The original title for this film was "The Concierge", but the studio was worried that many people would not know what that meant, so the title was changed several months before release.

The hotel that Doug works as The Concerige is in fact, The Essex Hotel located on 59th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues across the street from Central Park. It is still open to this very day.

The second of two films that Michael J. Fox starred in in 1993. The other was Life With Mikey which had come out in Winter/Spring.

One of two films that Barry Sonnenfeld directed in 1993. The other was Addams Family Values which would be released weeks after this film would be in theaters.

Bruce Broughton scored the film as a favor for Director Barry Sonnenfeld, who was also his neighbor and best friend.

The hotel that Doug played by Michael J. Fox wants to open is called The Riverhouse. The scene was filmed around Roosevelt Island which sits on the Hudson River between the island of Manhattan and Queens.

The majority of the filming took place around Midtown Manhattan for the hotel scenes, Barney's Department Store where Gabrielle Anwar's character works, the Central Park scenes, FAO Schwartz, the jazz club and where Doug chats up with Freddy the horse carrarige rider. While other scenes such as Christian's Mansion in the Hamptons, Doug and Andy's apartments in the city and Doug's dream hotel site in Roosevelt Island were shot not too far away.

The supersized Giraffe that Michael J. Fox's character is seen with in the opening moments and inside the limo was bought at the famous FAO Schwartz toy store that was located about a block away from where the film was being shot at the Essex House over on 59th Street. FAO Schwartz sadly went out of business in 2015, 22 years after this film was made.

An unofficial Bollywood remake was made, called Yes Boss (1997), starring Shah Rukh Khan in Michael J. Fox's role.

The second of two movies starring Michael J. Fox in 1993 that had a PG rating. The other was Life With Mikey which had come out earlier in the year. Despite from Mild use of Profanity at some points, there are some strong thematic themes that may have made it a PG-13 such as some of the scenes in the Hamptons where Christian's party takes place and some sexual innuendo between Doug's friend and his fashion model girlfriend in the hotel for example.

"For Love or Money" is also the name of a film starring Kirk Douglas. Micheal J. Fox (who's name in the film is "Doug", short for Douglas) would go on to co-star with Kirk in his next film "Greedy".

One of three films featuring Gabrielle Anwar as a lead or co-star in 1993. The others were remakes of Disney's The Three Musketeers and Body Snatchers, which was the modern update of Invasion of The Body Snatchers which was directed by Abel Ferrera, but the film was delayed by Warner Bros. from it's original October 1993 release date and eventually buried to a January 1994 release with very little marketing or distribution.

The second film to feature Gabrielle Anwar for Universal Pictures. The first one was Scent Of A Woman in 1992 starring Oscar Winner Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell, with whom she would co-star in the Disney remake of The Three Musketeers, which also came out almost at the same time as this film, October 1993.

One of two films that Michael J. Fox starred in in 1993 that took place in New York City. The other was Life With Mikey, which was shot in the Fall of 1992 and then released in Winter/Spring 1993. This film began production in the Spring and was released in the Fall 1993.

To supplement his income for his dream hotel, Michael J. Fox is also a ticket scalper for Sports events, Broadway Shows and Rock Concerts. The scene where he meets with other Conceirge's in Central Park to make deals is one of only two times we see this. The other is where he takes Harry to the Jewerly and Electronics store on Lexington Avenue and 57th Street and has a scam working with Benny The Jeweler played by Erick Avari.

Dan Hedaya's character of Gene Salvatore who we see at the beginning of the film and in parts later on is a mob boss (although this is not clearly defined in the final cut of the film but is inferred) who happens to own a Garbage Pick up company which in the end of the film proves very vital to the finale of the film where Doug chases after Andy to stop her from going away with Christian who was never going to leave his wife for her.

Milton sends Christian the empty Rolex box that was meant to be for Harry as a tax write off and sends Doug's hotel plans to Harry instead of Christian which explains why at the end of the movie after Doug and Andy arrive at the hotel during their wedding and gets a call from Harry stating that he loves his idea for the hotel and wanted to invest in it.

Christian's plan was to steal Doug's land options for his dream hotel, The Riverhouse without having to give Doug the deal he was looking for by having his IRS inside man, Drinkwater investigate him to find any loopholes that would enable him to take away the land and Drinkwater getting a bribe for his trouble which Andy discovers and one of the reasons she breaks up with Christian in the end.

Harry played by Michael Tucker may have looked like a regular average tourist for most of the time we see him in the film. In fact, he was a wealthy businessman from Ohio that isn't revealed until the final moments of the film where he's seen in a corporate conference room wearing an expensive suit along with other businessmen sitting down.