I liked it a lot , and I think that it was one of the best shows of Nickelodeon . It follows the everyday life of two brothers with the same name ,and that how any of those normal experiences turn into adventure when the brothers get involved in them .

    The characters were very likable and interesting ,the humor works very well , the stories were entertaining and the opening song was great .

    I really miss that good shows for all the family . Now Nickelodeon show useless trash as " Catscratch " or "Rocket Power ".Bring "The Adventures of Pete & Pete " back !
  • cheskie_b25 October 2006
    This is a classic. Quality preteen television. Preteen shows now just show slapstick humor and kids shouting and bouncing about. I'd watch one of these new shows and wouldn't remember anything memorable about it. I would probably completely forget them a few years down the road. 'The Adventures of Pete and Pete' is different from most of these new, hip, pop shows. It's been, what, 6-7 years since I last saw this on TV. But I still remember and I miss it. It had very unusual elements in it. But the situations were real. A little exaggerated, yes.. but real. The humor isn't the usual slapstick that you see. It was subtle but had a lot of impact. The romantic scenes between the characters were, at times, cheesy but it never failed to make me go 'aaawww..' Nick should bring back a taste of shows like these.
  • usrhlp4 October 2006
    I have to admit this is one of my all time favourite shows. When it was watch your own weekday on nickelodeon I can guarantee I was the only one who voted for it! I love this show and own the first two seasons on DVD. I am from England but I managed to lay my hands on them!

    I cannot think of any other show where both of the main characters are brothers with the same name. Every single episode is just a joy to watch and hit upon at least one point in everyone's life. The range boy for example, his parents are forcing him to do the job that gets the doer ridiculed for years to come. How does Pete overcome this problem? He makes himself wear a bear costume and inadvertently becomes a local hero!

    I hope paramount get off their arses and get season 3 out of the door ASAP! There are many fans busting to buy this!
  • I remember watching Pete & Pete when I was younger and not really understanding it. Lines like, "It'll make your pancreas quiver with joy," and pranks largely centered on the consuming of massive amounts of creamed corn were lost on me. But these days I would sell my soul to get this show back on Nickelodeon. One of the most bizarre, hilarious shows ever to be made, 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete' is like a television series created by John Waters and Wes Anderson. Great artists such as Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry, and Michael Stipe knew what they were doing with their guest appearances on this show. One of the best ever.
  • Pete & Pete aired at a time when Nickelodeon didn't especially cater to the under 10 age group. I remember it so clearly; these were the golden years of my childhood, after all. Pete & Pete started its run when I was seven and I faithfully watched till the end. Even after they stopped producing more episodes it was always on in the re-run form before it gradually disappeared. I do not have the Noggin channel on my cable service so I guess I'm out in the dark unless Nickelodeon stops showing SpongeBob Square Pants long enough to air them once again.

    I miss Pete & Pete so much. On any given day, story references come to mind and provide me with a much needed laugh. The theme song rocked, and the opening credits are one of the best moments, if not THE best moment of the entire show! I never quite understood why the two brothers had the same name, but it was damn hilarious either way. Nickelodeon does not make shows like Pete & Pete anymore because, very simply, KIDS NOW AREN'T SOPHISTICATED Enough TO "GET IT". And mind you that was only a little over a decade ago. Kids do not understand or appreciate surrealist humor anymore.. Unless it has mile-a-minute editing and excitement at every corner, they want no part of it and that's just sad.
  • This show was by far, the best show I have ever seen. It beats the Simpsons, it beats Mystery Science Theater 3000, it beats the animated The Tick, it even beats Ren and Stimpy. This show is indescribable. I currently have a sick feeling in my stomach that I don't think could be remedied without watching a season or two of the show. Even when I was only 9 or so, I could recognize its greatness. I would give up food for a week just to see the opening credits with the theme song. The only parts I remember about the opening is big Pete mowing the grass, the air swimming and the band playing in the front yard with a bike being suspended from wires.

    My all-time favorite episode of this show is a tie between three episodes and a series of episodes dealing with Mr. Frosty? the ice cream vendor. One of the two episodes was the one were little Pete was forbidden to leave the house to go to the 4th of July town party, and the dad locked him in the house. The whole escapade with little Pete trying to escape turned into a "Great Escape" tribute based on the movie, where little Pete digs through the basement, and under the yard using a model statue of liberty. Then he breaks through the grass having the statue of liberty rise out first, symbolizing freedom. I mean come on! You cannot write better television! That was incredible. And what else was so great, were the parts where the girl across the street would talk to little Pete while he dug, through the sprinkler system, and the dad got suspicious, because it had to do with the grass that little Pete ruined when he experimented on the lawn with a humidifier and a de-humidifier side by side one another to see what would happen. And, following "The Great Escape" the episode had the tunnel fall in on Pete when the neighbor turned on a flood of water that rushed onto the grass to ruin it. In the end, the dad and little Pete got bonded closer together as the dad learned that family closeness is far superior to punishment. This was a brilliant show. I mean, brilliant!

