Daphne: You're a fag, baby!

Daphne: Throw it all out into the universe, baby!

Daphne: The thing is, Monkey, you'd change if you could, but you can't, and even if you could, you really shouldn't. And stop being such a fuckin' pussy about your curtains.

Monkey: My father was constantly calling life an illusion; 'karma' was also a convenient way to shirk parental responsibility. In my mind echoes, "Sorry I missed your baseball game, Monkey, but it's your karma, and life is an illusion anyway, boy-uh."

Imogene: Tami Peterson delivered a monologue in the middle of the quad on the insignificance of my performance art. She called it "Imogene: What do you mean?!"

Brent Zetterland: But seriously, Monkey, does my hair look okay like this?

Monkey: Brent, you live in a beautiful shell - go with it.

[first lines]

Monkey: As a child I always felt responsible for my mom. Dad would be gone. She'd be alone for months, sometimes years, and eventually dad would come home. And I'd be okay. And everything would be all right. 'Cause mom would be saved.