Ben Montour: [drunkenly shouting] Run, run, as fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'm an Indian man!

[whacks his head on a telephone pole and gets knocked out]

Trevor 'Teevee' Tenia: [Reoccurring line] Screw you!

Rosie Deela: I hear you're doing Albert Golo.

Sarah Birkett: EVERYBODY knows that! At least I don't stink.

Elsie Tsa Che: [horrified] The wind blew the roof off Sandra's outhouse again! She was IN IT!

Sarah Birkett: I'm the First Lady of Lynx River!

Gerry Kisilenko: [Referring to Joe's outhouse] C'mon, Rosie. I'll bet the two of us can take apart this thing...

Rosie Deela: Gerry...

Joe Gomba: You're gonna tip it!

Rosie Deela: Uh, Gerry...

Joe Gomba: [cocks gun and fires once into the air] Hey. Don't touch my shithouse!

Gerry Kisilenko: Hey, you wanna talk about what's unfair? Ever hear of the Ukrainian Famine? Eight million people starved to death... what do you think of that?

Rosie Deela: ...It stinks.

Gerry Kisilenko: [crying] You're goddamned RIGHT it stinks!

Leon Deela: You! Get that thing off my property, or I'll bust your face!

Cpl. Brian Fletcher: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Back off! What thing?

Leon Deela: [Referring to a wooden raven statue] That bloody raven! He put it in front of the toilet and Lisa wouldn't go in there... and she peed her pants.

Rosie Deela: You creep!

George Small Boat: Maybe it just flew over! Maybe it LIKES you!

Cpl. Brian Fletcher: I thought Sam had it!

Daniel Deela: Didn't want it. He gave it to Michael Claybank! His wife got the flu.

Elsie Tsa Che: [while watching a talk show on TV] There's this man who married a woman... but she used to be a man, before the operation. He was his best friend.

Leon Deela: [Leon has cheated on Rosie and Gerry knows] You've just been waiting to tell Rosie, haven't you? You wanna move in and break us up...

Gerry Kisilenko: Just shut up!... I'm not going to tell Rosie... I wouldn't hurt her like that... because she loves you.

[laughing bitterly]

Gerry Kisilenko: God knows why.

Maria Angelica Sangalli: I've decided to invest here in Lynx River... for the politically-correct furs!

Albert Golo: [to Sarah] There's a lot that I don't care about... but I do care about you.

Joey Small Boat: I'm going out into the bush.

Trevor 'Teevee' Tenia: I thought you were getting enough over at Birtha's!

Gerry Kisilenko: [Drunk, having a nervous breakdown] ... Poor Gerry, eh? They took his house... his money... you win, alright? How does it feel to be a winner?

[holds onto his gun while taking a swig of vodka]

Michelle Kenidi: Who stole this boombox?

Hannah Kenidi: [boldly] I DID!... So? Arrest me, Mountie!

Eric Olsen: Tell me something... all this talk about self-governance and self-respect, but you've gotta line up for five bucks and a handshake?

Peter Kenidi: See, pal... lllooonnnggg time ago, your people and my people, we made this deal...

Eric Olsen: Hey, I got the Treaty Day lecture from Headquarters.

Peter Kenidi: Yeah, but not from me. See, Treaty 11 states that we share our land with you guys, and you cover health and education services. The five bucks and the handshake? That's just so no one forgets it! A deal's a deal.

Sarah Birkett: I just feel... completely explosive!

Michelle Kenidi: Small towns are like that.

Gerry Kisilenko: [after telling Rosie about his high school girlfriend who moved to Israel] My heart never burned for anyone like that again... I wouldn't let it!... Until I met you.

[Rosie leans forward and kisses Gerry]

Gerry Kisilenko: ... Thank you.

[touches his face]

Gerry Kisilenko: That's a memory I can take with me.

Eric Olsen: Loneliness is scary, so we make mistakes.

Sarah Birkett: Loneliness is safe.

Eric Olsen: Yeah, for a while... then it gets dangerous. Don't do it, Sarah.

Sarah Birkett: [to Albert Golo] Where are you off to so early in the morning?

[Albert learns forward to kiss Sarah, but recoils as a belching sound arises from somewhere in the room]

Nathan Golo: Oh man! Sounds like my LUNGS were coming up!

Suzie Muskrat: You're a pain in the ass, you know that?

Charlie Muskrat: So are you!

Sarah Birkett: [Leon is sanding a wooden door noisily] Leon, do you HAVE to do that now?

Leon Deela: Hey, this is the bathroom door!

Andrew One Sky: Gerry's at Rosie's.

Michelle Kenidi: [horrified] Where's Leon?

Andrew One Sky: With Rosie, I hope!

Willy Tsa Che: I took care of my wife when she was sick.

Nevada: Where is she now?

Willy Tsa Che: ...She died. But we still keep in touch.

Ben Montour: I had a friend in Toronto who died of AIDS. He was a dancer... I kissed him goodbye, I wiped away his tears... so, I suppose you don't want to sell me this chainsaw oil?

Albert Golo: I'm just a sick old man... say it.

[kicks Nathan down in the snow]

Albert Golo: SAY IT!

[kicks Nathan again]

Nathan Golo: AHHH! Sick old man! Sick old man!

Albert Golo: Ba-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Sick old man! SICK OLD MAN!

Sarah Birkett: I made you feel something! Or am I just flattering myself?

Albert Golo: ...You're just flattering yourself.

Hannah Kenidi: [referring to a graphic animal rights VHS tape she was shown] ... It was a lynx. He was crying! They choked him, so they wouldn't damage the fur. They choked him 'till his tongue swelled up... and then he died.

Michelle Kenidi: I know it's hard to understand... the lynx gives us his life so that we can get the things we need. That's why we respect the lynx.

Hannah Kenidi: You're Miss Perfect! Perfect cop, perfect mother... but I'm not perfect, and you're not, either! I just wanna be normal.

Mary Cook: You have a concussion from the explosion.

Gerry Kisilenko: [gasps in mock surprise] Really? I had NO idea!

Trevor 'Teevee' Tenia: You tell kids what they want to hear, not what you need to say!

Sarah Birkett: What's with you, anyway? You know, you're like popcorn without the butter!

Cpl. Brian Fletcher: [creeped out] Can you move away from me, please?

Wayne Deela: You know where I think Hannah is? I'll bet she's gone on a big adventure... and she's gonna come home and tell us all about it.

Joe Gomba: You want me to kill you.

Albert Golo: ...I don't want to suffer anymore.

Joe Gomba: And?... I don't owe you any favors.

Joey Small Boat: So, you're...?

Nevada: What, gay? Faggot? A queer? I'm alive, man... that's all it's ever been about since I was fourteen.

Ellen Kenidi: You can't rationalize the cost? This is a treatment center, not a sausage factory!