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  • I still remember seeing the premiere episode of this dreadful show. It was jaw-droppingly bad. Everything that could be done wrong WAS done wrong. Stiffly staged, WAY overacted, unfunny lines punched up to a ridiculous degree by a roaring laugh track that clearly didn't belong.

    Remember the sitcom being made in Annie Hall? That was a work of art compared to this tripe. It shocks me to see others here posting positive comments, but I am heartened by the low rating users have overall given.

    Bronson Pinchot deserved better. Heck, Pia Zadora would have deserved better.
  • This was a hilarious show. They had a basic plot and storyline and just let Bronson Pinchot loose, doing whatever that madman felt like doing. Unfortunately, like far too many very promising shows during this time, since it didn't show IMMEDIATE Neilson ratings success the Network cancelled it within its first month. A shame, this show could very easily have been continuing to run today if the execs had given it a chance to really be seen.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I recently discovered this show on IMDb while surfing the 'net. I'd never heard of it until then. It's a shame it never got chance at a full season. Short-term Nielsens are overrated.

    Sarcastic jokes, silly premises, great comedy. All this series needed was time to acquire its audience, to get established. Apparently, it was hardly advertised nationally, giving it little chance at the start, then the network pulled it much too soon.

    Even the opening scene, a setup explaining one of the series' basic premises, is loaded with zingers as Larry (Bronson Pinchot) is conversing with the captain of the ship he is on, returning home. I was laughing so hard I almost missed a couple of great lines.

    Courtney Cox was an excellent foil for Pinchot. At times the dialog seems a bit sparse, but right on, maybe requiring the audience to be more intelligent than the average Nielsen viewer. The writers are just saying a lot with few words sometimes.
  • This had potential to be a classic 90s comedy show, however, it wasn't given enough time. I watched all the episodes that were out (there was only 3 in total I believe), and thought they were all really funny. It's a shame that Bronson Pinchot hasn't had much of a career since this show, because he truly was a funny guy. As good as it was, it didn't get the reaction Perfect Strangers did, so maybe that's why the network didn't give this much of a chance.
  • rue_alain26 July 2018
    I get the idea behind the show and as a huge fan of Bronson Pinchot and his previous show Perfect Strangers I really wanted to love this show too. Unfortunately there was really nothing to it other than "let's point a camera at Bronson Pinchot and see what funny performance stuff he comes up with"... the premise of the show was that he got lost on an island and/or in a jungle and was raised by monkeys and now he suddenly returns to civilization and it's really wacky because he's a jungle man now. I don't mind the zany and thin premise but there just was not enough to build a show on here. It's unfortunate.