    The other episode was were Pete's dad faced off against Ellen's dad in a car race where Pete's dad used their station wagon, and Ellen's dad used a remote-control car with an action figure of Ellen's dad driving. What was great though, was that the Wrigley's stole the action figure and kept it at ransom, keeping it in their secret command control center in their basement, while the mom was forced to listen to polka and waltzes Ellen's dad transmitted out to Pete's mom's metal plate in her head. It was just so great!

    The other episode was the very first episode I saw of Pete and Pete. It was where the family faced off against another family in a trip to reach the Boulder Dam first with the highest stack of stuff on top of their car. It was to decide who would be the true "King of the Road" because the other family's car had a more accurate spelling of "King of the Road" and it made Pete's dad mad. In the end, if you remember, the Wrigleys won, because they had uncladded themselves in order to put it on top of the roof to get the highest stack of stuff, all topped off with one of Pete's action figures. One thing I forgot to mention that came to me as I wrote this was in the beginning of the trip, big Pete was talking about how he and little Pete thought if they had their arms out at the correct angle as the car was going a certain speed, they would take off into the air. That comment alone is worth thinking about for a long time, because it makes you think about your youth, and makes you think, "that would be so cool if that would ever happen." But then, the dad got kind of mad, so he tried to close the window, but little Pete had an override thingy that would make the windows do what they wanted. That was just too cool for words. I want to marry this show.
  • quridley9 February 2017
    The 1990s was a golden age for television. From Twin Peaks to The X-Files to The Larry Sanders, it was a decade where television grew up and broke barriers that film was afraid to touch. It was the culmination not only of the 20th century but the Millennium and there was an air of closure and looming revolution. We were in the dawn of a technological age of information and the dusk of a more spiritual and simpler understanding of our selves. The 90s brought a post-modernist and metaphysical color to the way we see and represent ourselves in media and entertainment. Not all TV programming was this awakened, adventurous and accepting of the future, but the children's network Nickelodeon was a surprising home of many next-level shows that appealed to adults and kids alike.

    The Adventures of Pete was Nickelodeon's crown jewel and is comparable to the best television shows in history.

    What P&P offered was a unique worldview and satirical but highly emotional tone that contextualized the transition from childhood to adulthood by revolving around the straining bond between two twin-like brothers who were only separated by their levels of maturity. This central relationship reflected the unconscious drama that was effecting the world (and still is) and united viewers of all ages. The show captured a nostalgia and fear of aging that is universally felt and only grows stronger as we reach death.

    These serious themes of existentialism, alienation, paranoia, delusions of grandeur and a quest for immortality played out in the lives of suburban youths who found epic spiritual dramas in the most mundane and absurd times and places. Yet viewers can relate to that massive pressure and frustration with being a child, powerless and yet full of potential. The brothers Pete were most often awakening to their place in the universe and making peace with being small and human rather than superheroes or godlike historical figures. The show was a great examination of the frail human ego and all of its pitfalls and triumphs. But it was so much more than a coming-of-age sitcom. It was an almost mythological analogy of the human spirit told from with a childlike innocence tempered by the brilliant temperament of its adult creators.

    The show lasted 3 short seasons and ended rather anticlimactically before the quality could take a major dip. This only enhances the simplistic poetry of the series as we never get to see the characters age or learn anything of their adult fates. Their universe ends and bleeds into our own. We take these characters, their stories and their lessons with us, which should be the ultimate goal of storytelling but is even more pronounced and delicately rendered in children's storytelling. The overwhelming success of Pete & Pete is proved in the sentimental reverence the show has amassed from an entire generation that tuned in. Its highly unlikely another show will recapture or top this one and so it will live on forever as the new classic that it is.
  • There are very few childhood relics that can withstand the test of time with me, but this show is one that is the most sacred and has held up to the expectations I hold now and even exceeds them. You've never really seen a show like it, it's one of those shows that come every decade but capture your attention because it has something you've never seen and it's style has been echoed in movies and TV shows like "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World", "Eureka", "Seinfeld", and "Community".

