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  • shannonphoenix25 September 2005
    Poor Ole Zachary
    I must say, as vampire movies go, this one is just adorable. I have seen some comedy vampire movies, but this one just grabs you. It took me years to find this movie on video for US video, the only ones I could find were for British video and every time it would come on TV would be about 2 in the morning. Adam Ant was great as well as everyone in the cast. It put a different take on the whole vampire legend thing and the dialog between Zachary and Kendall was just terrific, especially their first meeting.

    It really was a feel good movie from start to finish and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a light hearted comedy with a hint of the supernatural.
  • shampoo_otaku5 August 2000
    Maybe It's Not the Best Movie, but I took a liking to it....
    Sorry, the way I see it there are maybe two types of good movies, one that is just brilliance, a 5 star all the way, and a movie that you just plain like for some reason. And I just liked this movie...why I can not say. It just grows on you?
  • huffpuff12288 October 2000
    I loved it!
    Okay, so it's not your regular vampire fare. But this movie is so cute, with such sweet chemistry and oddly working storyline, that it works. Sure, it's rather silly. But this movie has a quality I can't describe which just makes you love it. The actors aren't particularly talented (except for maybe Adam Ant and Michelle Forbes who were just great) but they made it work. IT was cheesy, but in that "gotta love it" way that actually worked.

    Adam Ant was just great. He turned in a great performance, and he just had a way with the part that was wonderful. I couldn't help but laugh out loud as he "turned into" a bat, or when he discovered about alarms ("You are too close to the dishwasher...step away from the dishwasher...").

    All in all, I loved this movie, and I have to say that "Love Bites" is probably the sweetest, cutest, most feel-good vampire movie I've even had the joy of seeing. And Zachary Simms has to be the most perky, nice vampire in the world...
  • darklady15 March 2000
    Yeah, it's kinda cheesey... but Adam Ant is in it!
    If you are in the mood for a farce of all things Vampire, then this is the movie to watch tonight. It is a little cheesey, but it's a hyperbolic satire on the whole Vampire mythos so it's just doing it's job. Besides that Adam Ant plays a great Romantic lead and just as good of a Vampire as Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt could ever hope to pull off... at least he has a convincing accent... Bottom line: Don't take it seriously, don't over analyze it, Don't turn it on expecting Bellalugosi.... and you may just enjoy it!
  • becksW25 October 2006
    light hearted approach to the vampire film
    Has to be a maximum score from me. Always been a huge fan of Adam Ant and I think he is absolutely perfect in this role. I genuinely liked the film aside from A.Ant being in it. Its been a while since I've seen it and gave up looking for it a while ago on video/DVD. I love anything to do with vampires and I really enjoyed the more light hearted approach of this film. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants an easy going amusing romantic film with a touch of the English eccentricity found in Adam Ants vampire character. I'm sure the critics would have panned this film when it was released but I don't care I'll always love this film!