Alternate Versions (5)

  • There are many scenes deleted from the rental version: Jack Colt dies and Wes Luger physically beats him into waking up. Jack Colt and Wes Luger get into a fight and fall from Tim Becker's apartment window. They fall in slow motion and the other cops in the building race to the bottom to see them land in the pool. One of them comments, "we never would have made it if they hadn't been falling in slow motion."
  • There's also a deleted scene that was shown on the TNT Network version where Luger finds out that York is dead from a motorist who "just happens to be passing by." The motorist is played by Christopher Lambert.
  • In one TNT version of the film, near the end of the film when Lugar and Colt have a shootout with Mr. Jigsaw, Colt is actually hit and falls to the ground. Lugar leans over to see if Colt is okay, to which Colt responds, "It'll take more than 40 rounds from an Uzi to kill Ted Zippleman." Lugar responds, "But your name's Colt." Colt looks at the camera and yells. Colt gets up and the scene continues as it does in the regular release.
  • The version seen on cable broadcasts contains scenes omitted from the the home video release. This includes a scene where Wes Luger spins a gameshow wheel in the police station and a longer scene of Luger trying to find a picture of Sgt. York in the Squealer Motel.
  • The version initially shown on USA cable channel Cinemax did not include the opening scene where Jack Colt has the shoot-out in the convenence store.