Rebecca Carlson: All we did was make love.

Frank Dulaney: In handcuffs.

Rebecca Carlson: It was different, but it was still making love. Have you ever seen animals make love, Frank? It's intense. It's violent. But they never really hurt each other.

Frank Dulaney: We're not animals.

Rebecca Carlson: Yes, we are.

Rebecca Carlson: Don't look so hurt, Alan. I fucked you, I fucked Andrew, I fucked Frank. That's what I do; I fuck. And it made me 8 million dollars!

Rebecca Carlson: There's nothing wrong with admitting that you want me, Frank.

Jeffrey Roston: Sex was a game to her. She got off on the control. She always used to tell me it had to be her way.

Robert Garrett: Miss Carlson, you stated that you handcuffed Andrew Marsh before having sex with him the night of his death.

Rebecca Carlson: It wasn't before. It was during.

Rebecca Carlson: I'm hard to resist.

Rebecca Carlson: I don't know why men lie; they just do. Men. Lie.

Frank Dulaney: It's not a crime to be a great lay!

Robert Garrett: Well, sure. l'd have to have myself indicted.

Frank Dulaney: Counsel for the Prosecution has already used this witness to establish the state of mind of the deceased. He opened the can, Your Honor.

Judge Burnham: And I do see worms crawling all around you, Mr. Garrett.

Rebecca Carlson: My way.

[holds a lighted candle over Frank's naked body]

Rebecca Carlson: Are you scared?

Frank Dulaney: No.

Rebecca Carlson: What do you think, Frank? I called to tell her all the nasty details? Maybe I gave her some advice.

Rebecca Carlson: Why watch strangers when you can watch friends.

Frank Dulaney: It's not a crime to be a beautiful woman.

Robert Garrett: [watching the erotic tape of Rebecca riding Andrew] Nice quality.

Printman: Nice ass.

Detective Reese: That was the tape in the VCR. The power was still on.

Robert Garrett: So, the sucker had a heart attack watching his home movies. What do you need me for?

Detective Reese: He was tied up.

Rebecca Carlson: [Frank is having hard anal sex with Rebecca who is handcuffed to a table] You fuck.

Robert Garrett: She is a beautiful woman. But when this trial is over, you will see her no differently than a gun, or a knife, or any other instrument used as a weapon. She's a killer, and the worst kind. A killer who disguised herself as a loving partner!

Michael Dulaney: Can you really screw someone to death?

Frank Dulaney: No. Of Besides you don't need to worry about that stuff yet. Do you?

Michael Dulaney: [chuckling] No.

Frank Dulaney: Because you are a good-looking guy.

Rebecca Carlson: It gets easier, doesn't it Frank?

Frank Dulaney: Let's play another game.

Robert Garrett: Do you believe in karma, Frank?

Frank Dulaney: No.

Robert Garrett: Whatever you call it. People usually get what they deserve except for lawyers.

Robert Garrett: Dr. McCurdy. What would cocaine do to someone in Mr. Marsh's condition?

Dr. McCurdy: It would accelerate his heartbeat.

Robert Garrett: And if he were having sex while under the influence of such a stimulant?

Dr. McCurdy: It would be the same as shooting a loaded gun at him!

Frank Dulaney: Hi. Where's Michael?

Sharon Dulaney: I took him over to Kevin's to spend the night.

Frank Dulaney: Why didn't you tell me? I got a shitload of work to do, I could've stayed at the office.

Sharon Dulaney: You mean you could've used the time to screw your client!

Frank Dulaney: That's paranoid.

Sharon Dulaney: [Softly] Oh man.

[Turns and bumps into a waiter, causing her to drop a tray full of glass and china; she then leaves out the back door]

Frank Dulaney: Sharon!

[chases after her out of the back door]

Frank Dulaney: Sharon! Sharon. Sharon.

Sharon Dulaney: Go away!

Frank Dulaney: Talk to me?

Sharon Dulaney: People see your car down by the river in front of her goddamn houseboat. It gets back to me Frank!

