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Cameron Thor: Dodgson



  • [Dodgson is meeting Nedry at a restaurant in Costa Rica] 

    Dennis Nedry : [waving]  Dodgson!

    Lew Dodgson : [sitting down]  You shouldn't use my name.

    Dennis Nedry : [loudly]  Dodgson, Dodgson, we've got Dodgson here! See? Nobody cares. Nice hat. What are you trying to look like, a secret agent?

  • Lew Dodgson : 750. On delivery, 50,000 more for each viable embryo. That's 1.5 million, if you get all 15 species off the island.

    Dennis Nedry : Oh, I'll get 'em all.

    Lew Dodgson : Remember, viable embryos. They're no use to us if they don't survive.

    Dennis Nedry : Oh! How am I supposed to transport them?

    Lew Dodgson : [showing him an ordinary can of shaving cream]  The bottom screws open.

    Dennis Nedry : That's great. Oh, my God.

    Lew Dodgson : It's cooled and compartmentalized inside.

    Dennis Nedry : Oh, that's great!

    Lew Dodgson : Customs can even check it if they want to.

    Dennis Nedry : Let me see.

    Lew Dodgson : Go on.

    [Nedry squirts shaving cream out into his hand] 

    Lew Dodgson : There's enough coolant inside for 36 hours.

    Dennis Nedry : No menthol?

    Lew Dodgson : The embryos have to be back here in San Jose by then.

    Dennis Nedry : Well, that's up to your guy on the boat. 7:00 tomorrow night on the east dock. Make sure he gets it right.

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