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  • I grew up watching Boy Meets World. It has always been my favorite show. They talked about everything from a child's perspective to a teenager's perspective to an adult's perspective. The relationships and problems

    that faced Cory and Topanga, Cory and Shawn, and the whole bunch face everyday teenagers today. It is completely understandable, and can always make you smile. I hope it continues to air on ABC and Disney Channel. It is an inspiration to children. Boy Meets World shows all of the hardships that children can have. From Shawn's parents splitting up to his dad dying. They show the progression to a wonderful relationship between Cory and Topanga. Some episodes can make you laugh and some can make you cry. It is like a Friends episode for children. It is a wonderful story of friendships, relationships, and life.
  • This show was great! it was heartfelt and made us feel good about ourselves. This show took us back to our youth. When we were the boys meeting the world. When we were facing life and wondered how the world would put us in a situation that was ironically impossible. This show took the impossible situation and turned it into the fun we had if we had thought about the "OH YEAH!" factor before hand. This show was for us all. It made us feel good about ourselves and our remembrance of our youth. This show was for us all, and we loved it! This show is one that will live on after its cancellation. our children will watch it and our children will love it. Admit it, who didn't shed a tear when it was over?
  • I don't know why, but for some reason, Disney is getting rid of their best shows and putting in new ones that are pointless to watch (ie: "Brandy and Mr. Whiskers"). But "Boy Meets World" is one of the good ones, unfortunately being pushed off to a later and later time.

    This show is good for a number of reasons. The actors are hilarious, all portraying very different and very real characters. Cory's brother, Eric, is my favorite, because every show needs a little slapstick humor.

    The story line is fabulous. Unlike other shows that portray sappy, stereotypical teenagers doing things no one in real life would ever do,(See "Lizzie McGuire") this show contains humor and drama held together with definite realism. The show deals with a lot of the things that teenagers go through, while making it still entertaining to watch.

    I love this show, and personally don't tire of it. It is great for all ages. The younger shows have more humor and are better for younger children, while the older ones contain more drama and are great for teens to watch. I personally like both, and sometimes my dad watches with me.

    Overall, this is a great show, and should not be kicked off the air.
  • Boy Meets World is a show that reminds me a lot of NBC's 'Friends,' except for teens and younger children. Ben Savage leads the show as the character Cory Matthews. BMW shows the hardships of life from a young kid, a teen, a young adult, and finally, an adult. The show does a great job of adding humor in a lot of aspects of the show. As Cory goes on, you can see that he is maturing with time. I grew up with Cory, and he shows how hard it can be. The show does a good job of developing Cory, giving him the girl of his dreams, a loyal friend, a caring family, and a teacher/principal who has always been at his side. The show has everything that makes a good sitcom, comedy, drama, romance, and the occasional deep trouble that every teen gets in. BMW ended 5 years ago, but it is still one of the most watched shows on TV on the Disney Channel and ABC Family.

    It's just so much fun to watch this show, and watch the characters develop so well. It's just a shame that none of the actors from the show besides Rider Strong and Will Friedle have gone on to bigger and better things. Look for Ben Savage to star in a movie next year, that's looking very good.

    9.5/10 --spy
  • "Boy Meets World", I grew up with this show. I will always admit without a doubt that this show made me laugh and cry. It dealt with real issues like sex, first days of high school and college, drugs, not fitting in, etc. Most of the problems that go into a normal teenager's life. As the show grew more and more, Erik's character changed drastically. He went from just a smooth talking womanizer to a retarded heart warmer. Mr. Feeny, it seemed like he followed these 3 students everywhere they went. Like in the last episode even Shawn says "You haven't talked to another student in 7 years!" Great line, because it was so true. But I would never turn down this show because it does have great laughs. Every season brings something special to it. I would recommend removing the flaws and you find a great show.
  • Sometimes the lessons we learn about life when we are growing up are forgotten when we become adults; this show helps to remind us of what we learned. It is a bit campy, but that is half of the fun of the show. The characters are people that we all knew at some point in our lives, but the bond that they share is not something that we can all say that we have. If you are searching for 30 minutes of campy fun, and a chance to look back on your adolescence then this is the show for you.
  • As a 43 year-old, English teacher, I must admit "Boy Meets World" has some of the most intricate scripts I have ever seen in teenage shows. I sometimes ask my students to view the day's episode at home and come back ready to discuss theme, plot, character, etc. Some students admit to liking the show after a few viewings. Once they understand each character and the force that drives him/her, the show pretty much seems to flow and attract the students.

