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  • Bolesroor18 September 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'll start with the history since no one else did. Marilyn Kentz & Caryl Kristensen were two comediennes who performed together. Part of their routine on-stage was to do a piece called "The Mommies" in which they would portray two women folding clothes at a table and complaining about their husbands and children. Not my cup of tea but it was cute... clearly they were better writing jokes in a dialogue than in stand-up monologue style, and as two actual mothers they certainly drew from real-life experience. Enter Hollywood.

    Let's turn "The Mommies" into a network sitcom! On stage it was funny to hear about the nuisance of invisible children and complaints about off-screen husbands... on a TV show you have to actually cast real people to play these roles. Suddenly Dad 'n the brats are human, sympathetic characters and the jokes about them become mean-spirited and the women become b- how do I say this nicely? Mean women.

    They still did a segment every episode in which they folded laundry and traded one-liners... but now they were just miserable whining pigs. The jokes had become bitter complaints and their once-weary persona was now downright hostile. Clearly something was lost in development. The show started out nasty and never got on track. I remember comedians and friends at the time making jokes about "The Mommies," always with the implication that it was the type of show- and they the type of women- that would send men screaming in the opposite direction.

    They weren't wrong.

    GRADE: D-
  • dlewis-1013 September 2001
    A forgettable series, based upon the lives of two 'moms'. They have obnoxious kids, caring yet insensitive husbands, and are supposed to be funny. Little is memorable in this show, and I was surprised to see it last beyond 1 season. Some sit-coms have still-born ideas - this was one of them.
  • Over the years, there have been numerous bad television shows churned out by Hollywood, but few have ever reached the depths of this little piece of work. This is a show that makes "Mr. T and Tina," "Supertrain" and "Manimal" look good. Why any network would give a show to these two women was unfathomable. Of course, it wasn't their fault entirely. Lucille Ball and Mary Tyler Moore couldn't have make this show work, the writing was so bad. The producers attempted to improve the show by bringing in Julia Duffy and Jere Burns, but their talents weren't enough to bring this show up to par.

    Unfortunately, the show isn't even bad enough to be enjoyable watching, a la "Plan Nine From Outer Space." Thankfully, you won't be seeing this show in syndication.
  • jmorri028 February 2004
    I liked this show when it came out. I used to watch this with my family all the time. The 2nd season, sadly, failed to revive the show, but it was like a completely different show in Season 2, only the same characters. Season 1 was definitely better!