Linda Hart, who plays Mazeppa, was once one of Bette Midler's "Harlettes."

The original Broadway production of "Gypsy" opened at the Broadway Theater on May 21, 1959 and ran for 702 performances starring Ethel Merman and Jack Klugman. "Gypsy" was nominated for the 1960 Tony Award for the Best Musical.

Ten minutes longer than the 1962 movie, this version is closer to the 1959 Broadway production.

Barbara Harris was originally supposed to play the role of Tessie Tura, but Bette Midler had her fired.

Michael Jeter as Goldstone, does not utter a word.

Emile Ardolino's last film.

Sherilyn Fenn auditioned for the role that went to Cynthia Gibb.

Director Emile Ardolino was originally supposed to direct Bette Midler on his previous box-office smash Sister Act (1992) where she was supposed to play the lead role. However Midler dropped out and was replaced by Whoopi Goldberg in the lead. Ardolino still wanted to work with Midler on another project after her departure from the earlier film so Midler was offered and accepted the role in this film which was Ardolino's final directing effort before his late 1993 death.

Anna McNeely, who plays Miss Electra, played the same role in the 1989 Broadway revival of 'Gypsy'.