    Oh, yes, I am also addicted to it. I only wish I had followed it through its regular seasons. Watching the re-runs on the Disney Channel is not all that good. They skip episodes and repeat others too often.
  • "Boy Meets World" and "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" were the best TGIF shows. My friends and I used to get together every Friday night to watch these shows and they always gave us good laughs.

    "Boy Meets World" told the story of Cory Matthews, his friends, and family. Through the series they got older and more mature. My favorite episode was "The Honeymoon is Over". The best scene was when Cory and Topanga bump into the little kid in the hallway. That was hilarious. I also liked the episodes "Sixteen Candles and Four-Hundred-Pound Men" and "Stormy Weather".

    I really enjoyed this show because it was original and realistic. I heard TGIF came back with new shows, but it's not the same. I give this show 10/10 stars.
  • Boy Meets World is a great show. The first show is as good as the last. It is perfect for the whole family. There is no need to worry about swearing, nudity, drugs, or anything like that. Kids can enjoy it. There are characters that everyone can fall in love with. It is hilarious but still covers real issues like bullying, relationships, and other things that children and teenagers may face.

    For those who haven't seen the show, these are some of the best/main characters: Cory- whinny and annoying, but a good guy with a great life; Sean- Cory's best friend, rough around the edges, but a great friend; Topanga- Cory's girlfriend, Smart, weird (in the beginning); Eric- Cory's brother, extremely funny, kind of like Joey from friends; Matt- Sean's half brother, good looking, rich, smart; Mr. Feeny- Cory, Sean, and Topanga's teacher from the first season throughout high school to the last season, gives great advice; Angela- Sean's girlfriend in high school and college.

    With this much of a variety in personalities, this show has a character everyone in the family can enjoy.
  • Bruno_Alves_9019 August 2014
    Simply Put, Boy Meets World is one of the most well made shows of its genre. The Show has endearing Characters, Great acting,lots of comedy drama and real life situations you can relate to or went through throughout The characters age throughout the show ( pre-teen to adulthood ). There is also enough variety throughout the season to keep you hooked until the very end, which will leave you wanting to keep on watching even after the final episode. Fortunately, you can, now that the sequel has been released. Girl Meets world is a Sequel to this series and worth watching as of now ( 7 episodes so far) if you do love Boy Meets World.
  • I liked "Boy Meets World" very much. When I started watching it, I didn't like it so much. The first season, when Cory was still a little kid I didn't like so much. But when he grows older, "Boy Meets World" gets better. You see how Cory (the main character) and his best friend Shawn live their lives, how they deal with problems typical for their age, how they behave, their relation with their teacher Mr. Feeny. This is a very good series that is at some moments very funny, at some moments very moving. This is a series that will certainly touch your heart. The acting is very good, and the music is very good, especially combined with the emotional scenes! Some episodes are excellent, some may be a bit less, but in general this is an excellent series that I recommend to everyone!
  • yaileenmm15 June 2006
    I love this series. I've watched it like 10 time entirely from beginning to end, and I still do. This it the type of series that still makes me laugh even though I've watched it so many times. I still cry at the last episode. This is the type of series which you ask yourself why did it have to end. It is great. You really get to see how the love between friends get bigger and how the love between a couple matures. I think the reason this series is so great is because not only is it about comedy it is also about love, family, drama, and hope. Almost everything you can expect from any series you can find it in this one. For those who haven't seen this series I advice you to see it cause I know you wont regret it. They give it in ABC Family every day except on week ends. See it! You wont regret it.
  • I hadn't started watching the show until it aired on Disney Channel! The moment me my sisters and brother saw the first show we were hooked. We loved it! How it made us laugh and see how our future could be. The episodes were so funny and always had a point. Sometimes it made us cry like when Cory and Shawn got into fights, Alan and Amy's newborn son couldn't come home cause something was wrong with him, and when Shawn's mom ran away. We were totally heart broken when we saw the very last episode. I wish it would have never ended. I had always looked forward to an episode that I had never seen. It always brought a conversation to school. Sometimes we even related to an episode such as breaking up, sex, and losing friends in fights. I still watch all the re runs and love them every time!
  • This show is so good. There are really people like this but no one will admit it. Cory is so funny and so strong willed. He will not admit defeat and he never stops trying. He is the best friend and boyfriend that anyone could have. He always had faith in his relationship with Topango. He KNEW that they were meant to be together. He always stood by Shawn, even during his wedding vows. Eric just made it all funny. Cory is the greatest. I wish Feeny was a real teacher. He could teach my son all about everything.
  • Well where do i begin to tell you what a excellent show Boy Meets World is. For those of you who have never seen it, this "kids" show may come across as cheesy unimaginative rubbish and i am not denying that it has had it's moments on all counts but on the whole, Boy Meets World is a funny, well-acted sitcom that can be enjoyed by all.

