Vincente Goldoni: [holding up a $100 bill] In terms of empathy, in the sense of putting oneself inside the skin of another person, I admire that man. He was an inventor, he had imagination. He was a bit of a fatso, but he was sexually active. And of all of the Founding Fathers whose faces appear on hard currency, he's the only one cracking a smile. Ben Franklin.

Joey Coyle: Why is Ben smiling?

Vincente Goldoni: He was smart enough not to be President.

[about the money]

Joey Coyle: Think about it Kenny. Did we hurt anyone?

Kenny Kozlowski: No.

Joey Coyle: Did we steal it from anyone?

Kenny Kozlowski: No.

Joey Coyle: Are we giving it back. *Hell no!*

Joey Coyle: Come on, William. My shirt has so many holes in it when I walk down the street, I hum.

[van making clattering noises as it goes down a bumpy road]

Blond-haired FR driver: It's not my fault that the city doesn't fix the roads.

Monica Russo: If Joey Coyle has a $100 bill, you can rest assured it's his last one.

Billy Coyle: The dumb SOB that took the money, doesn't even know what he's in for?

Katie Coyle: What's SOB?

Eleanor Coyle: Never mind.