Frank Dulaney: She's my client. I'm allowed to have conferences with my client.

Sharon Dulaney: Of course you are are! Why can't you have them in your office?

Frank Dulaney: I can't believe you listen to this bull shit gossip.

Sharon Dulaney: I talked to her!

Frank Dulaney: What?

Sharon Dulaney: She called here tonight looking for you.

Frank Dulaney: What did she say?

Sharon Dulaney: She didn't have to say anything. l could hear it in her voice. ln the way that she said your name.

Frank Dulaney: You're making this up.

Sharon Dulaney: What did she do to you, Frank? How did you get those marks on your chest? What? What are they? What are they, bites? What happened to your back? l thought we were happy. l thought we were a family. l trusted you.

Frank Dulaney: lt has nothing to do with you.

Sharon Dulaney: You son of a bitch. How dare you stand there and say that to me?

Frank Dulaney: l love you. You're my wife.

Sharon Dulaney: Go pack some things. l don't want to see you when l get home.

Frank Dulaney: Please, Sharon. l don't want to lose you.

Sharon Dulaney: Then you shouldn't have fucked her.

Rebecca Carlson: I loved Andy. Why is it so hard for everybody to believe?

Frank Dulaney: You know why. You're young and beautiful and you were involved with a wealthy, older man.

Rebecca Carlson: He wasn't old to me.

Robert Garrett: l know how Bobby works. He's going to build his case on your sex life. He's gonna drag out every dirty little thing you ever did.

Rebecca Carlson: lt wasn't dirty.

Robert Garrett: No. Not to you. Not to Andrew. But people here have very conservative views about sex.

Rebecca Carlson: No, they don't. They just don't talk about it. They're such hypocrites!

Robert Garrett: Those hypocrites will be sitting in the jury box, listening to Garrett say how you led Andrew into perversion.

Rebecca Carlson: l didn't have to lead him anywhere. Andrew knew exactly what he wanted.

Rebecca Carlson: Do you think I killed him?

Frank Dulaney: That's a question I never ask my clients. What matters is whether the State can prove you killed him.

Rebecca Carlson: A big part of my life has been taken away from me. And people are saying it was my fault. They've taken something good between two people in love and made it dirty.

Technician: What the hell is this?

Robert Garrett: That - is - a - nipple clamp.

Technician: How'd you know?

Detective Reese: He's from LA.

Robert Garrett: I just happen to be a well informed individual.

Frank Dulaney: Here, pussy-puss. Hello, kitty. Such a beautiful kitty.

Joanne Braslow: It wasn't normal. They didn't have normal sex.

Frank Dulaney: How do you know what kind of sex they had?

Joanne Braslow: l wasn't peeping through the keyhole, if that's what you're implying. l would go to the house to pick up papers, drop off papers, and l would find their little toys all over the place.

Robert Garrett: She insisted on increasingly strenuous sex, knowing he had a severe heart condition. And when that didn't work fast enough for her, she secretly doped him with cocaine. His heart couldn't take the combination.

Judge Burnham: l can't change the titillating nature of this trial; but, if l had wanted to work in a circus, l would've learned how to ride a trapeze. So, l will not put up with any performances by counsel or by the gallery.

Frank Dulaney: The state would like you to believe that she somehow fornicated Andrew Marsh to death. But, the State's case is built on fantasy.

Frank Dulaney: [tasting a white powdery substance] What the hell is it?

Dr. Novaro: Chinese peony roots.

Frank Dulaney: What's it used for?

Dr. Novaro: lt's an aspirin substitute.

Rebecca Carlson: Come in.

Frank Dulaney: lt's a bad idea.

Rebecca Carlson: Why?

Frank Dulaney: l'm your lawyer. lt doesn't look good.

Rebecca Carlson: Nobody's looking.

Frank Dulaney: l want you to remember that Rebecca Carlson is not on trial for her sexual tastes.

Frank Dulaney: Dr. McCurdy, you testified that in your opinion Mr. Marsh suffered his fatal heart attack while he was restrained.

