Nancy Archer: Missed me?

Harry Archer: I don't suppose you want to hear my side of this?

Louise 'Honey' Parker: Dead? She's not only alive, she's bigger! What did you do, try to kill her with a Grow Lite?

[Dr. Loeb sees the giant Nancy for the first time]

Dr. Victor Loeb: This is impossible.

Nancy Archer: Well, that certainly takes a load off my mind. I thought I had a problem.

Harry Archer: What made her grow like that?

Dr. Victor Loeb: You menctioned that she began growing when she got angry. Clearly it's stress related. The blood tests show that her hormone levels are abnormally high.

Harry Archer: Congratulations, Doctor. You've just discovered a new kind of PMS.

Harry Archer: You were sad before, but now you're just a big joke. If only you knew half of what Honey Parker knows about how to be a real woman.

Nancy Archer: Insect! Tick! I offer you a landscape and you cling to a glass doorknob!

Harry Archer: She was better in bed that you ever were. She's even better than your cousin Vera.

Nancy Archer: Vera? You slept with Vera? I'll kill her, but first, I'm going to pop your head like a Concord grape!

Nancy Archer: Don't be stupid your whole damn life. You're better than they are, you're smarter than they are, and you know more than you think.

Louise 'Honey' Parker: *Jesus*! This is just so *fucking* romantic I could *puke*!

Co-pilot #1: It doesn't seem right to fire an air-to-ground missile at a woman.

Pilot #1: Don't think of her as a woman. Think of her as a target. That's what I do.

Nancy Archer: The world is my doll house, Dr. Cushing.

Nancy Archer: I'm not saying the old Nancy isn't there. I can still hear her inside me, stumbling in the dark, bumping into things, always apologizing. But less and less. Less and less.

Dr. Victor Loeb: What will she do if she finds him?

Dr. Theodora Cushing: Ball him up like a used Kleenex.

Nurse: Good.