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  • Yes, we have seen this formula before (esp if your an Aussie), but who can resist the charms of this show? I loved to watch the trials and tribulations of the McGregors, knowing that generally everything turns out OK. Despite this, it is still believable, and I still enjoy watching the re-runs on the weekend. Give this show a go.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is one Australian series which stands the test of the years that have passed since it was made.

    The first two seasons focused on the lives of the McGregors and the Blackwoods. Both of these families owned large amounts of land and had considerable wealth and influence, however, Oliver Blackwood preferred to get his own way at any cost, whereas Matt would be there to help his fellow neighbour.

    Admittedly, the series lost a little of its charm at the end of season 2 with the departure of many key characters and actors including Oliver Blackwood who dies in the desert and Danni (Joelene) leaving the series to pursue other acting roles. Personally, Kristie Raymond didn't play the part of Danni as well, but this is probably because I was use to Joelene, the two actresses were too different for Kristie to be fully embraced by fans.

    The story lines though, while predictable in the good vs evil, did surprise the audience with broken marriage proposals, loss of wealth and death.

    This is the type of show I can watch with my family without worrying about sex, violence or language - which is a rare thing nowadays.
  • Portraying an image on TV that Banjo Paterson created with a pen all those a year ago on paper deserves applause. I once roamed the high country on horseback but now live in the city.

    It's hard to forget the Mystery and Beauty of the High Country Mountains but over the years the memories begin to fade. Fortunately I rediscovered the television series The Man from Snowy River: The McGregor Saga.

    My fiancé had never seen the show before and it's been many years since l had seen it when it aired on Television all those years ago. The show met my expectations as it did when when l was a kid, full of adventure and Dramas that inspired my imagination of what it would have been like in those days.

    Apart from that though, the show takes us both to a place that allows us to witness the trials and tribulations the McGregors go through to survive and the efforts they all put in for the preservation of their family, community and their way of life in the High Country.

    The romance of the bush and the town of Paterson's Ridge presents to us the type of supporting community I'd like to think still exist out there, unfortunately people like Matt and Kathleen are hard to find and if communities like Patersons Ridge still exist, l'd like to think l too would make the same efforts Matt and the Mcgregors make to help preserve the meaning of the word community and then add my name to the proud member board of that community.

    I think we could all learn a little something about morals and Christianity towards your fellow man Colin McGregor, "Matt's Reverend Son" tries to teach us and its just the kind of values our kids need to be exposed too.

    For my Fiancé and l, The McGregor Saga gives us an insight into what it means to be true to yourself and to help out those who need it. Its a- shame the show's over and there wasn't more seasons as we have finished watching all 4 and whats more disappointing, is that there isn't any show like it on Television anymore.
  • radz268210 August 2003
    This was a good family, which is rare. Except for a few episodes its the kind of show the whole family can watch without feeling embarrassed.

    I remember watching it years ago and loving it. Josh Lucas was quite obviously my favorite as well as Guy Pierce.

    My favorite character apart form Josh Lucas' was Danni McGregor and i was sorry there were not more episodes with her. After the first actress left, i found the new one to be a bit over the top and occasionally screechy and immature which was very different form the head-on- her-shoulders mature version played by the previous actress. Their portrayals of the same character made it seems like a completely new person and not even a very nice one. It definitely was not a Jessicas Bowman-Erika Flores situation (Dr Quinn Medicine Woman) where i liked both portrayals of Colleen equally. In this case I never warmed to the new actress.

    The series also got a bit stale after Josh Lucas' character's story was complete (which was the entire basis of most of the series) and his character was no longer on the show. After that it seemed to veer off track a lot. old characters left, new ones came on whom were not as easy to identify or like because they arrived so late on the scene. The new story lines seemed to be trying way too hard.

    All in all i loved it but perhaps it should have ended after the Josh Lucas story was complete. Another sad thing about this series is the inability to find it anywhere, even though i'm sure it has a fan following.
  • We just found this on our Roku...The scenery is lovely,the cast members are interesting and the plots are engaging. I wish there were more than 4 seasons. My favorite characters are Matt McGregor and Kathleen O'Neil. I enjoy a woman who can speak her mind in a classy way. If you want to watch a great drama filled with adventure and some romance...check out this series. You won't be disappointed.
  • nadani17 January 2007
    This film is so interesting.All the characters are interesting.My favorite character is Luke McGregor.First of all he is very good looking and of course good player.Congratiulatons to all the crew and the cast! Its so exited to watch this film,because it gather all my family in front of the TV.I sow it for the first time before two or three weeks,and i really love. The only thing i feel sorry for is about the character of Luke,because his personage is just in the first season. If anyone can tell how to get in touch with Josh Lucas,please write.I am his biggest fen and wont to know something more about him. Congratulations again for the best film you have done.Do more best films as this.
  • Loved the show , can anyone tell me the name of the ranch Mc Gregor's had .
  • ALI-3225 November 1998
    I do not believe that the series is a good one. Every time the end of the film is predictable, as "Mat" succeeds, "Danni" smiles and their enemies are all defeated.

    And except from that, can anyone help me how to have a short visit or chat with "Danni"? I appreciate her.