Dr. McCurdy: Yes, sir.

Frank Dulaney: And your evidence for this is the marks on his wrist, am l right?

Dr. McCurdy: You are correct.

Frank Dulaney: Now, couldn't those same marks have been made while he was flailing about in the throes of sexual ecstasy?

Dr. McCurdy: l suppose.

Frank Dulaney: Did you tell your boss what you had seen?

Joanne Braslow: No.

Frank Dulaney: And why not?

Joanne Braslow: l wanted to keep my job. That didn't include telling him his girlfriend was a cokehead slut.

Doctor Alan Paley: l can put you away, Rebecca, for the rest of your life. You'd better call me or you're fucked one way or the other.

Judge Burnham: Mr. Dulaney, if you're just bottom-feeding you're going to choke on the mud.

Frank Dulaney: l'm working toward a specific point, Your Honor.

Judge Burnham: Work fast. l'm getting tired of seeing you this close to me.

Rebecca Carlson: Yes, it would be nice.

Frank Dulaney: What would?

Rebecca Carlson: You and l making love.

Frank Dulaney: ls that what you think l was thinking?

Rebecca Carlson: There's nothing wrong with admitting that you want me, Frank.

Doctor Alan Paley: He presented a galaxy of symptoms. Hyperpyrexia, which is a high fever associated with cocaine intoxication, severely elevated blood pressure, arrhythmia, shortness of breath. And while l was examining the patient he experienced status epilepticus.

Rebecca Carlson: When l was a kid, l liked to steal strawberries. l'd sneak into the neighbor's yard at the end of the street. And l remember they had a big fence. And l'd always scrape my knees climbing over it. And then on the other side, they had these wild rose bushes. And the thorns would dig into my legs and cut my thighs when l slid down. But the strawberries always tasted so sweet.

Frank Dulaney: Because of how much it hurt to get them.

Rebecca Carlson: Yeah.

Frank Dulaney: Why the fuck didn't you warn me, at least?

Rebecca Carlson: You need to hear about every man l ever had sex with?

Frank Dulaney: No. Just the ones with bad hearts who put you in their wills!

Robert Garrett: After she tied you up, Mr. Roston, what did she do next?

Jeffrey Roston: She started - masturbating - and telling me how much she wanted me inside her. lt drove me crazy.

Frank Dulaney: You expected him to come back to you after it was over?

Joanne Braslow: Men don't marry women like her.

Robert Garrett: Please tell the court.

Jeffrey Roston: She said she was going to fuck me - like l'd never been fucked before.

Judge Burnham: Bailiff, clear the courtroom.

Robert Garrett: Did your heart start to bother you?

Jeffrey Roston: Yeah. We were making love - and she was on top of me. And every time l got close - she'd stop. And l couldn't take it. l couldn't breathe. l was suffocating. Jes, l begged her. l really thought that l was about to die.

Robert Garrett: Did you engage in any other forms of dominance with the victim? Did you, for example - beat him?

Rebecca Carlson: He wanted to make love. And that made me want to. He was a very physical man.

Robert Garrett: The night of Mr. Marsh's death were you watching a pornographic videotape you'd made of yourselves?

Rebecca Carlson: l know how their minds work. The women hate me. They think l'm a whore. And the men see a cold, heartless bitch they can pay back for every chick that's ever blown them off in a bar.

Frank Dulaney: Rebecca, you heard the forensic testimony about the use of handcuffs.

Rebecca Carlson: Yes.

Frank Dulaney: What were they doing in the house? For you-- For you to use on him while you made love?

Rebecca Carlson: Andrew bought them for Valentine's Day.

Frank Dulaney: For you. For you to - use on him while you made love.

Rebecca Carlson: Yes. He liked that. He was always in charge in his life and his work. And in bed, he liked to have somebody else in charge. lt was a game we played.

Rebecca Carlson: You wouldn't have been as believable.

Frank Dulaney: lf l didn't fuck you?

Rebecca Carlson: lt works!