    I, myself, am 23 and i still watch it as i have done since the beginning. We have seen these kids develop into adults and have had to face difficult challenges in their life for example death of a parent, first love, divorce of parents, pregnancy scares etc which has all been dealt with in a very mature way.

    My favourite character Shawn Hunter has had it particularly rough and the way Rider Strong portrays the character is incredible - he should go far in the movie business. However all the other actors are capable, i mean i am not afraid to say that i cried when Topanga and Cory got married, i laughed at Eric's ridiculous stupidity and admired the closeness of the group that has brought the whole show together. Unfortunately they are no longer making Boy Meets World, but with all the re-runs i am sure that we will be able to re-live the moments of Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Eric for many years to come.
  • I only saw this show for the first time about a year ago. But since then I have been hooked on the strange antics of Cory and Shawn, Eric's hilarious wisdom and Topanga's charming smile.

    Ben Savage is perfect for the part of Cory, Rider Strong brilliant as the complex, philosophic Shawn Hunter. The beautiful Danielle Fishel is good-as-can-be in her part as the soft, tender Topanga. William Daniels does not only act the part of Mr. Feeny very well, he does even look the wise, life-trained Mr. Feeny. But the real treat of the show is Will Friedle. He's hilarious the eccentric,half-mad, energetic Eric. I can't even imagine a better choice for the role. Two thumbs up to the casting directors!

    "Boy meets World" is a great show with lots of valuble, positive life lessons to learn. It just comes to show you that even though this world is obsessed with drugs and sex, leading a positive, productive life can be very rewarding. I give this show two thumbs up!
  • "Boy Meets World" was one of my favorite shows when it was on the air, and I still catch an episode or two on Disney when I can. Arguably, "Boy Meets World" was the last Good show from the TGIF years. It took the first few seasons for the chemistry to work together, but after a few years, the writing, directing and Acting on this series made it one of the most entertaining family shows of recent years; Powered by well-written and genuinely funny characters as well as an excellent cast, "Boy Meets World" certainly tops my list of best sit-coms.
  • I think that Boy Meets World is a funny and entertaining show. The characters are very likable and down-to-earth people in and out of their roles. It was a very good series. It all-most makes you want them to make a movie, like a sequel to the show. That would be cool.
  • I think this show was a good show. One of the best shows ever and really looking forward to all seasons coming out on DVD. for those who don't like it are missing a lot of things and shouldn't watch if it they don't like it. I recommend this show to anyone who likes these kind of shows. It has great characters and the acting is very good. If this show were to continue, but with new actors, it wouldn't be the same, but all of us fans wish it did continue. We all hope there will be a reunion sometime and hope everyone from the cats will be apart of it. Enjoy the reruns on ABC Family while they are on because we may never know when this show may not run in reruns, but be happy that all 7 seasons will be out. :)
  • angelkitten1123 December 2004
    i love this series i think it was really great because it helped a lot of people i know get through a lot of hard times and it gave some people i know the will to try new things and it helped answer a lot of questions people had you get to watch a boy from his elementary years until he is grown and he moves away and you feel like you know him you watch his friends grow up with him and they learn together and get through hard times together you watch his whole life his teachers, mentors, family, and friends and i know a lot of people who can relate to this show and what happens in it i happen to be one of them bottom line I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!
  • I also watched Boy Meets World while i was growing up and for the most part it was entertaining, heart warming and fun.

    Cory was funny when he was younger but he seemed to lose the fun as he got older, i know he went to uni and had commitments etc. but it's a kids show and he grew up just a little 'too' much, on the verge of fuddy duddy, whilst Shawn was all over the place, amazing their friendship even survived such differences.

    Topanga was more interesting at the beginning too; she was kooky and eccentric but by the end all she cared about was marriage and babies (it seems that's what they think all girls think about when they hit 18)

    Eric meanwhile grew considerably dumber and the parents were awful with their sugar coated advice and mr. Feeny's life lessons were just stomach turning.

    Cory and Topanga ended up not going a second without professing their love for each other and saying things like 'we've loved each other since we were three years old' Yeah right, he never seemed that fond of her at age 11 when it began, it ended up so sickly sweet and the drama often so depressing that it was hard to even call it a kid's comedy anymore.

