Quotes (10)

Miko: Nuukieeee!Nuukieeee!Nuukieeee!Nuukkkieeee!Nuukieeee!

Computer Operator at Space Foundation: It seems to react badly to narcotics.

Miko: Nukie, I am prisoner of America!

Charlie the Chimpanzee: How do you like my shirt?

Tiko: America! Help us!

Nukie: I'm tired of this planet; nobody talks, nobody listens - I wish the earth would swallow me up!

Nukie: Who are they "ancestors"?

Tiko: They live in the stars.

Toki: And when they die they go to the stars, and then Sangoma talks to them.

Nukie: I am from the stars. I haven't seen Sangoma or ancestors there - he must be mistaken!

Pamela Carter: He seems to be in a coma.

Dr. Barbara Rhinestone: He? So far we don't know if this thing is animal, vegetable, or mineral.

Nukie: And now my little ones, let me show you how children discover sleep on Foto Seven, where I come from.

Narrator: The specimen shows interesting and strong reactions. Dr. Rhinestone reports signals showing similarity to pain reactions.