    The show has a rather strange yet colorful history. At first it started out as 1 or 2 min commerical shorts. When I watch them two things went on my mind. One, what the hell just happened and two this was the funniest and weirdest thing I've ever seen and I wanted more. Then the shorts turned into hour long TV specials which were ever better because there was more story. But despite these things I was waiting for them to make it into a TV show and my wait paid off in full.

    This show works on many levels, the music from Polaris is excellent and memorable, from the theme song which is one of my favorite TV theme songs ever down to the ongoing and end credit music, it's something I miss in most current shows. The storytelling style is excellent almost reads like a journal/comic book. The Physical humor is excellent some of the things the characters do are so absurd and out there which is why it's funny. But I most of all love the verbal humor it is hilarious due to some of the strange things they say and how much the dialog feed your imagination.

    But despite the show being a fantasy, it has no special effects and that was a good thing because this was a show that relied on story and characters and that was it's true strength because it was actually a deep coming of age tale where most of the weirdness and adventure is metaphor on our real world social dilemmas.

    I love the world of Wellsville that is created it's the kind of place I wouldn't mind visiting. What is seen is an alternate version of America where everything looks ordinary but isn't; from their unusual counter culture which consists of Time Vortexes, Hazardous Parts of the Road to make your shoes stick, bowling balls and slushy drinks loaded with bad karma, evil telephones that are cursed, and other things. I like the fact that there is a sense of familiarity to it from the neighborhood to the school, it looks like the kind of place I lived in as a kid, this gives the show a sense of relatiablity.

    But most importantly are the strange colorful characters that truly drive the show, not so much by their quarks but by their humanity. The two brothers Old Pete and Young Pete both are comic book heroes both are forced everyday to contend with evil while discovering more about themselves and trying to get though life alright. I like the chemistry between both of them I really believed in their bond together, and it's that bond that is their true strength in survival. But I also like how different both are from each other; Older Pete whom is more down to Earth and Young Pete (he's my favorite) is a tough as nails rebel. You can really relate and emphasize with both characters viewpoint on things because some of those things are things we've thought about as we gone though the motions whichever age we are or were at the time.

    And there are other characters like Ellen (as a kid I had a crush on this girl), she is sort of that girl next door some of us might of been friends with, like the chemistry between Old Pete and Her which does develop into something more. Artie the Strongest Man in the world whom physically doesn't look strong and doesn't even look the part for that manner. But his actions ring true to his words. Nona (Michelle Tracknburg, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer")whom is a sweet but rebellious girl whom always has a cast on her arm, really like the chemistry between Young Pete and her she was the perfect counter part to Young Pete as Ellen is to Old Pete. And finally Endless Mike he's one of my favorite fictional villains because he's fun, this guy is pretty much a butt head whose mission is to make everyone's life a living hell for no reason.

    This show had lots of memorable episodes which weren't afraid to be different each time which made each adventure feel unpredictable, dark, funny, but also simple tackle simple themes. Like "Dance Fever" which was about self evolution, it has the most bizarre but cool chase scene ever. "Yellow Fever" where Old Pete embrace his dark side, and my favorite episode "Day of the Dot" which was Old Pete and Ellen becoming more.

    The only bad thing about the show is that it never had a proper conclusion or even a Silver Scrren adaptation afterward it would of been a cool movie in Nick's line up. All in all Pete and Pete to me was probably one of the last great TV shows ever because like any outsider it had a warm heart and soul.

    Rating: 4 stars
  • JoeSmileyMan21 February 2004
    I have been been recently reading posts about the old Nick shows. I agree with everyone that the old Nickelodeon was SO much better than the crap they have now. So many great shows and cartoons such as Doug, Pete and Pete, the OLD Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, and Salute Your Shorts (just to name a few) are missed greatly. I personally think that if the Nickelodeon corporation were to produce a new nick station that showed nothing but old shows such as the ones mentioned before, they would achieve incredible success. The channel could include all of the old game shows, live action shows, cartoons, and even commericals. After watching what Nick is producing nowadays, I think it would be a wise choice on their part to produce such a channel. They could even give it a catchy name like "Retro Nick".

    Does anyone agree with me?
  • jmorledge30 October 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Endless Mike, were you EVER a kid?" "HA HA HA HA...NO!"

    IMDb bitching:

    >Your comment

    >does not contain enough lines - the minimum length for comments is

    10 (*TEN*)

    >lines of text. Please see the guidelines. Attempts to pad the comment

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    No merde? Because of this ridiculousness, if I said IMDb changed from "profiteering" to "anal sex"...will IMDb invoke some crazy "sodomy" law to make sure "The Godfather" is Numero Uno on the Very Disturbed 250 list?

