The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Poster

Glenn Shadix: Mayor



  • Mayor : We've got to find Jack! There's only 365 days left until next Halloween!

    Wolfman : 364!

  • Mayor : Jack, please, I'm only an elected official here, I can't make decisions by myself!

  • Mayor : How horrible our Christmas will be!

    Jack Skellington : *No.*

    [the Mayor switches to his upset face] 

    Jack Skellington : How *jolly*!

    Mayor : Oh. How *jolly* our Christmas will be.

  • Sally : I had the most terrible vision.

    Jack Skellington : That's splendid!

    Sally : No - it was about your Christmas. There was smoke... and fire!

    Jack Skellington : That's not *my* Christmas! *My* Christmas is filled with laughter, and joy... and this: my Sandy Claws outfit. I want you to make it.

    Sally : Jack, please listen to me. It's going to be a disaster!

    Jack Skellington : How could it be? Just follow the pattern!

    [holds up design of outfit] 

    Jack Skellington : This part's red, the trim is white...

    Sally : It's a mistake, Jack!

    Jack Skellington : Now don't be modest. Who else is clever enough to make my Sandy Claws outfit?

    Mayor : Next!

    Jack Skellington : I have every confidence in you.

    Sally : But it seems wrong to me. Very wrong.

  • Mayor : [singing]  What a splendid idea! This Christmas sounds fun. I fully endorse it -

    [while shooing away a bat he switches his face to look unhappy] 

    Mayor : let's try it at once!

  • Mayor : The King of Halloween has been blown to smithereens! Skeleton Jack is now a pile of dust!

    Lock , Shock , Barrel : Pile of dust! Pile of dust! Skeleton Jack is a pile of dust!

  • Mayor : Terrible news, folks! The worst tragedy of our time! Jack has been blown to smithereens!

  • Lock : [of Jack]  There he is!

    Barrel : Alive!

    Shock : Just like we said!

    Mayor : [throws Jack a ladder]  Grab ahold, my boy!

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