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  • The English title to this film is Even Mountains Meet, which is a pretty ambiguous title in my opinion. The plot involves a Hong Kong film actress who dies of a heart attack while singing with her servant. Unaware of her death, the servant goes about her life as usual, until she is visited by the actress' spirit. She tells her servant that the only way to bring her back to life is to find her long lost love, Prince Charming.

    This movie consists of a bunch of elements: humor, romance, the supernatural, musical numbers and martial arts. Lead actress Wong Wan-Si, who plays the servant Ching-Ching, displays her unique firebrand of laugh-out-loud and side-splitting humor and comedy, who is certainly the main highlight of the movie. While the acting can be a little off-beat at times, it is nonetheless pretty entertaining to watch. Dicky Cheung is the hopelessly-in-love actor wannabe, while Winnie Lau plays his beautiful love interest. There are some quirky but innocent chemistry between the two. Rounding up the rest of the cast includes Deborah Dik, who plays the diva, Ng Man Tat who plays the servant's love interest, Woo Fung as Prince Charming and Pauline Yeung as the spellbinding Dilu. All these characters somehow connect and comes full circle in bringing the main Prince Charming plot to the screen.

    With so many movie elements in the film, you are sometimes left wondering if you're watching a film about the Golden Era movie days, a ghost story, a musical or an action flick. What results is an interesting all-in-one movie that is unique Hong Kong cinema.

    Grade B+