    Good early on, Eric one of the best back then, and really liked Minkis but the later series were hard to watch for fear of bringing up your breakfast.
  • Boy Meets World...Funny? Drama? Family? You might wonder what it is, Don't you??? Ah ha!! Well that is the great thing about it! Sometimes Eric is a Dope (funny like) Or sometimes he is serious like the one where Cory wants to be buds instead of talking and Eric wants to be talking instead of buds! Sometimes Cory is Funny Sometimes he is love like! You get the picture? It always keeps you guessing! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! Boy Meets World. Not to get off topic but I love Full House just as much! It is Comedy/Not really Drama/Family. Boy Meets World (BMW) Is one of the better shows. Like many know, BMW was on an ABC Line-up. Well I am not on top of whether it is on ABC or not but I ALWAYS Watch it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT on Disney Channel (exceptions of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) I stay up till 10:30 Every night Mon-Thur to watch this 30 min. sitcom. Don't you just LOVE little Morgan in the older episodes? I especially love the Feeny call! But it is just that darn Minkus! He is an original! Even If Stevie Speildberg tried, he couldn't make anything like Boy Meets World. But the one thing that always strikes my eye is the one where Cory, Eric, Shawn, Topanga, and all the crew head to leave to New York for Topanga's college. Now Boy Meets World... EVERYONE should like!
  • The mere fact that Corey and Topanga have not had sex yet proves that there are still SOME values left in American television. Added to the mix are some VERY talented acting makes this show one of the best ABC has to offer.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Boy Meets World" is a great show! Unfortunately they went the "Saved by the Bell," route and detailed "the college years." The first couple seasons of "BMW" are lightning in a bottle. It's funny, charming, clever, AND you get your moral lesson of the day with each episode. The series was character driven and it was very entertaining! You had the relatable Cory Matthews, a class clown type who at the end of the day was a good kid. Sean Hunter, the ladies man kid with family problems, and Topanga Lawrence, who was just an oddball. Supporting cast included Cory's family, his brother Eric (a suave ladies man), and Mr. Feenie, a tough but fair teacher who also doubles as Cory's neighbor. The writing combined with these quirky characters really made for a funny show. The scenarios were hilarious and heartwarming without being overly ambitious. The show knew its shortcomings (some gaping plot holes and missing characters.) In my opinion, the show was good until the senior year of high school which is when the show shifted its paradigm from fun adventures and mishaps of high school kids to being a mushy show all about "feelings." Don't get me wrong, there were still plenty of mishaps and fun scenarios, but the show became way too dramatic.

    I know the show needed drama and MORE characterization to occur, but they really overdid it. Here's what I think sunk the show.

    Characters CHANGED and not in a good way. Cory went from a mischievous, good willed teen to an overly sensitive, neurotic, emasculated, and plain annoying "boyfriend." His character had probably the worst fall of them all. Eric became a straight up retard. Forreal. He used to be the suave ladies man who though not the brightest bulb in the shed was at least somewhat intelligible. In the college years he becomes a raving lunatic who likes to cross dress. Nuff said. Sean Hunter becomes an emotional sap who always wants to talk about "feelings." His relationship with his girlfriend, Angela, becomes the focal point of a number of episodes (beginning senior year of high school) and it's just awful. It's basically just them breaking up and getting back together OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. It gets so old. Mr. Feenie remains pretty much the same and is actually one of the few enjoyable aspects of the later episodes...I just find it weird that he happens to follow Cory and Sean wherever they go in the sense that he basically teaches them every academic step of the way. Kinda odd. Another big change is Topanga. She went from being a "new age," hippy kind of girl with a genuinely interesting personality to just a plain jane. She pretty much loses all the interesting aspects of her character and just becomes "Cory's girlfriend." No depth in her character.

    The plot lines also become less and less interesting with every episode after the high school seasons to the point where you question why you are even still watching the show. Plot lines revolve on Cory and Topanga choosing furniture for their apartment, Eric cross dressing, Sean losing his father to an illness, and most dreadfully, Sean talking to his on again off again GF "Angela." Seriously, it's a yawnfest.

    I feel like I am harping on the negatives too much in this review. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but I couldn't help but lose interest in the college years. I've seen every episode probably 2 or 3 times so I feel like I have enough...experience to be able to comment on it. I didn't go as in depth as I would have liked to, but I feel I covered the basics of the show and its problems.

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