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  • This is a great story about a family brought together by a lost egg.

    Also has a great performance by Dee Wallace Stone the mom from E.T.! She has a wacky side to her in this one that I've never see before from her.

    The other preformaces are strong and you'll love the comedy side of the story then the drama side comes out in full force.

    Just wish this gem would be released on DVD at some point. Would like to know why so many "Child's Play" references where added to the film. Nothing scary or anything... but Chucky is in the film many-a-time.

    If you happen to run across this one at your local video store, rent it!
  • This movie was pretty decent for having a budget of about five dollars. The plot is decent and the actors actually make you believe the story. Sadly this was Alex Vincent's last film before disappearing into child actor limbo. Hopefully he'll start doing great films like this again someday.