Billie: You know what your problem is, Harry? You're not just rude, you're

[pulls out a pocket dictionary and looks up a word]

Billie: "flagrant" about it!

Billie: But I've been thinking a lot lately about something my dad used to say: "Without knowledge, you're less than everybody." And I don't want to be less. I mean, I don't want to be better than anybody neither and I don't want to go above myself. I just want- I want to not be less.

Paul: Well, I'm afraid it's too late for that... cause you're already more than most people.

Paul: Maybe we haven't gotten to our time yet.

Billie: No, we did. And you just dropped the ball.

Paul: You were great tonight. Didn't you think you were great?

Billie: Oh, yeah. We really tricked them, didn't we?

Paul: What's the matter?

Billie: Well, if you saw a great ventriloquist, who would you compliment, the dummy?

Paul: You're not a dummy.