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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a very, very dark and disturbing movie about life in Serbia 1993, during hyperinflation. The story is told through a married couple of desperate middle aged people who's children have left the country in search for better life. Old folks are left alone with no money, no hope, no love, no mutual understanding, no future, just themselves, inflation, empty stores, and silence. And of course, the DIARY (the title means 'diary of insults'), kept by insane woman (every time her husband insults her). Eventually they alienate from each other, and about the same time she starts making stuffed dinosaurs to sell on streets (because of the popularity of ''Jurassic Park'') where, at the end, she freezes to death.

    No need to write about the shallow screenplay, of unimaginative directing, or more than bad acting. Everything is set to some zero - subzero level - perhaps to give a sense of how terrible life was in Serbia 1993.

    It really is uncertain what was the intent of this movie, but if it has something to do with torturing audience for an hour and something in order to make them feel like sh*t - it's definitely a success! It's so low on life it'll try to suck yours. It's so dull and disturbing it's almost fun to watch.

    Not to mention Cukic's affected weeping and blubbering....

    I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, unless they're some kind of crazy film adventurers. Or hipsters.