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  • The fact that I still remember this after ten years is a testament to its quality. Little gems like this always get lost in the confusion of TV board room decisions, I suppose. The plot was unique and interesting. In fact, I always thought of Key West (the island) a little more fondly after seeing this series. Quirky and charming, this short lived, thoughtful comedy had much to give to television and was robbed of its potential. Combining sunshine, humor and free thinking as always something worth watching. Ah well, quality television is now all but completely restricted to channels that you must pay for. Obviously, interesting adventures such as this could never survive on broadcast television.
  • My little sister and I didn't know what was different about Key West, but we watched it faithfully, and were mightily disgruntled when it disappeared without apology. The characters, the colors, the dialogue, and some other unnameable thing made this show unforgettable. I'd say 'haunting,' but it wouldn't convey the quiet smile I find when I remember the way Jennifer Tilly said, "Seamus, Baby," when he had that awful fever, or the upbeat-but-not-sappy way the (kooky, but r e a l ) characters interacted. If someone knows where this is available on DVD, I know two nostalgic 20-somethings who'll buy it up in a minute flat.
  • Acolyte-24 September 2002
    When the Fox network was just starting out, they weren't afraid to take chances with unusual material and this is the best example. From the first episode, it was natural to see a resemblance to the contemporaneous "Northern Exposure" (1990), with Seamus as the fish-out-of water corresponding to Dr. Joel Fleischman. But then you hit Episode 3, "The Great Unknown", and you know things aren't going to be the same. This is the unlikeliest thing in the world: Magical Realism successfully translated to an American television program. It will probably never be accomplished again. This series richly deserves to be made available on tape or DVD.
  • Both my husband and I watched Key West with great pleasure...his might have had a lot to do with Jennifer Tilly, who was amazingly attractive in this series. Every character was perfect, the writing was great, the music was wonderful. Today, this series would be like "Scrubs"; a gem to be discovered and given time to catch on. If we had had any idea it would be cancelled so prematurely we would certainly taped every episode. One of my fondest wishes is to finally see a boxed set (videos or DVD) available. Is there anyone or any company that we might all contact to make that happen? Even better, rerunning the series on a cable that gives me hope. Thanks so much for giving me an opportunity to talk about this wonderful series.
  • This was one show which never got a fair break. It didn't stand a chance against "Rosanne" which at the time was one of the top rated shows on TV. TV Guide's reviewer hated it, and I wrote them a letter saying that he needed to get a pitcher full of margaritas and sit on a Key West pier and do some stargazing. Whether or not he did, who knows?

    Although the real Key West is not as simple a place as is was depicted in this series, they did a good job of capturing its magic. I taped all of the episodes and have about worn them out since 1993. (HEY FOX: HOW ABOUT PUTTING THE SHOW ON VIDEO!!!)

    Even after all this time I still wonder what Seamus,Cody,Gumbo, and all the rest are doing now. It is a true shame that the show never had a chance to continue. I particularly enjoyed the episode where Cole's father dropped out of the Bermuda Triangle after being missing for forty years. I always felt that this was the last one made (though not the last one shown) because Hunter Farmer vanished into the Triangle himself. I even wrote a story which explains what happened to him.

    Seamus O'Neill was someone I could identify with. Like him, I have dreamed from time to time of being a writer and moving to Key West. And like him, I work in a factory and hope for better things. This show was a wonderful escape from the hum-drum of the so-called "real" world -- something we all need from time to time.

    I wish Fox would at least rerun all of the episodes; if they gave it a good time slot, they may be surprised.
  • I like many of you loved the series Key West, but the Hurricane episode really touched me. BUT does anyone know who the guy was singing in that episode? He was Jamaican? maybe but sang a beautiful haunting song as the storm came.

    I watched that show religiously when it first aired. So far I cannot find the series on DVD or even find many people (except here) that remember that show. Jennifer Tilly was awesome. I have been to Key West and drank in the wonderful bars that Hemmingway drank in. I almost moved there once too.

    Thanks for any help with this song.
  • Grand21 November 2003
    Sebastian Knowlton's comments were right on the money: Fox, as usual, short-changed the fans of an innovative series and left us with nothing but fond memories. We never even got re-runs, so if we weren't recording it as it was broadcast, memories are all that's left.
  • Darguz12 November 2004
    Which is, unfortunately, mostly what succeeds on TV these days. Shows such as Key West are just too intelligent, and go over the head of Average Joe TV Viewer (or Average Joe TV Executive). With all the proliferation and specialization of TV channels these days, maybe some day we can have an "Intelligent TV Channel" where shows like these can flourish and those too dim to "get it" can just remove it from their channel rotation.

    Key West was smart, funny and *very* quirky. No fart jokes or pratfalls, which is probably why it didn't succeed; just a continuous, surreal humor. I didn't even mind that it starred the despicable Denise Crosby. It seemed fitting that she should not only end up in this loony bin, but be in charge of it.

