[a gang member is offering John a service]

Iceman: For a certain price the Iceman can provide you with... protection

John: Really? How much to have you provide... ice?

Iceman: Now listen, man

John: No! You listen! I have a party in two hours and I need a thousand cubes and a couple of blocks. Can you help me or not?

Tony Hemingway: [points to a sign on John's wall that reads: "This is a Dark Ride"] I heard about this.

John: Yeah. From the carnival. A pretty fair description of life too, I think.

Officer Eve Eggers: Nobody gets me.

[Mahalia and Catherine are wearing matching red dresses]

John: You two look like the Linda Ronstadt "Then and Now" album cover.

Unknown singer: [played while Dexter drive John] Kill whitey! kill whitey!

John: What's the name of the song?

Dexter Walker: "Justice".

Dexter Walker: [Cop pulls car over. Dexter quickly turns music off, then turns to face cop at the driver's window] Evenin', officer.

Unknown singer: [John reaches over and turns music back on] Kill whitey! kill whitey!

John: [as he is about to have a drink with his new neighbor Carly] Cheers.

Carly Watkins: Seinfeld.