Gary Oldman stated in a 2012 interview that he headed immediately to the set of True Romance (1993) the day after wrapping on this film. The final scene was actually shot last, and he states that in the scene, he already has the "swagger" of his True Romance (1993) pimp character Drexl Spivey, prompting his then-girlfriend to suggest he do another take.

According to Bon Jovi's "100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't be Wrong" collection, Jon Bon Jovi mentioned in the confession book that he wrote the song "Always" for this film. He didn't like the movie, so he exercised his right to pull it from the film. Later, the song became Bon Jovi's biggest selling single at the time. The song never did appear in the soundtrack or the film. Jon does not consider the song a love song. He refers to its narrator as "one screw-less Looney Toon".

The film's title is taken from a Tom Waits song. In the end credits he receives "special thanks" for its use.

Ellen Barkin bowed out of this project because she was pregnant.

At one point, Madonna was attached to the project.

Nicolas Cage and Michael Keaton turned down the role of Jack Grimaldi.

This film features a mob boss named Falcone. Batman Begins (2005) features a mob boss named Carmine Falcone. Gary Oldman appears in both films.

Ron Perlman makes an appearance as Jack's (Gary Oldman's) attorney, arranging the plea deal against Mona (Lena Olin).