    Any TV producers out there reading this -- there's an idea for you. Create an "Intelligent TV Channel", and give us shows like this, or Max Headroom, Brimstone, Cupid, etc. You could even call it that, as a dig at the mindless drivel that pours off the screen most of the time.
  • From what I remember of Key West, it was a great show. It was years ago that it was on TV, and I was quite upset when they decided to cancel the show. It would be great if they released it on DVD so more people could see this great show, but as they say "out of sight, out of mind"
  • It's been 8 years now, so much has been forgotten, but when this show was on, it was unlike anything else on, or ever seen. Some of the ideas presented made you think, but it was also a fun and entertaining show, like a very upbeat version of Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. Better yet,unlike sitcoms the actors had better things to do than argue with or take cheap shots at one another. What happened, was it too positive and upbeat for TV? A year after this show was terminated, X-Files caught on and was a success; a show that was similar to, but no better than Key West. This show would likely have been successful if it had been given an even chance (remember Star Trek, which first was shown in 1966 but didn't really catch on until 1968). Does anyone out there really know why this show was terminated so prematurely? In addition, is there anyone out there selling copies of this first class series on video cassettes or DVD? I've never been a big fan of TV shows, but when this one came on, I was hooked. It seemed all the more real as I just came back from a visit to Key West in February 1993. Since this show was terminated, my hours of TV viewing declined and haven't watched much since, except for news and the odd nature show. With less hours devoted to TV watching, I've found time for many other fun and exciting pursuits, including skydiving! One must consider that when good shows like Key West are canned and garbage shows like sitcoms or Survivor continue, network TV stations probably want to get us off the couch and outside. Maybe FOX TV is a major shareholder in Performance Design parachute manufacturers or Mountain Equipment Co-op (outdoor equipment sales)!
  • When Key West first aired, I was captivated from the first episode. The original characters and fun story line was truly appreciated. The show was my first introduction to Jennifer Tilly and I have enjoyed her work ever since but I still feel in my heart she will always be Savannah!

    If this ever becomes available on DVD, I would highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in original characters and inventive story telling. Although not terribly deep and meaningful, you really care about the people in this show. From the Sheriff and his unique way of dealing with minor local offenses to the bar owner and his uniquely Floridian pet you really feel like you would like to move to Key West. In fact, I feel that the real Key West may be a let down after watching this series. Fisher Stevens as Seamus comes across as the typical "everyman" following his dream and finding more.
  • noonbuffett16 February 2005
    I end up watching the same shows on directv over and over. Why can't there be an occasional episode of "Key West". Ahhhh! For the good old days! Well, since my PST has to be 10 lines - lets talk about Jeniffer Tilly. Maybe we should ask "Nick At Night" to have a "KeyWest" marathon. I would be glued to the TV! I any case, don't we get tired of paying the same old $60.00 and having to watch the same old shows. Do they just have us at their mercy or do we really have a voice. If Kinky Friedman gets elected governor of the Great State of Texas, I'll see if he can do anything about that! "They just don't make Jew's like Jesus, anymore!"
  • I watched this show religiously for the short time it was on Fox. It provided the same escapism as listening to Buffett. It came and went in 1993. I was 15. A couple years ago I got a complete VHS copy of the series (which I've subsequently digitized). I was excited to see it again and it still provided that tropical escape, but it proved far from the "ground-breaking" show I remember. The show is great for the few who loved it, but was clearly never destined to be a popular hit. From the story line to the characters, the entire show is gimmicky and tries way too hard. The show met a quick end, and deservedly so. That being said, I still watch the few episodes made quite frequently. A show doesn't need to be "ahead of its time" or "intelligent" or "innovative" to enjoy. Enjoy it just because you enjoy it. No excuses. Fox canceling the show probably saved it, preserved it, before they could add Ted McGinley to the cast just to boost ratings.
  • Wow, it's so good to read comments from people who liked this show! Hell, it's good to hear from other people who remember it. I can't find anyone who does. Are we the same folks who appreciated "Wonderfalls"? Jennifer Tilly was so wonderful in this and I can't seem to get anyone to believe that that bad guy from the X-Files played a hippie cop! I live in NYC and I'm going to the Museum of Television and Radio just so I can watch an old episode of "Key West". I haven't really looked yet but I'm going to assume that it's not available on DVD (or even VHS) . Isn't there some sort of "Criterion Collection" for canceled classics? If anyone recorded them, I'd love to get copies!
  • During the time this show aired, there were two other shows that appealed to those with a warped sense of drama and comedy, myself included. This show compared favorably with both "Northern Exposure" and "Going To Extremes". I was particularly thrilled with the setting of Key West. Having visited Key West, I could clearly envision the setting, but even for those who had never set foot in the Florida Keys, the show gave a wonderful vision to a unique place in America, not visited by most. I hope that all of these shows will eventually be available on DVD. I was particularly fond of the character Savannah played by actress Jennifer Tilly. Great show, kudos to all who participated in its production.
  • The characters were interesting, even if the original plot of the series was destroyed during the pilot. Too bad Fox couldn't keep it. I stopped watching TV after this was taken off the air. The last episode was one of the best.
  • ---"BUT does anyone know who the guy was singing in that episode? He was Jamaican? maybe but sang a beautiful haunting song as the storm came."--- I have never forgotten this show, especially the hurricane episode referenced above.