    IMDb just doesn't get the Petes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What if Pete & Pete had their own families? This is nostalgia factor so dont screw it up! You do and there will be consequences young man. No fireworks for you, yes siree bob!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I actually like this much better than I did as a kid when it's deeper more emotional themes and sharply intelligent moments and witty offbeat quirky nuances kind of went over my head for the most part, as well as the easygoing moral and life lessons that were carefully played out for the young audience, but never in a patronising or dumbed-down way, and they never spelled it out for you either, they just let those special rich moments speak for themselves, that was an extreme rarity from a kids show and still is.. I now love how it's a show that could easily be so poignant, funny or bizarre from moment to moment and brilliant juggled all the randomness and varying tones together to create something that was pretty unique, and I think it might have actually got even better with age. My favourite episode would have to be "Hard Days Pete", I thought the idea of the story was fantastic and was beautifully realised, and it was so joyously uplifting and rockin' at the end, and although it's a song that little Pete is desperately looking for in the story, I think the theme of doing almost anything to find a lost feeling or time again is something that's pretty universally relatable to anybody. I didn't think that every last single episode was great, in fact I thought the third season where things seemed to become a bit too kid-oriented and overly-focused on little Pete and his adventures with the extremely annoying Nona, was a slight step in the wrong direction. It wasn't a perfect show but thanks to episodes like "Day of the Dot", which wonderfully brings home a strong nostalgic feeling of the precious moment of youth, "X=Why?", and "Yellow Fever", which brilliantly and hilariously showcases the madness of Bus Driver Stu in one awesomely surreal bus ride, I know that it was definitely a show with something special about it, and I can definitely see why the kids of my generation reacted so strongly to it and love it to this day. I really liked Michael C. Maronna and Danny Tamborelli, both actors were great in very different ways, Maronna had a fantastic voice for the narrations that alone added a lot to the series, what would it have been without his cool words of wisdom, or his relationship with Ellen which was genuinely sweet and I loved that the two of them never actually took their friendship any further and were smart enough to realise that for the moment they were better together as friends. Little Pete was also really good, he was such a cool badass little rebel without to me ever coming off as a brat, and he had a really sharp beyond his years quality about him. I loved all his little swears that weren't really swears but sure sounded very close to them! Both guys had an easy chemistry together that really did make them feel like brothers, and in some short skits that the two have appeared in together in recent years, they've never lost that vibe together, which I find quite amazing. A lot of the time I thought some of the side characters stole the show, I really loved the very handsome Damian Young as the painfully heartbroken and manic busdriver who I thought made every episode he appeared in better. I also liked Rick Gomez a lot as Endless Mike, he always livened things up a lot in his appearances and was just a little too interesting to be classified as a one-dimensional bully - and he was also dead cute! This will make me unpopular but I must say that even as a little kid I never cared for or even got the character of Artie, he just seemed to be too bizarre and cartoony a character for me, a bit too much.. They certainly gave him a fine send off though, as well as quite possibly the best and toughest lesson of the whole show, sometimes as kids we do have to say goodbye to our friends but it doesn't always have to be forever and they're never really gone as long as we remember them. This great series, of two brothers, each in his own way uncovering the great mysteries and adventures of life and meeting a lot of really weird and interesting people while doing it, was one of the most brilliantly-written shows for younger people ever made and you just don't get ones like it anymore, it came from a time when children's programming networks weren't afraid to take chances and try something new and you can feel that creative freedom in every episode. It got in, was funny, entertaining, was much deeper and smarter than it seemed on the surface, it was around long enough to make it's young fans love and remember it, and it got out before it lost its magic or overstayed its welcome. It didn't always do everything right but it didn't need to, it had its sweet heart in the right place and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Classic nostalgia magic. X
  • I think I remember watching this on live TV as a baby but only remember bits and pieces of it though. Wasn't until I saw it mentioned on the Nostalgia Critic's review of the NickComs I remembered it. Then I started watching bits of it on youtube because that's how they posted it I think. Also I got the first two seasons one Christmas and I heard there's another season but couldn't find it on amazon.

    Anyway I heard this show started out as a bunch of shorts and then they made it into a show. It seems weird but not too weird to the point where it isn't relatable or bad. It also had both the overblown issues and views of kids and teenagers too which made it more relateable. It was also one the of the best shows they ever had at the time. Maybe even one of the the greatest they ever had. Had a lot of funny setups and good writing as well.

    You can see this also on youtube in snippets just to see how amazing it is. I think they made 3 seasons and the final one might be on youtube probably because the DVD's didn't get many sales.
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