Brittany Ashland and Sara Lee Froton, who play the go-go dancers in the stag movie, were both discovered by director Adam Rifkin working as strippers at a bachelor party that was held by Charlie Sheen.

This film was shot over the course of a single week.

The filmmakers were given access to one entire office building floor. Moreover, this movie was shot after hours at night in said office building.

Julie Strain convinced screenwriter Dan Povenmire to draw a dirty picture of her having sex with Bart Simpson.

Psycho Cop Returns features John Paxton, father of actor Bill Paxton, playing the role of grumpy boss Mr. Stonecipher. Adam Rifkin, who directed this film also directed The Dark Backward which features Bill Paxton.

Shot under the title "Psycho Cop 2."

The stag movie was shot before the rest of the film.

The stag movie was shot in the same office that prep for this film was done in.

Bob Ivy was embarrassed about wearing a skirt and pantyhose for the scene in which he doubles the stripper who gets thrown off the office building roof by Joe Vickers.

The climatic foot chase and beating of Joe Vickers was initially going to be shot in downtown Los Angeles, but this idea was ultimately nixed because the filmmakers couldn't afford to hire security for shooting on location in such a dangerous area.

DIRECTOR CAMEO [Adam Rifkin]: As the man with the video camera who films the beating of Joe Vickers.

Rod Sweitzer was originally considered to play the role of Mike.

The climatic beating of Joe Vickers had to be shot twice.

Editor Peter Schink cut the whole picture in only five weeks.

In one scene, where Larry, Brian and the strippers run down a hallway, a poster of the first Psycho Cop movie can be seen in the background.

Special effects make-up artist Mike Tristano kept the rubber prop axe that's used in this film.

David Andriole: The film's producer plays Vinnie the Bartender.