The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Poster

Randy Crenshaw: Mr. Hyde, Behemoth, Vampire



  • Lock , Barrel , Shock : Jack! Jack! We caught him, we caught him.

    Jack Skellington : Perfect! Open it up. Quickly!

    [opens it up to reveal the Easter bunny] 

    Jack Skellington : That's not Sandy Claws!

    Lock , Barrel , Shock : It isn't?

    Lock : Who is it?

    [the Easter bunny hops up a set of steps and up to the Behemouth, sniffing him - he points at it] 

    Behemoth : Bunny!

    [it leaps back into the covered tub, terrified] 

    Jack Skellington : Not Sandy Claws... Take him back!

    Lock : We followed your instructions...

    Barrel : We went through the door...

    Jack Skellington : Which door? There's more than one! Sandy Claws is behind the door shaped like this.

    [shows them a Christmas cookie in shape of tree] 

    Shock : I told you!

    [Lock and Shock fight, Jack buries his face in his hand and after a moment stretches out his jaw and screams] 

    Jack Skellington : [to the Easter bunny]  I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, sir.

    [turns to Lock, Shock and Barrel] 

    Jack Skellington : Take him home first. And apologize again. Be careful with Sandy Claws when you fetch him. Treat him nicely.

    Barrel : Got it.

    Shock : We'll get it right...

    Lock , Barrel , Shock : Next time!

  • Mr. Hyde : [approaching with his foot stuck in a pumpkin]  I tromped through the pumpkin patch.

  • Jack Skellington : We pick up an oversized sock, and hang it like this on the wall...

    Mr. Hyde : Oh, yes! Does it still have a foot?

    Smaller Mr. Hyde : Let me see, let me look.

    Smallest Mr. Hyde : Is it rotted and covered with gook?

  • [to the Easter Bunny] 

    Behemoth : Bunny!

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