Alternate Versions (3)

  • The mainland Chinese release of the 3D version (the original version was not released there) deletes the following:
    • The goat chunk splattering against the tour jeep and Lex's subsequent reaction.
    • Gennaro in the T-Rex's mouth.
    • Dr. Satler's discovery of Arnold's severed arm.
    • The raptor pouncing on Muldoon.
  • In 2013, the film was re-released in 3D. In this version, the newer Universal logo is used at the opening of the film.
  • There are two versions of the end credit scroll. In the initial theatrical release, the THX logo was gold-colored, the DTS logo was black inside a gold box, and the standard Dolby Stereo logo was present. This was the version used for VHS and laserdisc releases. At some point, new prints were made in which the THX logo was now black inside a gold box, the DTS logo was gold-against-black with a gold outline (with its text slightly rearranged), and the Dolby logo was replaced with the newer "Spectral Recording - Dolby Stereo Digital" logo. This is the version used on all DVD, Blu-ray, UHD, and streaming releases.