    That song was one of the most beautiful pieces of work I have ever heard and have tried many times to track down any information on it.

    Like everyone else here, here is to hoping for a DVD release of this gem.

    And please! If anyone knows anything about the song....msg me!!! Thank you
  • A short lived series which could have been a a wonderful story. The characters, while fictitious, were amalgums of many of the locals. It seemed to me, a citizen of Key West for, at that time three years, as if the characters were overly one dimensional..... but I did see traits of the characters in the locals. With a bit of nurturing, it could have been a good story. In short, I enjoyed this series, and wished it had had a longer life. (I am not sure but what I am the only person who remembers this show)

    The one thing that the series DID portray well, was the independence of the Florida Keys and the wide bredth of individuals who lived there.
  • Here we are 18 years after this show and I still remember it. A short run with fair success in its time slot. However, at the time, I think all comedy shows were judged to be either Seinfeld or "Not Seinfeld". I remember being shocked that Key West got dumped. It really was a smart show with a unique premise. I wonder if Fox just couldn't figure out what type of show it was. Since it had elements of comedy, romance, drama, it's possible that the show just slid through the cracks at Fox and right down the drain. I can't figure it out.

    For fans of Jennifer Tilly, this was Jen at her absolute sexiest. She played a southern belle turned hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold. Since then, Savannah has lived only in my memories.
  • As I sit here in Wisconsin 18 years later watching and listening to the heavy rain fall against my office window, I'm brought back to the hurricane episode of this fantastic show! How many times in our lives have we wanted to escape it our car into the ocean and follow our heart.....

    So sad that the powers that be never allowed this little diamond to reveal more of its magic. 18 years later and I can still pull up the emotion of this show. I cant say that about much over the years. I hope that someday this finds its way onto DVD.

    Funny thing is...I read a comment from someone who lived in Columbus Ohio at the same time my neighbors were privy to the "..oh...oh OH NO!!" emanating from my college apartment due to the interrupting baseball programming mid show... Please Fox...release this on video!
  • Key West, for too short a time was "appointment TV" for my family. I'd stop by Red Lobster and pick up a Party Tray for the night it was on. The irony of the situation was that I was working for a Fox Affiliate at the time, and every one at the station was incensed at them not renewing the show. Everyone in that cast was excellent. Fisher Stevens... perfect. Who couldn't fail to identify with an "everyman" who dreams of being a writer in Key West? Jennifer Tilly was always remarkable (and she is one HECK of a Texas Hold'em Player). You can still find the pilot episode on YouTube. Wish they'd post the Hurricane one. That episode alone, should have won an Emmy, as well as the rest of the cast.
  • Such a shame that this wonderful bright spot on the small screen had such talent in writers and actors, such wonderful scenery that was the ultimate escapism for those in a land locked, sun deprived state. Many of the actors went on to bigger things...another indicator that there was something wonderful sadly lost. I lived in Columbus, Ohio at the time, with all of my (now ex) husband's very large family in a chorus of 'NO NO!!' every time it would be yet again taken over by a baseball game broadcast.

    Someone who wrote here mentioned it was up against 'Rosanne'...all my ex and I noticed was that it was always always always preempted by BASEBALL!!!! Yes, FOX really wasted something wonderful that one and nothing will ever equal it~! Thank you for the memories of it.
  • I am right now watching "The Big Chill" on DVD. One of its actors is Meg Tilly. I looked it up on IMDb which led me to reading Meg's bio which mentioned and reminded me of Meg's sister Jennifer Tilly whose filmography included "Key West", which was one of my wife's and my favorite shows. I then read this entire thread of reviews.

    Wow, I really loved that show also and agree with all of the sentiments about the quirkiness and uniqueness of the characters and situations.

    As most everyone else, I wish it was on DVD or otherwise available.

    The last reviewer says he watches it on reruns so I wish I knew what network, channel, day, times it is on.

    So if anyone knows how we can watch episodes of "Key West", please let us know.
  • This series, while idealized and fictionalized, has the quirkiness, sultriness, and good-heartedness that does come from living on an island.

    I lived in an out of the way part of Hawaii for a few years and found some hilarious, quirky, and fun people in some remote (non-tourist) areas.

    Every time I see the reruns of this series, I fondly compare my memories of experiences in out-of-the-way parts of Hawaii with the memories portrayed and fictionalized in Key West.

    This series is not reality television. I hate reality television.

    It is from the era when people still wrote creative TV shows. Give me a "young writer" who takes their inspiration from the "angels in the spray, wizards in the palm trees and elves in the seashells" any day.
  • We all seem to be in agreement. It was an excellent show and let die way before it's time. I've decided that if I really enjoy a show, it's often the kiss of death. I love the quirky, ensemble cast shows, and a great setting always helps. I really expected to see a lot of these stars in other television productions, but short of Mariska Hagartay who played Fisher Stephens crazy girlfriend, I've not seen many of them except in occasional cameo roles. What a shame.

    Key West, Northern Exposure, Gilmore Girls, and Veronica Mars... all great shows, all sadly gone before their time.

    Hear us, loud and clear, we want Key West on DVD..... please.
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