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  • This is one of the funniest and most charming "guy" films I've seen in a LOOOOOONG time!

    It is a 90's look at three flawed (therefore REAL) guys sharing an apartment in HK.

    Tony Leung Chui Wai is Tom, who has dated the same girl since high school and would like to know what he has been missing, but is too afraid to find out. Tony Leung Kar Fai is Dick - an aging womanizer who has never grown up and who is completely in the dark about his "regular" girlfriend's (Anita Yeun) love for and devotion to him. Lawrence Cheng (a real cameleon of an actor) is Giorgio - aka Hairy - who is a sensitive and clueless guy with effeminate characteristics.

    The situations are crazy, the story line nuts, and the performances wonderful! These three have acted in films together, before. Who in HK has not? But, in this movie, the comraderie is so effective. You would swear that these guys really do live together and have known each other since childhood. Most of the goofiness is so spontaneous and natural that it often feels real.

    I watch this film over and over (and not just to see the two Tonys - though that is reason enough!) just for the joy of seeing the interaction. I laugh so hard my face hurts. This is one of those films that just keeps getting better as you become more "friendly" with it.

    This is a must see.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    8/10 for the Chemistry between all 3 actors. In one word: brilliant.

    Tony Leung Kar Fai's turn as the aging womanizer, Dick is so believable, you'd think that he's really that way in real life. The role suits him, and even in Men suddenly in Black where he acts as a womanizer imprisoned by his wife, you feel that womanizers must be a role he was born to play.

    Having seen Tony Leung Chiu Wai in shows where he's usually the womanizer (2046, He ain't heavy, he's my father), it was a refreshing change to see his character, Tom so loyal to just one woman, Joyce, and therefore is constantly hen-pecked. Towards the end, he didn't even have the courage to tell her that he loved Cat more, till Dick knocked sense into him. Perhaps having one girlfriend for way too long is just not good for any man in general.

    Lawrence Cheng's turn as the somewhat feminine Hairy made me laugh so hard. To see him becoming so confused about his sexual orientation after several disasters with women, only to succeed with a Vivian Chow substitute turned my stomachs inside out from laughter.

    They were so natural, you feel sorry for each and everyone of the characters after a while.

    While Tom ends up with Cat, he still is hen-pecked. While Dick remains single, he realizes that he is losing his touch. While Hairy ends up with Francis, he still wants Vivian Chow.

    Perhaps people will always remain the way they are?
  • This is HK romantic comedy where three bachelors, sharing the same bachelors pad, all lead different dreams and relationships. Tom Chan (Tony Chiu Wai Leung) is involved in a love triangle with a typical material girl (Jay Lau) and a prostitute, Cat (Ann Bridgewater). Dick Ching (Tony Ka Fai Leung) is a womanizer and Hairy (Lawrence Cheng) is trying to find his dream lover.

    This movie features quite a large cast, with some pretty top-notch acting, funny chemistry between the male leads and sappy romantic moments. The comedy and humor could yield some laughable moments, balanced by some solemn and dramatic moments.

    It's a movie that is more than sex and love, but is also a tale of friendship and lasting relationships. There is some good stuff here, but I think it crosses over a little to much on the "chick-flick" and recklessly young flavor.

    Grade C+
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spoiler Alert!! The main attraction in this movie is Jay Lau Kam Ling, acted as Joyce Lau. She is the girlfriend of Tony Leung Chiu Wai, acted as Tom Chan. Joyce is a very beautiful woman and very successful in her career. However, she did not look down on Tom since they have been together since they were kids. Joyce is everyman's dream, but somehow Tom feels he lacks something.

    He went to look for a prostitute named Cat acted by Ann Bridgewater. Cat was not as attractive as Joyce. Joyce was a very honest, frank woman. She once told Tom `There is 15,000 young male millionaires in Hong Kong. I know half of them, that's 7,500. Out of that 40% of them have directly or indirectly gone after me, and I still choose you'. I am thinking, that works out to be 3,000 male who is attracted to her. So, if I work out the math, if she's say 28 years old and these people start dating her when she was 20, in the entire 8 years, she got at least one male going after her everyday!. Strange, but I believe her because she's so attractive.

    Even Joyce knows Tom is useless and he had an affair with the prostitute, she still decides to marry him. But, during the wedding day, Tom refused to say `I Do', and Joyce had warned him not to do that. He embarrassed Joyce in front of so many people. Joyce quickly announced she was the one who dumped Tom. I really pity Joyce, she's such a wonderful woman. I hate Tom for hurting Joyce.