Frightening & Intense Scenes (7)

  • Severe
  • Suggested HBO advisory labels: Graphic Violence, Adult Language, Adult Content, Nudity
  • Multiple nude corpses are shown going up a conveyor belt into a burning pile of other dead bodies. A potentially mentally ill nazi officer fires a pistol into the pile of the corpses
  • The sequence of the ghetto being liquidated contains continual violence, which viewers could find emotionally disturbing.
  • This film is considered to be a significant depiction of the Holocaust. Because of its subject matter, it can be emotionally taxing and difficult to watch.
  • Soldiers capture kids and put them on various trucks. being driven to their deaths. They wave to their mothers, as they, in despair, sadness and fear, run to them, but are stopped by the soldiers. If you are a mother, it's impossible to watch this scene without shredding tears to your eyes. However, some kids manage to save themselves hiding in hideouts.
  • The sequence of a worker surviving an attempted execution by Amon Goeth is suspenseful.
  • The entire sequence at Auschwitz is extremely disturbing. Especially the shower scene.