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  • Based by the series book of Ku Lung, this movie is one of the best swordsman movie. Actually, this movie was been made already with Ti Lung also as Fu Hung Suet at the 70's (Shaw Brothers Era). But, compared with the old one, this really magnificent, with the loyalty with the original plot. Even greater when Ti Lung revisited his role as Fu Hung Suet and meet with entire new and more modern cast, such as Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung.

    The plot is a bit complicated, but that not make this movie confusing to the audience but still enjoyable enough to watch. So,if you a big fan of martial art's world flick, this highly recommended.

  • Should you watch this movie? If you like kung fu movies, definitely! The movie has a great deal of the classic kung fu spirit from 60-70-80's movies, you know what to expect, lots of fast paced action, some humor, ultra evil bad guy with a manic laugh and so on. It might loose a star or two because there is a few to many characters, of which a few lack purpose. This sometimes just fills space in the movie, and make the story less straightforward. I had quite bad subtitles as well, this made it worse for me.

    But overall? If you like classic kung fu, watch it!