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  • I've been watching 'Peak Practice' for quite a while now and make it a point to never miss it. What I like most about this serial is its realistic and sensitive probing into the psyche of the doctors and the patients..It portrays life in all its ups and downs, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes cruel..The performances are first rate..Adrian Lukis is absolutely charming and Saskia Wickham is excellent as Errika Matthews, you can't help identifying with her character -she evokes a lot of empathy. What I like most about the serial is the balance the director has achieved in portraying life from both the doctor's and patient's perspective. The plight of the patients in each of the episodes is conveyed realistically. Though a tearjerker, 'Peak Practice' is one of the most touching serials I've seen..With it's beautiful country setting(the serial is set in Derbyshire) it makes a statement for the bitter-sweet life in a very English coutryside...but with stories that are universal and emotions common to all humanity... Check it out
  • I have been watching Peak Practice for several years now and is one of the better dramas of recent years. I was shocked and annoyed when the makers of this show, Carlton, decided to axe it after 9 years, despite it attracting 7 million viewers.

    This series, which is made in the same county as I live, is being axed as Carlton says they have ran out of storylines. A lot of different medical issues have been covered during its duration.

    The cast has changed several times over the years and the last series included Simon Sheperd, one of the original stars who had only just returned to the series after a few years' absence. This programme also made a star of Karl Davies who played landlord's son Nick Pullen. He now plays Robert Sugden in Emmerdale. Guest stars to have appeared include Keith Barren (The Land That Time Forgot, Duty Free), John Rhys Davies (The Living Daylights, Raiders of the Lost Ark) and Linda Baron (Open All Hours).

    I enjoyed watching this series and it will be greatly missed.

    Rating: 4 and a half stars out of 5.
  • Peak Practise is one of the most enjoyable tv series that is on ITV. It is easy to watch and very understandable. You can watch it with all the family and everyone will enjoy it. The writers do a great job with the character they make you feel like you know them all, you feel for the characters when their hurt or upset, you cry with them you laugh with them and most of all you can ralate to them and their problems. Peak Practise is set in such a lovely place it has great scenery that you'll fall in love with. As a true follower I can say watch this and you won't be sorry you did, whether your 18 or 38 theres something for everyone.
  • It saddens me that this lovely series was axed after 9 years, it was excellent, beautiful and heart warming. It had fantastic, well written and engaging story lines, clever and touching writing and sweet, relaxing music. It also had the advantage of being gorgeously filmed, the countryside of Derbyshire is absolutely beautiful and really added to Peak Practice's charm.

    Then it had consistently strong direction, and wonderful performances from a talented cast including Saskia Wickman, Simon Shepherd, Amanda Burton, Adrian Lukis, Karl Davies, Maggie O' Neill and Kevin Whately.

    Overall, a wonderful drama series, if anything it should have lasted longer. 10/10 Bethany Cox
  • I think that peak practice was one of Britain's finest dramas. It simply defines the beautiful countryside of Derbyshire. When this drama was stopped, it was a great sadness for everyone that had followed it through the twelve series that had being amazingly produced. It live in Derbyshire, about two miles from where peak practice was filmed and have many memories of the fantastic story lines. In my opinion this drama will be greatly missed by people of Derbyshire and people of Britain. With any luck peak practice may begin with another series. Although there are no more signs of a new series, people who enjoy the scenery,story lines and acting will just have to tune into the repeats.
  • lsjelma4 August 2020
    Horrible and disappointing finish to an otherwise wonderful series. Does no one ever find happiness in the Dales?
  • meghansilva19 September 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I liked this show. Except for the last episode. It made me so mad.
  • I watched Season 1-4, knowing ones lifetime is limited skipped to Season 12. The drama these people endure! Episode 12-12, the final episode was quite the shocker. Hilarious.