The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Poster

Danny Elfman: Jack Skellington - Singing Voice, Barrel, Clown with the Tear Away Face



  • Santa : Haven't you heard of peace on earth and goodwill toward men?

    Lock , Shock , Barrel : NO!

  • Jack Skellington : And one more thing...

    [stops Barrel from leaving] 

    Jack Skellington : leave that no-account Oogie-Boogie out of this!

    Barrel : Whatever you say, Jack.

    Shock : Of course, Jack.

    Lock : Wouldn't dream of it, Jack.

    [a view from behind reveals their fingers are crossed] 

  • Lock , Barrel , Shock : Jack! Jack! We caught him, we caught him.

    Jack Skellington : Perfect! Open it up. Quickly!

    [opens it up to reveal the Easter bunny] 

    Jack Skellington : That's not Sandy Claws!

    Lock , Barrel , Shock : It isn't?

    Lock : Who is it?

    [the Easter bunny hops up a set of steps and up to the Behemouth, sniffing him - he points at it] 

    Behemoth : Bunny!

    [it leaps back into the covered tub, terrified] 

    Jack Skellington : Not Sandy Claws... Take him back!

    Lock : We followed your instructions...

    Barrel : We went through the door...

    Jack Skellington : Which door? There's more than one! Sandy Claws is behind the door shaped like this.

    [shows them a Christmas cookie in shape of tree] 

    Shock : I told you!

    [Lock and Shock fight, Jack buries his face in his hand and after a moment stretches out his jaw and screams] 

    Jack Skellington : [to the Easter bunny]  I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, sir.

    [turns to Lock, Shock and Barrel] 

    Jack Skellington : Take him home first. And apologize again. Be careful with Sandy Claws when you fetch him. Treat him nicely.

    Barrel : Got it.

    Shock : We'll get it right...

    Lock , Barrel , Shock : Next time!

  • Santa : [from in the bag]  Me on vacation? On Christmas Eve?

    Barrel : Where are we taking him?

    Shock : Where?

    Lock : To Oogie Boogie, of course. There's no where in the whole world more comfortable than *that*. And Jack *said* to make him comfortable, didn't he?

    Barrel , Shock : Yes, he did.

  • Clown : [singing]  I am the Clown with the tear-away face!

    [Pulls face off] 

    Clown : [Demonic voice]  Here in a *flash* and gone without a trace!

    [vanishes in a puff of smoke] 

  • Sally : [examining Jack in his newly-finished Santa suit]  You don't look like yourself, Jack. Not at all.

    Jack Skellington : Isn't that wonderful? It couldn't be more wonderful!

    Sally : [holds up the clipboard sketch of him]  But you're the Pumpkin King!

    Jack Skellington : Not anymore!

    [breaks it over his knee] 

    Jack Skellington : I feel so much better now!

    Sally : [pulling a loose thread from his cuff]  Jack, I know you think something's missing, but...

    [accidentally catches his finger] 

    Jack Skellington : [lightly]  Ow.

    Sally : Sorry.

    Jack Skellington : You're right. Something is missing. But what? I've got the beard, the coat, the boots, the belt.

    Lock , Shock , Barrel : [come in]  Jack, Jack! This time we bagged him!

    Lock : This time we really did.

    Barrel : He sure is big, Jack!

    Shock : And heavy!

    Santa : [bursting out the bag]  Let me out!

    [the Halloween citizens gasp in awe] 

    Jack Skellington : Sandy Claws... in person. What a pleasure to meet you.

    [prepares to shake but then looks down when their HANDS touch] 

    Jack Skellington : Wh - ! Why, you have hands! You don't have claws at all!

    Santa : [dazed]  Where am I?

    Jack Skellington : Surprised, aren't you. I knew you would be. You don't need to have another worry about Christmas this year. Consider this a vacation, Sandy. A reward. It's your turn to take it easy.

    Santa : B-But there must be some mistake!

    Jack Skellington : See that he's comfortable... Just a second, fellas! Of course! That's what I'm missing!

    [takes Santa's hat] 

    Santa : B-But...

    Jack Skellington : Thanks.

    Santa : Hang on - you just can't -

    [has the bag thrown over him again] 

    Santa : Hold on! Where are we going now?

    [the henchmen leave with him] 

    Santa : Ho, ho, ho! No...


    Santa : Ho, ho, ho. Ho...

    Sally : This is worse than I thought. Much worse. I know!

    [leaves to get fog juice] 

  • Lock , Shock , Barrel : [singing]  Kidnap the Sandy Claws, / beat him with a stick, / lock him up for ninety years, / see what makes him tick.

  • Clown : [singing] 

    [looking at a present Jack brought] 

    Clown : It's a bat!

    Man Under the Stairs : [singing]  Will it bend?

    Clown : [singing]  It's a rat!

    Man Under the Stairs : [singing]  Will it break?

    Undersea Gal : [singing]  Perhaps it's the head that I've found in the lake.

  • Shock : [singing]  I wish my cohorts weren't so dumb.

    Barrel : *I'm* not the dumb one.

    Lock : You're no fun!

    Shock : Shut up!

    Lock : Make me!

  • Lock , Shock , Barrel : Kidnap Mr. Sandy Claws?

    Lock : I wanna do it.

    Barrel : Let's draw straws!

    Shock : Jack said we should work together.

    Barrel : Three of a kind.

    Lock : Birds of a feather.

    Lock , Shock , Barrel : Now and forever!

  • Mayor : The King of Halloween has been blown to smithereens! Skeleton Jack is now a pile of dust!

    Lock , Shock , Barrel : Pile of dust! Pile of dust! Skeleton Jack is a pile of dust!

  • Jack Skellington - Singing Voice : [singing with false pomp]  And I, *Jack*, the *Pump-kin King*, have grown so tired of the same old thing.

  • Clown : [of Jack's disappearance]  This has never happened before!

    Big Witch, W.W.D. : It's suspicious.

    Small Witch : It's peculiar.

    Vampire : It's scary!

  • Lock : [of Jack]  There he is!

    Barrel : Alive!

    Shock : Just like we said!

    Mayor : [throws Jack a ladder]  Grab ahold, my boy!

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