Jurassic Park (1993) Poster


Miguel Sandoval: Rostagno



  • Juanito Rostagno : Grant's like me. He's a digger.

  • Donald Gennaro : I had to promise to conduct a very thorough on-site inspection.

    Juanito Rostagno : Hammond hates inspections. They slow everything down.

    Donald Gennaro : Juanito, they'll pull the funding. That'll slow him down even more.

  • Donald Gennaro : What's this I hear at the airport? Hammond's not even here?

    Juanito Rostagno : He sends his apologies.

    Donald Gennaro : We are facing a $20 million lawsuit by the family of that worker, and you're telling me Hammond can't even be bothered to see me?

    Juanito Rostagno : He had to leave early. He wants to be with his daughter. She's getting a divorce.

    Donald Gennaro : Well, I understand that, but we've been advised to deal with the situation now. The insurance company...

    Juanito Rostagno : [catching him as he trips]  Okay?

    Donald Gennaro : The underwriters feel that the accident has raised some very serious safety questions about the park. That makes the investors very, very anxious.

  • Donald Gennaro : If two experts sign off on the island, the insurance guys will back off. I've already got Ian Malcolm, but they think he's too trendy. They want Alan Grant.

    Juanito Rostagno : Grant? You'll never get him out of Montana.

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