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  • This feature is a treat for the eyes. There are beautiful women posing and playing. The sets and costumes are lavish. There is heterosexual and lesbian sex. There is mild kinky play.

    The most subversive scene was the last one, Fornicon, with Julia Ann and Raven. Regrettably, the scene was a very short one. I would look forward to an extended version on DVD.

    The director has a distinctive style. You will either admire it, or hate it. IMO, this film is perhaps Blake's best work from the 1990s. It is far superior to Playthings, which won an AVN award, in terms of imagination.

    As I reflect on the difference between the women in this oldie and the girls favored by current productions, it seems to me that women possess an inner glow that few girls can muster.

    Current productions may be less satisfying because the tease becomes a perfunctory introduction to sex. Whereas, the tease should be an integral part of love making.

    One word of caution about the DVD versions of Michael Blake's work. It seems that the 1990s productions were poorly converted to video, and transferred to DVD. The quality is way below current standards. The film stock needs to be re-converted.
  • I watched this movie only for PJ scenes. She had 3 : one threesome, two lesbian. She is indeed totally sexy but i don't think that Blake has something to do with that. PJ was just among the most beautiful adult star ever: she has beautiful face, natural soft tits and one of the best hips-ass in the business. She shows also character. If her threesome is conventional, her lesbian action is great : dominating Kelly in black and white or playing with Sunset in the pool. For all PJ fans, this movie is a must. Beyond her, i can't tell because i'm saturated of Blake's movies with his luminous mansion, silly wardrobe, sleeping soundtrack and mute cast