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  • sauniere30 January 2005
    Well I thoroughly enjoyed it and kept it on VHS for many years. The above review is slightly incorrect on the plot. But the basics are that an American cop who gets involved in a shooting gets sent on a jolly to Bermuda and is met at the airport by a British cop. The Brit cop is a larger than life character who believes all the stereotypes about American cops. Then they end up investigating a murder..etc etc etc. All in all, I found it amusing. The plot is thin, but it was only a pilot. Leslie Phillips gives a good go at the old British fellow. The scenery is good and things really could have gone on to a series. Can't for the life of me remember his name but the American cop is played by the guy who played the nasty colonel in Die Hard 2.
  • I watched this movie years ago. My mother was from Bermuda and we thought that it would be fun to see a movie about her home. One of the things that drove us crazy was the accent. As usual, the actors who played the Bermudian characters used a generic West Indian accent. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!!!! Bermudians don't have West Indian accents; the accent is closer to Liverpool. In fact, Bermudians consider West Indian accents to be a little low class. I know this for a fact because I have a lot of relatives there. I don't know if this was laziness on behalf of the dialog coaches or the actors couldn't nail it, but they sure didn't get it right. Some day......