Schindler's List (1993) Poster

Norbert Weisser: Albert Hujar



  • Reiter : I'm a graduate of Civil Engineering from the University of Milan.

    Amon Goeth : Ah, an educated Jew... like Karl Marx himself. Unterscharführer!

    Hujar : Jawohl?

    Amon Goeth : Shoot her.

    Reiter : Herr Kommandant! I'm only trying to do my job!

    Amon Goeth : Ja, I'm doing mine.

  • [it's a scorching hot day and the Jews are packed into the cattle cars] 

    Oskar Schindler : What do you say we get your fire hoses out here and hose down the cars? Indulge me.

    Amon Goeth : Hujar.

    Albert Hujar : Yes sir?

    Amon Goeth : Bring the fire hoses.

    Albert Hujar : Where's the fire?

    [Schindler and Goeth laugh] 

  • Amon Goeth : [about to execute a prisoner when his gun jams]  Oh, Christ!

    Hujar : May I try that, sir?

    [takes gun while prisoner cowers on ground] 

    S.S. Guard : Check the angle lever, maybe it's bent.

    Hujar : No, no. You wouldn't hear a "click" if its the angle lever, it's the pin.

    S.S. Guard : Maybe its the pin. Maybe the pin shaft is greasy?

    Hujar : What did I just say? Here.

    [hands back gun and it jams again] 

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