The Torch puppet (created in Puppet Master II) is seen on the cover of the VHS/DVD case, but is not seen in any of the movie.

This and part 5 were originally intended to be one entire theatrical movie. Full Moon CEO Charles Band was slated to direct and the project was titled "Puppet Master: The Movie."

Shot back to back with Puppet Master 5 (1994).

Was originally meant to be Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys before the idea of the Decapitron came along.

The film's trailer features alternate lines of dialogue and a slightly different voice for Sutekh that remained unused in the final cut.

Marks the debut appearance of the puppet 'Decapitron' - an idea stolen from an unfilmed 1989 screenplay (titled 'Decapitron', natch) by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo that was to be Empire Pictures' biggest budgeted movie, prior to that studio's collapse.

The film's trailer reuses music from Doctor Mordrid.

Bumped from October 1993 release date and pushed to November of that year.