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  • This is an almost great movie (as far as porn goes) because it has a build up that most pornmovies usually don't have. It presents Nicole London in the lead, and wisely builds up her eagerness and lust as the movie progresses. She plays a "frigid" wife who's lady friends P.J. Sparxxx and Alex Jordan can't seem to get enough of sex, and try to persuade her to let go of her inhabitions, despite the fact she's married. The good thing about the movie is that Nicole does a good job in coming across as a timid lady, that, when broken willpower wise, let's go in a big way. Nicole London may not be one of the most attractive ladies in porn, but her charisma and raw lust appearance make the screen light up.
  • jexline18 October 2008
    Unlike the last reviewer, I actually thought this was a far from great movie from a great director (John Leslie). I consider myself a big fan of his work, so imagine my disappointment with this title when I can't not only barely hear the audio, but find every sex scene uninspired and the plot so weak it's not even worth mentioning. Not even the great Nicole London could save this movie. As I have to fill four more lines to be able to submit my review, all I'm going to say is don't waste your time on this movie (if you can even find it, since it appears to be discontinued). I only recommend this movie if you're a die-hard Leslie fan and need it to finish your collection. Everybody else, skip it.